Family Comforts

He sighed softly, resting his head in his hands rubbing the top of his head as he tried to clear his mind from his work. He had to get the device's software finished before he could get the sleep he needed, or to join his sleeping mate and children in bed.

Earlier that day when he got the kids up for training, he still found the leader turtle asleep with a high fever. With words from the kids and from himself, they had managed to get the poorly turtle to curl up either in bed or on the couch but now he had got them all into bed to let him work for a few hours before retiring to bed himself.

He sighed again as he looked at the monitor, his eyes blurring at the screen forcing him to bury his head down into his arms on the desk.

"W-working too hard" A voice mumbled behind him before coughing into the blanket wrapped around his form.

"I'm fine love, just waiting for it to process..." Donatello replied softly, sitting up and glancing behind him before sighing. "You should be in bed"

Leonardo shrugged, his green cheeks flushed from his fever. "Can't sleep, kids are but I can't" He muttered before coughing again into his blanket that he had brought with him from their bed.

Don sighed softly, "Well one of the kids was... what are you doing up Yoshi?" He asked softly, turning around and saw one of his children rubbing his eyes sleepily with a navy blanket held tightly in one of his hands.

Leo sighed with a strong croak in his voice, "Probably wonder where I went..." He muttered, wrapping the blanket around his shivering form.

Don sighed and got up, pushing his lover back through the doorway. "Bed! Now!" He ordered before picking up his sleepy son.

"Daddy got up, want find where he went" Yoshi muttered sleepily as he curled up in his mom's arms.

"He's being a pesky turtle, next time he moves you've got my permission to sit on him" Donatello replied with a soft smile, as they carried his son back up to their room.

Leo smiled softly as he walked towards their room, hearing his mate and one of his son's interaction behind him.

"A-Akira asleep.." Yoshi muttered sleepily, his eyes closed as he snuggled down onto his mom's chest.

"And you'll be back to sleep soon baby" Don muttered, tugging the blanket that was in the turtle's hands and tucked it around his son.

"Mommy... bed?" Yoshi asked as they got to their bedroom.

Don sighed softly looking from the child in his arms to his fever ridden mate, "I guess I can, if it means both of you are staying in bed" He replied as he followed Leo into the bedroom.

They smiled seeing Akira asleep in his bed, his hand searching sleepily for his brother. Yoshi wiggled in Don's arms until his mom let him go, the child instantly climbed into bed next to his brother sorting out his blanket before falling asleep.

"Well that was easy, now what am I going to do with you?" Donatello asked turning to face his mate, who smiled sheepishly and shrugged.

"I don't know, but if you've got a nurse uniform" Leo replied with a grin.

"Not in front of the kids, and I know my mate wouldn't dare usually say something like that" Don said with a smile and forced him down onto the bed, he rested his hand on Leo's flushed cheek. "Well unless you've got a fever"

Leo smiled softly, tilting his head against his mate's hand. "I know love, coming to bed?" He asked softly.

Don smiled, "Well I guess the kids got to me... so I can stop my work and get some sleep with my lover" He replied softly, "As long as he gets the rest I've ordered"

Leo smiled and climbed into bed, leaving the sheets open for his partner.

Don returned the smile, removing his gear and bandana putting them all on the table with his mate's before climbing into bed.

Leo settled down, resting his head on his mate's shoulder after giving the genius time to lay down and get comfortable. The leader sighed and closed his eyes, settling down into a fevered sleep.

Don smiled, stroking his partner's face slowly to help him sink into a deeper sleep before looking over at his children asleep in their bed. He reached for the light switch and turned the lights off, settling down for some much needed sleep.

Leo moaned in his sleep, tucking himself closer as he fell asleep comforted by his mate. Falling asleep, hoping the fever was gone in the morning, was like what his children told him earlier.

Everyone got sick sometimes.