V looked down at the squalling newborn girl that now lay his arms. His gaze flicked to the child's mother. Evey was struggling to keep her eyes open, barely breathing. He knelt to her.

"V-v" She whispered.

"I am here"

"P-please take care of her... Please" She gasped, eyes barely open.

"Evey..." V began alarm creeping into his tone.

"Promise" Evey whispered more urgently.

"I-I promise"

Evey sighed in contentment, eyes falling shut as her breathing stopped. V stood and took a step back, at a loss.

"I love you" The masked anarchist said softly, unable to take his eyes off Evey's still form.

He was shaken from his reverie as the baby squalled, and quickly he picked up the tiny form.

"Vereda" He whispered, and the infant looked up at his with wide blue eyes at the sound of her new name. It was latin for 'rose', as she looked just like a little rosebud, peeking out from the towel she was swaddled in.

Vereda would look just like her mother, yet her eyes were her father's... They looked astonishingly familiar. An urge to go look at his masked eyes in a mirror overwhelmed him, but he ignored it, staring down at the tiny infant in his arms.

With a pang, V realized that the baby couldn't stay here. She would be alone... Without a mother. Another pang of guilt hit him as his promise to Evey echoed in his mind.


The Baby could not stay here. He would leave it on the steps of a family up above and be done with it, leaving the child to grow up with a normal family.

V took a spare blanket from the bedroom's closet and wrapped the infant in it, striding out of the room quietly so as not to wake Vereda, who had quickly fallen asleep. He quickly scribbled a note and pinned it to the blanket, explaining the infant's situation. As V began to leave the shadow gallery, a vase of Scarlet Carsons caught his eye. Backtracking and taking on the of roses in his gloved hand, V left without a backwards glance.

Once up on the London streets, V realized that he no longer had a plan.

He wandered up and down the street, pondering his next move. He couldn't leave the baby with just anyone...

As if on heaven's command, V turned a corner and was presented with a solution.

St. Nicholas Orphanage loomed in front of him, and he instantly hurried to the porch. He set Vereda down, tucking the note he wrote entailing the baby's situation into her wrappings. V pondered his handiwork for a moment, then reched into his pocket, drawing out a small gold necklace. The pendant was in the shape of a 'V' with a tiny rose attached. He tucked that took into the baby's wrappings.

The necklace had been meant for Evey as a farewell present, but now seeing as circumstances had changed, it was fitting that Vereda should have it.

V watched the sleeping infant for a moment, then rang the orphanage's doorbell, disappearing around the corner so as not to be seen. He peered out, checking to make sure the child was taken, sighing in relief as he saw the startled matron come and take Vereda away.

It was done.

V pulled his cape around him, then disappeared into the night.

Not to be seen again for sixteen years.