The turtle shook his head, "Akira leave him alone, go and find Uncle Mikey... I'm sure you can pester him for five minutes" He said softly to one of his sons, watching the lilac-wearing child think about poking his navy-wearing brother.

"Want Yoshi to play..." Akira pouted earning a sigh and a stern look from the turtle.

"Yoshi's sleeping off the fever baby, he'll be fine with a few more hours sleep... and you know your father is still recovering himself, so leaving those two trouble makers sleep will be best for both of us" Don replied with a soft smile, the stern look faded at his son's puppy eyes.

He looked at the filled camp bed, seeing Yoshi had buried himself amongst the blankets Leonardo had gathered when moved from their room to the lab to be close to his mate.

Akira pouted and looked at his sleeping family then to his mother, "But Uncle Mike is lost in that boring game again... racing's boring!" He muttered, pulling himself up onto an empty camp bed nearby.

"Then help me with those circuits I taught you, or do you still need help in sorting them?" Don asked his son softly, who shook his head and retrieved the fallen book.

"J-just be careful with that book" A deep voice muttered and coughed.

Don and Akira looked at the nest, seeing Leo's eyes open looking at his family.

"Told you to sleep Leo" Don muttered softly, getting up from his desk retrieving the glass of water before offering it to his mate.

"Y-yoshi's shivering again... think the fever..." Leo muttered softly, accepting the glass and sipped the cool liquid carefully.

Don checked his son's temperature and sighed, "The fever has crept back up..." He muttered and gently shook him awake. "Yoshi, baby... come on, water" He whispered softly.

Leo propped himself up on his elbow while holding the glass, seeing that his son had curled up against him for warmth.

Yoshi whimpered with a soft cough, curling tighter against his father.

Leo sighed and coughed, "Don, here" He muttered, offering the glass to the purple-wearing turtle while Akira held a bottle wanting to help in someway.

"Yoshi, come on my little musuko... need you to wake up" Leo muttered softly, trailing his fingers along the smaller turtle's cheek.

"D-daddy?" A muffled croak emerged from the shivering child.

"Hey baby, it's me... come on, let's sit you up gently..." Leo muttered with a soft smile, helping his navy-wearing son to sit up.

Yoshi gave a soft whimper and buried his head away from the bright lights of the lab.

Don gave a soft double clap and the lights dimmed down, "Come on baby, some water and you can go back to sleep... your brother wants you well, just like we all do" He muttered softly, sitting on his chair and pulled the lilac-wearing child up onto his lap.

Akira fussed before settling down, stretching around his mother's arms to hand his brother the bottle of water.

Yoshi blinked a few times slowly to try and clear his vision before accepting the bottle then tucked himself into his father's arms.

Don smiled softly watching Yoshi drink slowly while Leo reached around for the glass of water and finished it off.

His two boys were healing slowly, Leo still had to get his stamina back from the fever then gain the weight burnt off by the same illness while his son was just overworked from helping look after their father.

Akira squirmed in his arms wanting to be put down to go back to the kata book he had found in his parents room. "Be careful with the book Akira, it's older than us" Leo muttered as he took the bottle away from the sleepy child, letting it drop to the floor before tucking back into the nest.

Akira's eyes went wide behind the mask, "B-but you're ancient!" He said, his voice high with surprise.

Don laughed, "Oh don't pick on your Daddy, he may be the oldest but he's not that old... now think someone definitely needs to pester his uncles" He said as he watched Yoshi fall asleep. "I'll be out in a while"

Akira nodded and ran off with the book in his arms, stopping in the doorway turned and bowed before running off shouting for his uncles.

Don shook his head, "He's really being a handful without Yoshi..." He replied softly.

Leo smiled softly, "Think we should try having another" He muttered softly as he tucked Yoshi in.

"Well think two is enough but will catch up with him... see how you feel after you've slept" Don replied with a soft blush, kissing the top of his mate's head.

"Get some sleep my cheeky mate" He added softly seeing a familiar glint in his partner's brown eyes.

"Oh I will, you go and save our brothers from our son" Leo replied with a smile and soon was fast asleep in his nest with Yoshi.

Don sighed and shook his head, it was chaotic but he wouldn't have it any other way. He loved his family and winced in hearing a crash in the distance before an angry shout.

It was chaotic but it was his family, and wouldn't change it for anything.

'Maybe a third child may be fun...' He thought as he went to rescue his brothers from his son.