"Okay, so Metro Man is this big tall guy, perfect everything, muscles beyond belief, his picture plastered everywhere. The most recognizable face except for yours in the entire city. Then all he does is grow a beard and suddenly nobody recognizes him? I mean, he's still using his same logo! How is it that no one sees Metro Man and Music Man are the same guy?" Roxanne Megamind throws down her newspaper in disgust. While drinking her morning coffee, she'd been reading the Entertainment section which had a large expose on Music Man, Metro City's newest, favorite rock star.

"I've long suspected that humans are not very intelligent," answers Megamind as he looks through his own section of the paper, "Present company excepted, of course."

"I'm tempted to agree with you. Maybe he has some superpower that makes people believe any stupid thing he says."

"If so, I'm very glad you're no longer affected by it."

"I was never brainwashed by him." she objects.

Megamind puts down his paper and looks at his wife, "Oh really? 'His heart is like an ocean, that's inside a bigger ocean.'" he raises one eyebrow and smirks at her.

She hides her face in her hand, "Oh, god. Did I actually say that?" She looks up through her fingers at her husband.

He nods, trying not to laugh at her. "And worse. Is it any wonder I thought you were with him?"

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