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In the Beginning

And then there were two. Carlos' warm milk trick worked like a charm. Now, Logan and James were sporting matching cat whiskers, courtesy of Carlos. It was now a battle of endurance. This was one contest that Kendall couldn't afford to lose. He didn't want cat whiskers on his face!

"You awake?" Carlos whispered.

"Yeah. You awake?" Kendall answered.

"Yeah. You?"

"Carlos, you already asked me that."


Kendall was grateful that it was pitch black in the room because his face was beet red as he snickered at Carlos' ridiculousness. Kendall wasn't sure whether or not Carlos heard him snickering, but he made no indication one way or the other.

"Are you tired?" Carlos asked.

Nice try, Carlos! Nice try!

"No way! I could do this all night!" Kendall lied. "You?"

"Sleep is for babies!" Carlos commented.

Kendall started snickering again. Only this time, he wasn't so discreet about it. He had a rather entertaining thought. Even though it was too dark to confirm this, Kendall was certain that Carlos was currently looking at him in confusion.

"So James and Logan are babies then?" Kendall asked.

"Total babies!" Carlos answered, smirking.

The two conscious kids spent the next few moments in comfortable silence. Naturally, each of them thought this silence meant the other had drifted off to sleep. Kendall felt his eyelids start to droop. He didn't understand how Carlos could have so much energy. It was like inhuman or something! How could someone that energetic need so little sleep?

"Hey, I have a question for you, Carlitos," Kendall whispered.

Frankly, Carlos was bummed that Kendall was still talking to him. If he was talking to him, then he couldn't possibly be asleep, could he? Unless of course he talks in his sleep. But Kendall doesn't talk in his sleep. Well, actually Carlos didn't really know. Most of the time Kendall was asleep, so was Carlos. There was no telling what Kendall did in his sleep.

"What?" Carlos responded.

"How you gonna draw on my face when it's so dark in here?" Kendall asked.

"Who said I was gonna draw on your face?"





Kendall didn't believe for one second that Carlos was going to do nothing to him once he was asleep. Carlos was the biggest prankster of the group. He was always doing everything he could to make people happy; even if he had to make them the hapless victim of a Carlos prank.

Carlos let out a huge yawn. He immediately became mad at himself. His mind was willing, but his body was being a party pooper.

"Did you just yawn?" Kendall asked, amused.

"You heard nothing!" Carlos retorted.

Kendall stifled a yawn of his own. Apparently, he couldn't do this all night after all. Of course, he wasn't about to share any of this information with Carlos. Kendall was hopeful. Carlos yawned, which meant that he was tired too. Maybe just maybe Kendall could outlast Carlos.

Carlos was brainstorming ways he could prank Kendall. He couldn't just draw cat whiskers on Kendall's face like he had done with James and Logan. That simply wouldn't do. He needed to come up with something better; funnier.

In the meantime, Carlos decided to sing a lullaby to Kendall in the hopes of making him even sleepier than he already was.

"Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep little Kendall," Carlos sang.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Little?! Who you callin little? You're littler than me!" Kendall countered.

"Not by much!"

"Yeah-huh, short stuff!"

Carlos folded his arms over his chest and pouted, taking offense to Kendall's new nickname for him. Maybe he was just a late bloomer or something. Watch. I'll be taller than you, Kendall, when we grow up.

Kendall picked up on Carlos not speaking to him anymore.

"Aww! Is someone mad at me? Did I hurt someone's feelings?" Kendall said in baby talk.

"I'm not mad at you! I'm just not talkin to you!" Carlos retorted.

"You just did!"

With Carlos not speaking to him, it was hard for Kendall to determine whether or not Carlos was awake. For the first time, Kendall started to think about what he would do to Carlos should he stay awake longer than him. He relished the idea of out-pranking the prankster. Whatever he came up with had to make Carlos' pranks look like mere child's play.

Carlos was stewing in his sleeping bag. He couldn't tell if Kendall was still awake or not because he wasn't saying anything to him. Kendall wasn't even asking why he wasn't talking to him. Kendall wasn't even asking him to talk to him. Did he not want Carlos to talk to him? Well fine then! Maybe I don't want you talkin to me either, Kendall!

Kendall decided to give in just a little bit. He wasn't going to sleep, but he was going to rest his eyes for a little while. As soon as his eyelids closed, it felt so good! It was so blissful that Kendall forgot why he was even trying to stay awake in the first place!

Carlos hadn't heard any movement come from Kendall's direction in quite some time. His eyelids felt like they had sandbags on them. It was very much a struggle to even keep them open. Carlos started to think. If he happened to fall asleep before Kendall, would Kendall really do anything to him? Maybe he shouldn't try so hard to stay awake then. On that note, Carlos shut his eyes.

The stairs creaked as one of the boys tiptoed their way down to the kitchen moments later. Was it Carlos or Kendall though?


James and Logan woke up at roughly the same time; both of them sitting up in their sleeping bags. They had grins on their faces as they noticed the cat whiskers on the other's face.

"Nice whiskers, Logie," James said, smirking.

"Me? What about you?" Logan replied.

James' face took on a grave expression as he scrambled in search of the nearest mirror. Logan, on the other hand, didn't need a mirror. He saw the whiskers on James' face, so he merely assumed that there were similar whiskers on his face. Besides, James told him there were anyways.

James at long last found a mirror in the bathroom. He screamed like a girl, horrified at his ruined complexion. It didn't matter that Carlos hadn't used a permanent marker. Ruined was ruined.

"Carlos!" James screamed at the top of his lungs.

Carlos was startled awake. Heck, he didn't doubt that his mother and father were probably awake by now too. Maybe even everyone on the whole block. He saw a furious looking James looming over him. Carlos clamped a hand over his mouth as he tried to hold his laughter in. James would look much more imposing if not for those cat whiskers on his face.

"You think this is funny?" James asked, still furious.

Logan was cracking up, and when James turned his attention to him only to glare daggers at him, Logan pointed at Carlos, the real culprit. This didn't go unnoticed by Carlos either. Thanks a lot, Logie!

"I'm gonna tell your mommy and daddy what you did!" James exclaimed, before bolting out of the room.

"Tattletale!" Carlos shouted after him.

Kendall sat up in his sleeping bag. The first thing he noticed was that one of his hands was immersed in a cup of warm water. The second thing he noticed was that wasn't the only place where there was…wetness.

"Carlos!" Kendall hollered.

While Logan wondered why Kendall was suddenly angry with Carlos, Carlos was pretending to be clueless. He actually hoped that Kendall would go after him so that he could reveal himself to Logan. If Kendall's fury was any indication, Carlos' plan worked. It actually worked! He was a genius!

"Is something the matter?" Carlos asked, trying his darnedest to keep a straight face.

Kendall made a beeline for the bathroom, nearly colliding into James in the process. As soon as James saw Kendall, he forgot all about his own anger towards Carlos. He was pointing and laughing at Kendall. He wasn't the only one either. Carlos and Logan were laughing and pointing at Kendall too. It looked like he had a little…accident.


Carlos' parents sat Carlos down and had a little chat with him about pulling pranks. Even though Carlos' dad seemed more proud of his son than anything. Behind Sylvia's back, the father and son would give each other high fives.

"…Now I want you to go and apologize to James, Kendall, and Logan. Would you want them to pull something like this on you?" Mrs. Garcia asked.

Carlos shook his head.

"Oh no. They would never be able to pull something like this on me," Carlos commented.

"Carlos!" Carlos' mom said, raising her voice.

"Yes, mama."

Carlos trudged up the stairs, his head hanging low. He didn't understand why he was in so much trouble with his parents…well, his mom really. All he was doing was having a little bit of fun. There was no harm in that, right?

When Kendall, James, and Logan saw Carlos mope into the bedroom, they knew that things must not have gone very well for Carlos.

"So are you grounded?" Kendall asked. He wasn't really sure whether he wanted Carlos to be grounded or not. On the one hand, what Carlos did to him was really mean, so he deserved whatever punishment he got. But at the same time, if Carlos really was grounded, there was no telling how long he would be grounded for. That was a scary thought.

"No. But I'm sorry for drawin cat whiskers on your faces James and Logan. And I'm sorry for making you…" Carlos said before he started cracking up all over again. "Makin you pee your pants!"

"It's not funny!" Kendall said, dramatically turning his head away from Carlos as his three best friends started laughing at him again.

To Be Continued…

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