This is just a little character revision, to make them a little more lovable. These are not my characters and I can not take credit for them. Enjoy!

I sat in the grass just far enough away from August and Rosie so I couldn't hear his awful accent. A tree stretched his wide branches across the blue sky and cast a beautiful shade on the grass. The thought of sleep pulls at my eyelids and dips in and out of my mind, and the blue sky above me is turning a pleasant gray just as my eyes close.


"Huh," I jump and my head rolled against the rough bark I was leaning against. August catches my eye, while he's throwing his arms up in glee and patting Rosie on the head. "That a girl, that a girl!" He shouts.

"Jacob, psst!"

I spun around and find Marlena's face just inches from mine. I freeze starring at her flawless skin. Her light curls bounce around her face.

"Close your mouth Jacob." She giggles and comes around to the front of the tree. I shake my head and straighten next to her.

"What are you doing here?" My eyes flickered involuntarily back to August who hasn't noticed Marlena standing above me.

"I came to enjoy the show Jacob. After all, this is the most spectacular one on earth."

She's wearing a yellow dress that starts flying in the wind in every direction. The yellow fabric brushes my arm lightly and goose bumps run up my arms. She's staring down at me with mischievous eyes.

"Marlena, There you are my beautiful girl!" August spreads his arms wide and walks over to us. I scramble to my feet. " My best girl, and my best investment." His crows. Marlena smiles and leans away from me.

"This really is going to be the most spectacular show on earth when I 'm done with her." He waves an arm behind him at Rosie. "We'll celebrate tonight. I'm taking us out to eat. Come by after the show Jacob."

With that he wraps an arm around his wife and leads her away. I stood in the cool grass for a moment watching them go. "Sure thing August." I mumble and go to fetch some water for Rosie.