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Kurt stepped into the room and immediately he wanted to step back out.

The stench of sweat and body odour and who knows what else hit him like a tidal wave and he let out a breath, his nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Kurt, hurry up!"

Rachel stood there in all her workout glory - tiny shorts that hugged her lithe frame, a dark crop top that showed off her toned, tanned stomach and her hair done up in a high ponytail at the back of her head. White sweatbands adorned her wrists and sat on her forehead, leg warmers wrapped around her calves a towel had been flung over her shoulder and she stared at Kurt impatiently.

Kurt blinked rapidly, looking around, before hurriedly following her. "This is such a bad idea..." he murmured.

"It's fine, Kurt. What could go wrong?"

"Everything. My eternal embarrassment. Never being allowed into this gym again because I'm so completely hopeless-"

"It's aerobics, Kurt. Not brain surgery. Relax and dance. It's like Glee."

Kurt raised an eyebrow as they stepped into the room, filled with a diverse range of people from overweight older people, to fit, hot younger people and everything in between. They stared at Kurt and Rachel as they walked in as if they were observing the new victims, sizing them up.

"We should go..." Kurt whined quietly, speaking in no more than a whisper.

"Nonsense. This is going to be fun." Rachel stated, putting down her towel and starting a few stretches. Kurt flashed her a nervous look, before mimicking her poses. He was wearing shorts - little ones, that Rachel said would be perfect, and a singlet that showed off his milky white, but slightly toned biceps. He felt foolish.

Just as Kurt was about to get up and leave, the aerobics trainer walked in with a stern glance at the occupants of the room, convincing Kurt that it would be even worse to try and slink out now. He took a deep breath and tugged Rachel to the back corner of the room, and thankfully she didn't protest.

"Welcome to Aerobics. Try to keep up." she winked, turning to the stereo and flicking it on.

Blaine had never meant to stare.

"Come on, lift!" Cooper bellowed at him and Blaine snapped out of it, muscles straining as he tried to lift the weights. Cooper was his spotter, standing above him and coaching him along, but Blaine's mind couldn't help but wander to the aerobics class, thankful for the glass windows so he could watch the beautiful man in the far back corner.

He stood no chance though - he had a girlfriend, no matter how badly Blaine's gaydar was flashing.

"Blaine, are you even...?" Cooper muttered, grabbing the bar with both hands in case Blaine really had lost his mind. "Pay attention!"

Blaine glanced up at his brother, frowning a little. "Sorry..." he murmured, helping Cooper to put it back on the rack.

"Where's your brain?" Cooper raised an eyebrow, grabbing a couple of dumbells and passing them over to Blaine.

"Somewhere else, obviously." Blaine drawled, glancing over at the aerobics glass again.

Cooper followed his gaze and he snickered. "Let me guess... the coiffed one, right?"

Blaine stared at the boy with the chestnut brown hair and nodded with a sigh. "That's his girlfriend." he murmured. "The one with the-"

"Legs?" Cooper was wide-eyed, staring at Rachel and Blaine snorted.

"Yeah. With the legs, Coop." he murmured, his attention turned back to Kurt.

"Nah, there's no way they're together. Best friends, I'd say."

"They were holding hands." Blaine pointed out. "Who goes to the gym with your best friend to hold hands?"

"Who goes to the gym with their brother?" Cooper retorted and Blaine rolled his eyes.

"Little brothers who get conned into it, that's who." Blaine laughed.

He took another minute to stare at Kurt, who - at that moment - turned around and noticed the giant glass wall... and the curly haired brothers watching the class. His cheeks flushed and he turned back around, and Blaine did the exact same thing.

"Oh god, Cooper, he saw us."

Cooper was barely listening, eyes still on Rachel. "Cool."

"Stop staring, pervert. You're like half her age." he hissed, tugging on Cooper's arm, his face flushed with embarrassment.

Cooper rolled his eyes but he turned back to Blaine, giving him a goofy grin. "We should ask them out for coffee afterwards."

Blaine shot his brother a pained look. "He saw us watching him. We'd be lucky if he didn't get a restraining order."

"He saw the glass window. Everyone can see them. Trust me. It'll be fine."

An hour later, Blaine was sick of working 'd used every piece of equipment twice, but Cooper was insisting that they waited until the class was over. He was tired and sweaty and gross, and who would want to go for a coffee with that?

He glanced towards the locker rooms, swallowing hard. He usually avoided locker rooms, bathrooms - confined spaces in general. After Sadie Hawkins, he never wanted to be trapped again. But... this was a different matter. He sucked in a deep breath, let Cooper know, and headed to the locker rooms for a shower.

He glanced into all of the empty stalls to make sure he was alone, before slipping into the shower cubicle and stripping down, his nerves a bit shaken as he cleaned himself up and got changed. He didn't take too long, getting dressed hurriedly before exiting the cubicle and taking a seat at one of the benches. He was already starting to feel sore from the workout, and he didn't want to be here anymore.

Blaine jumped as the door to the locker room swung open, and of course, the beautiful boy from aerobics walked in. Blaine stood up quickly, eyes bulging as he gave Kurt a bashful grin. "Hi..."

Kurt glanced at him warily - offering a small smile as he walked to the sinks to wash his face. "Hey there."

"Coffee." Blaine blurted, and then he blushed. What? Where had control of his mouth gone?

"Oh, that was your brother..." Kurt nodded in understanding. "Rachel's just taking a shower - we'll meet you at the coffee hut in about ten minutes?"

Blaine gaped, before nodding. "Yeah, yeah." he breathed. "Um, yeah." he was trying to figure out a nonchallant way to ask if 'Rachel' was his girlfriend.

When he couldn't come up with an appropriate way to ask, Kurt bit his lip. "Well... I'm going to have a shower now." he waved kind of awkwardly, before disappearing into a cubicle.

Blaine blinked rapidly, sighing to himself before exiting the locker room and finding Cooper out the front, spraying himself with deoderant.

"Thanks for the warning." he muttered.

"Oh, you met Kurt?" he laughed. "Nice guy."

"You're ruining my life." Blaine complained bitterly. "I'm such a dork."

Cooper just chuckled and wrapped his arm around Blaine, hugging him tight.

"Aw, well aren't you two cute." Rachel cooed from behind, and Cooper cleared his throat, dropping his arm and grinning charmingly at Rachel.

"Not as cute as some people here." he crooned, and Rachel gave a modest blush. Blaine raised an eyebrow. Flirting. With a girl who had a boyfriend? The fact that Rachel flirted back was the main problem for him.

"We haven't met." Rachel announced, beaming brightly at Blaine and sticking her hand out. "I'm Rachel Berry."

Blaine took her hand and shook it firmly. "Blaine Anderson."

Rachel gave him a dubious look, before beaming at him. "Kurt shouldn't be too long. He hates showering in these places. I swear, if you hadn't invited us out, he would've waited until he got home."

Blaine nodded a little, trying not to seem too interested. Kurt Kurt Kurt Kurt Kurt.

"So where do you go to school?" Rachel asked, stepping away from where Cooper was trailing his fingers down her arm.

"Dalton Academy." he replied, narrowing his eyes at Cooper. He was a seed, but he was never this bad.

"Oh! My school competed against the Warblers one year." she exclaimed.

Blaine cocked his said, suddenly ten times more interested in Rachel. "Oh really? What school do you go to?"

"McKinley High!"

"McKinley? What are you doing all the way out here?" Cooper interrupted. They were in Westerville, after all.

"To save us the embarrassment of running into someone we already know." she giggled. "Kurt's so paranoid."

"Wait, you and Kurt - you're from the New Directions?"

Rachel nodded excitedly. "What a coincidence!" she beamed. "We lost that year..."

Blaine nodded, grinning. "I remember. But you were really good."

"Thanks." she beamed as Kurt stepped up to them, smelling like heaven and moisuriser and warm water and fresh towels. Blaine had to stop himself from visually inhaling.

"What are we talking about?"

"Glee club! Blaine's a Warbler!"

Kurt glanced at him. "I wondered why you looked familiar..." he grinned, "At least you're a better singer than conversationalist." he teased.

Blaine blushed, shaking his head. "You just... caught me off-guard."

Kurt gave him a knowing grin as they started walking to the coffee hut. Rachel had her arm linked with Kurt as Cooper walked next to her, and Blaine trailed along awkwardly on the other side of Kurt.

"So... Warbler." Kurt started, grinning over at him. "You were a soloist, right?"

"Uh, the soloist." he said, unable to stop the proud grin. "Um, yeah, that semester I was the l ead soloist."

Rachel and Kurt both gave him quizzical looks. "Um..?"

"What do you mean, the soloist? Don't you audition?"

Blaine nodded. "At the beginning of each semester we hold auditions. It's a school wide thing and they all vote on who gets to represent the Warblers in competition." he explained. "And.. well, this is my third semester as soloist."

"School-wide?" Rachel gawked. "As in, the entire school actively participates in your show choir?"

Blaine snorted. "The Warblers are like rockstars at Dalton." he shrugged.

Both of their jaws hung slack and they're eyes were as wide as saucers. "That's way too good to be true."

Blaine raised an eyebrow. "What's it like at McKinley?"

Kurt scoffed. "We're at the bottom of the food chain." he sighed. "We're a group of barely twelve most days and we vote for ourselves in competitions. The school doesn't care if we even go, and we fight for the right to even be a club each year..."

"Wow." Blaine murmured. "That's rough."

"Private schools." Rachel huffed, with a little grin to Blaine to show she wasn't serious.

They arrived at the coffee shop - Cooper had been quiet, trailing Rachel, who took no notice of him. They ordered - Cooper offered to pay for them all, and sat at a booth - Cooper and Blaine on one side, Rachel and Kurt on the other.

"So what inspired you to invite two strangers on a coffee date?" Rachel asked, glancing at Cooper with an amused expression.

"Hey, why not?" he chuckled back, "You're hot. We're hot..."

Blaine was mortified, blushing hard. "Wow, I am so sorry..."

Rachel giggled, shaking her head. "That's perfectly okay." she smiled sweetly at Cooper.

Blaine glanced at Kurt to see if he'd seen, but he didn't even seem to care - too busy with his coffee. Blaine was so confused.

By the end of their coffee, they were all chatting like old friends - Blaine couldn't help but have fun, smiling and talking and laughing, until it started to get dark outside.

"Ooh, we have to go." Kurt winced. "Rach, I told your Dads I'd get you home by eight."

"That's an early curfew." Blaine murmured, raising an eyebrow.

"We've got sing-along marathons tonight." Rachel explained, as if that were the most normal thing in the world.

Blaine couldn't help his grin as Kurt chuckled.

"So, Rachel... I was wondering if I could grab your number?" Cooper asked, and Rachel's eyes widened.

Blaine did the same, mouth gaping. He glanced to Kurt to see the outrage, but Kurt just giggled, nudging Rachel in that teenagery way that seemed to take everyone over whenever someone was put on the spot.

"Oh, that's so sweet..." Rachel blushed. "Um, I.. Um, I guess so..." she stumbled nervously, biting her lip hard.

"Cooper..." Blaine murmured, glaring at his brother, before glancing at Kurt. "So... this doesn't bother you at all?"

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"My brother hitting on your girlfriend."

Rachel and Cooper exchanged huge grins, giggling behind their hands as Kurt looked appalled.

"Really? Really?!" he exclaimed. "Rachel is not my girlfriend."

"No wait, you're too offended." Rachel protested. "I'm not that bad."

Kurt ignored her. "She's my best friend." he assured Blaine, who was the colour of a tomato, staring at his shoes.


Cooper sniggered. "Told you."

Blaine almost kicked him.

"Cooper told me that you thought Kurt and I were together." Rachel admitted, giggling quietly, and it was Kurt's turn to look outraged.

"Excuse me?"

"We thought it'd be funny." she shrugged with a grin, looking far too proud of herself.

Blaine's arms were folded across his chest, glaring at his brother as Kurt shook his head. "Wow..." he murmured, rolling his eyes. "I officially hate you both, and I don't even know you."

Cooper just looked smug, taking a full step away from Rachel now he wasn't playing her admirer.

Blaine was too embarrassed to ask Kurt out now, kicking the ground.

"Maybe we could all hang out again sometime?" Kurt offered quietly, and Cooper winced.

"You guys can. I can't be seen hanging around with some juniors." he teased, smirking a little. "I'll meet you at the car, B."

Rache giggled as he walked away. "And I'm busy a lot, so it'll probably just be you two."

Kurt narrowed her eyes at Rachel. "I see what you're doing, girl."

"And you'll thank me for it la-ter..." she sing-songed, before giving Blaine a wink and prancing off to Kurt's car.

Kurt sucked in a nervous breath, grinning a little at Blaine.

"What did she mean?" Blaine asked, suddenly curious, and Kurt bit his lip.

"She's been begging me to ask you out all night."

Blaine's eyes snapped open and his jaw dropped. It took a moment to process, before he frowned a little. "And.. I take it you're 'not that into me'?" he tried to pull it off lightly.

"It's not that." he said with a little smile. "I've just been debating whether you're straight or not, and if I would get horribly shut down if I tried."

"You won't." Blaine offered, biting his lip with a small smile, and Kurt laughed.

"I saw you staring." he murmured, a sheepish little smile on his face. "During aerobics."

"Ugh." Blaine groaned. "Sorry..." he murmured. "I just... it was... distracting." he murmured lamely, a blush rising up his cheeks once more.

Kurt bit his lip around a smile that threatened to take over his entire face. "Thanks."

"So... Blaine, did you want to maybe... hang out later?" he asked with a little smile.

Blaine beamed at him, nodding eagerly. "I think that would be perfect. You know - not at the gym with people we know being the most annoying they know how to be."

Kurt chuckled. "Alright, give me your phone, I'll give you my number."

As they gave each other their numbers, Rachel and Cooper exchanged two giant thumbs up from each side of the parkinglot, silently congratulating each other on their good work.