Due to Popular Demand: An Alternate ending for A Villain's Cape

Okay, remember where I said that Megamind was surprised to find his cape in his bride-to-be's bedroom shortly before the wedding? Scratch that. Let's do something different. Roxanne has his cape, even sleeps with it sometimes. But not so much time has passed. Months rather than years. Let's see what happens...

"Wayne, I am NOT wearing this costume!" shouts Roxanne into her cell phone.

"You'll look beautiful in it," argues Wayne Scott, a.k.a. Metro Man, her date for the Metro City Halloween Extravaganza.

"That's not the point! I will look like one of your empty-headed fangirls!" Roxanne was glaring at the offending costume that the conceited superhero had sent over. It was white and gold with a short skirt, tall boots, and matching cape. And Metro Man's logo on the front.

"We need to coordinate our costumes. It's expected. And you know they want me to appear in full Metro Man attire."

"Why can't you just go as a vampire or a zombie or something like a normal person?"

"That would hardly match my heroic image."

"I'm not wearing it!"

"Please, Roxie."

"No. I'll come up with something on my own. God! Sometimes your head is as big as Megamind's!" she punches the off button on her cell phone. She wishes she had been talking to him on a landline so she could have the satisfaction of really slamming down the phone. She clicks the tiny clamshell closed and fumes.

Now she has to figure out a costume. This will be a high-publicity party for all the elites of Metro City. She can't get away with just a set of kitty cat ears or a "This is my costume." T-shirt. She has to come up with something good. Something on par with Metro Man's superhero costume.

Just then her eyes land on the spiked black cape she'd taken as a souvenir from Megamind months ago. Now, that's an idea. She'd have to do some shopping, but it should be perfect!

o 0 o 0 o 0 o

Roxanne stands in front of the full-length mirror in her bathroom, admiring her costume. A tight pair of black faux leather pants, tall hooker boots with 3-inch heels, a fitted T-shirt with Megamind's lightning bolt logo, and long evening gloves that reached past her elbows. She'd been disappointed not to be able to find spiked gloves, but these were a passable alternative and she was wearing spiked heels. Megamind cape finished the look.

It still needs something, though. Something blue. She doesn't want to paint her face. There is no way to make her head look like Megamind's and she wouldn't want to. Besides, it seems a little insulting. Like a minstrel show with the white actors appearing in black face. Still, it needs some nod to Megamind's blue skin. Finally, inspiration strikes and she digs through her drawer to find a light blue ribbon, which she ties into her short hair. Perfect. Heavy Metal with just a touch of cute. She can't wait to see Wayne's face when he sees her.

As this thought runs through her mind, she hears a knock at her balcony door. That would be Wayne. She checks her appearance one last time in the mirror before fairly bouncing out to the balcony where the superhero is waiting.

Metro Man's jaw drops when he sees Roxanne. Something within him shouts that this is just wrong. Is she crazy? He can't go out with her dressed like that!

"What are you wearing?" he demands.

"You like?" she grins and spins for him, Megamind's cape flaring out around her. She's proud of her outfit and is pleased to think that she's captured Megamind's style in feminine form perfectly.

"No, I do not like!" he shouts.

Her face falls.

"It's ridiculous. I will not go out in public with you dressed as him! What will people think?"

Her hands on her hips, she says, "They'll think that you actually have a sense of humor, Wayne. It's Halloween, lighten up! Besides, you said it had to go with your costume."

"That's why I sent you the Metro Girl costume!" he points into her apartment where the rejected costume is hanging on a hook.

"Ugh! And you thought I'd actually wear it! I have some dignity."

"Says the woman wearing leather and spikes."

"Don't you like me in leather and spikes?" she pouts at him and looks up at him through her eyelashes.

"No!" He jumps back. That surprises her. What man doesn't like a woman in 3-inch heels and leather? Metro Man, apparently.

"What's wrong with you?" he demands, "Why would you dress like him? He's a villain!"

She rolls her eyes. "You're impossible, Wayne. It's Halloween. Have some fun. We look great together. The hero and the villainess." she holds the cloak up under her eyes and gives him her best mock-evil look.

He shudders.

"Fine." she stands her ground and glares up at the hero, her head barely reaching the level of his chest. "This is my costume. If you don't like it, tough. I'm not wearing that playboy bunny superhero costume and you can't make me."

"I could."

"You. Wouldn't. Dare."

Metro Man's expression shows clearly that he is considering that possibility, but in the end he gives in. "Fine." he agrees reluctantly.

Her face lights up with delight. "Yes!" she pumps her fist in the air, "The super villainess wins her first battle of wits with the superhero!" she teases.

"Are you going to be like this all night?" asks the stoic hero.

"Possibly." This was already turning out to be great fun, "Shall we go?"

"Yes, but let's take the elevator. I just can't bring myself to carry you, dressed like that. It just seems...wrong."

Roxanne giggles.

o 0 o 0 o 0 o

She is right. Everyone loves her costume. Despite Wayne's misgivings, no one thinks there is anything inappropriate in her choice and they actually find it clever and daring.

"Where did you even get one of his capes, Roxie?" asks the jealous hero. Though he'd seen the cape in her apartment before, she'd never mentioned it and he doesn't know how she'd acquired it. He could tell it was really Megamind's because he could detect the alien's scent still faintly on the fabric. He'd been disturbed to see her sleeping in it at times. He still wasn't sure what to make of that.

"I won it in a bet," answers Roxanne.

"You made a bet with Megamind?" he's astonished, "That's a very dangerous game to play, Roxie. He's not stable."

She rolls her eyes, "I'm not afraid of him. He's never hurt me."

"You shouldn't count on that. Mistakes can happen and I may not always be there to catch you."

"Of course you will."

She has absolute confidence in him, and that mollifies him somewhat. "What did you bet?"

"That's between me and Megamind. Don't worry, it wasn't anything I couldn't afford to lose. And I won." She grins at the memory. That was a fun kidnapping. "Now, are you going to ask me to dance?"

"No, I don't think I will."

What a pill, thinks Roxanne, irritated. "Fine. I'm going to go mingle and see if I can get any good quotes for the news. You go ahead and pout if you want." She walks off, her Megamind cape flaring out behind her. For such a big man, he really is such a child sometimes.

Wayne spends a miserable evening watching Roxanne work the crowd of costumed citizens. Why would she dress like Megamind but not like him? It doesn't make any sense to him. It's almost like she's pushing him away. She is always doing that. He's lost track of the number of times he's rescued her from the very villain she is impersonating tonight. You'd think all those rescues would win her, but she never lets him get close. Sure, she'll go with him to public events like this. It gets her into social functions she'd have no access to otherwise, and she uses that access to make contacts for work. But she rarely meets him for coffee or dinner. Never for a movie or something private. She genuinely likes him, he is sure of that, but she isn't interested in him. That puzzles him because, in his experience, all women are interested in him and even some men, though he doesn't encourage that sort of thing. But not Roxy. He suspects that she is using him for his connections and fame. She clearly isn't his and he doesn't know what to do to change that.

Suddenly, he decides he's tired of the party. He walks up to Roxanne and asks her if she's ready to go.

She's disappointed. "Not yet, Wayne. I still want to talk to the mayor, if I can, and a few other people."

"Would you mind if I left? I'm not feeling in the Halloween mood anymore."

She looks concerned for him, "Sure. I can walk home on my own," she answers. The party is only three blocks from her apartment, in a safe neighborhood, and she has her pepper spray in her pocket. The heels wouldn't help, but she could manage it just fine.

"If it gets too late, take a cab," the hero instructs her, "I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"I'll be fine." she answers, both touched by his concern and annoyed that he thought she couldn't take care of herself.

Assured of her safety, the hero flies away and Roxanne continues socializing. She hears plenty of interesting gossip and renews her contacts. Altogether, a very successful night.

It is late when she leaves, nearly eleven, and she considers Metro Man's advice to call a cab. However, before she can return to the party to call one, a robotic gorilla arm appears in front of her and she hears the hiss of a spray bottle. Then darkness.

o 0 o 0 o 0 o

"Minion, what is she wearing?"

"I think she's dressed as you, sir."

"I don't wear still-etto boots."

"She's wearing your logo and that's one of your capes. She's definitely trying to look like you."

"But why would she do that?"

"It's Halloween, sir. I found her outside the big Metro City Halloween party. I think that's her costume."

"Uh..." says Roxanne as the effects of the knockout spray fade. For once, her head is unbagged and her eyes flutter as she awakes. She is tied to a chair, as usual. She is inside a dark room (probably an abandoned factory or warehouse), as usual. She is dressed in high boots, tight pants and a cape, not as usual. "Oh, no!" she gasps, "Not tonight," she groans.

Megamind paces around her, examining her costume. He likes it very much. "Miss Ritchi, I must say that this is a pleasant surprise. Have you finally decided to join me as my Evil Queen?"

"This looks bad, doesn't it?" she asks.

"Very, very bad," he agrees appreciatively, " Absolutely ee-vil, I'd say." His face is inches from her, "I like it. "

"I didn't wear this for you, Megamind."

He looks hurt, "Who did you wear it for, then?"

"Well, sort of, for Metro Man." She looks uncomfortable.

A look of disgust crosses both aliens faces, "You dressed as me for him? That's really, really disturbing on a number of levels." says Megamind.

"Eww! No! Ick!" protests Roxanne, "Not like that!" She starts to laugh, "You have a dirty mind, Megamind."

"It's a side effect of being ee-vil, Miss Ritchi. I'm confused as to why you'd be dressed as me for Metro Mahn, though. Why would he want to see you looking like me?"

"Oh, he wouldn't. He hated it. That was the whole point."

"Are you going to explain, or just sit there teasing the evil genius all night, Temptress?"

"Which would you prefer?"

"Careful what you wish for, wearing that, Miss Ritchi. You don't want me to forget myself."

She raises an eyebrow, unconsciously mimicking his familiar gesture. She decides to take pity on the confused villain. Besides, it really wouldn't be nice to tease him, dressed like this. Who knows what he'd start thinking. "Okay, okay. So, Wayne and I were going to the big Halloween party together. It's a costume party and the couples are supposed to wear costumes that go together. Only, of course, he couldn't wear a normal Halloween costume. Not him. He has to appear as Metro Mahn." she says, rolling her eyes and, for once, pronouncing the hero's name exactly as Megamind generally does. "That left me with very few options for what I could wear. He sent me a costume, but I didn't like it. So, I put this together instead." She shrugs, as if that explained everything.

"What costume did he send you that was so objectionable?"

"He wanted me to go as Metro Girl." she said with disgust. The aliens exchanged confused glances, "It was white and gold with his logo and everything. I couldn't wear that!"

"Why not? Why wouldn't you want to dress like Metrocity's Golden Boy? Don't you love him?"

She rolls her eyes, "Everybody loves him, Megamind. But if I wore that costume I'd look like a brainless little fangirl just fawning all over him. "

"And so, it was better to dress like me?"

"Yes! You understand!" Roxanne was pleased she'd finally explained it.

"Er, ye- No, not at all."

She blows her bangs out from her eyes and tries again. "Okay, let's put it this way. If I gave in and wore his costume, I'd be a spineless little sycophant and he'd win. If I wore this, I'd be a strong, independent woman and I'd win."

"You dressed like me...to beat Metro Mahn?"

"Yup," she smiled smugly, "And I won."

Megamind stared at her with his mouth open. "You, realize that you've completely ruined my evil plan for tonight, Miss Ritchi? I can't use you as a hostage dressed like that. And, from the sound of things, he might not even show up if I called him."

"Oh, he'd show up. He always shows up. But, he'd probably kick your butt harder than usual, so I wouldn't recommend it."

"Miss Ritchi, In the future, would you please try to refrain from picking a fight with your boyfriend before I kidnap you? It's extremely inconvenient and..." his eyes travel up and down her body, "distracting."

"To do that you'd have to warn me ahead of time when you planned to kidnap me," she observed. "And where would the fun be in that?"

He mutters something to himself that she can't quite make out. "Before I have Minion take you back, do you think you could do me one small favor, Miss Ritchi?"


"I have got to get a picture of you like that."

"No way! You'll use it to blackmail me."

"I will not. You have my word."

"Fine, but I want a copy."

"Of course." he answered as he unties her.

"And don't you dare send one to Metro Man."

"Miss Ritchi, you ruin all my evil plans."

o 0 o 0 o 0 o

After Minion leaves with Miss Ritchi, Megamind is left to begin packing up. He notices something on the floor near Miss Ritchi's chair. A blue hair ribbon. He picks it up and slips it into his pocket.

o 0 o 0 o 0 o

A week later Roxanne walks out to her balcony to find a package wrapped in plain black paper. She opens it to find a silver framed photograph of her in her villainess costume draped across Megamind's high-backed leather chair, his control panel with all its lights and dials is in the background. Minion is standing to one side of the chair, Megamind on the other, and a brainbot is sitting in her lap. It's perfect. She takes it back into the apartment and puts it on the dresser in her bedroom, where nobody but her will ever see it. She knows Wayne would never understand.

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