Authors Note:: Wrote in a rush while fixing up my iPod so there might be a few mistakes. Much shorter then I would have liked but…oh well!
Please read and enjoy!


"Reid, did you send the reports I gave you over to Garcia?" Hotch stood over the young FBI agent's desk, his face and tone as serious as always.

"Ye-yea" Reid answered.

"Is everything alright? You seem a bit…flushed" Agent Hotchner noticed how red Reid's face was appearing.

"I'm doing just-uh, just great"
Reid hid himself behind a smile.

A moment after being left alone, FBI agent Spencer Reid left his desk and carefully made it to the man's restroom. He had a very hard time walking straight, but for good reason.

The last time he was here he spent the whole day tied up and used by Morgan. As his memory brought him back to that day his body began to get excited, not that it was difficult. The rope burns on his wrist, the inside of this room; it all had the same effect on him.

But today was different.

"Hey there kid…" Morgan surprised the younger agent from behind, kissing him on the neck.
They both entered the same stall they have been using all month.

"Morgan…?." Reid said nervously before they kissed for a second time.


"Morgan…ca-can you pull it out now?"

The younger agent dropped his pants and turned around. His lower body was quivering, his legs feeling weaker by the second.

"Do you really want me to take it out?" He said with a grin.

Reid didn't answer. But soon enough Agent Morgan pulled out his remote-controller-the same one he's been using all day.

"What do you think…speed 7 or 8?"
Before Reid said anything, Morgan shoved the vibrating toy deeper into the tender flesh.

The red face agent turned to face Morgan. In a smile he kissed the bigger man and said, very softly, "8"