Title: Broken Bones and Shattered Dreams
Author: Dana
Rating: G? Don't think its PG
Warnings: Injured character.
Summary: The Duck's season is going great until something goes wrong during a game.
Time frame: After D3. They are still Frosh at Eden Hall
Author's note: I am still working on Never Let Them See You're Hurt. This could almost be considered a companion fic to it. It will refer to things that have happened in Never Let Them See You're Hurt but right now that's not required reading. Also, I don't know what your high schools were like but the one I went to, JV did not compete at state. Since it was mentioned that they could win regionals, I'm making that the top thing they can win. Not that it's that important to this fic. However, I thought I would bring it up.
Comments: Yes please.

NEW NOTES: This fic is now called the Test of Friendship. I have decided the series of fics (Never Let Them See You're Hurt, this one, and The Long Road Back) should be called: Broken Bones and Shattered Dreams. Hope I have cleared up the confusion!

Adam Banks taped up his right wrist. This was the game after the Varsity game. He had banged his wrist on the ice during the game against Varsity but it wasn't anything unusual. He had been having problems with it for a couple years since the Iceland game where a player broke a hockey stick over his wrist.

Coach Orion was watching him. "Banks your wrist okay?" He asked.

"Yeah fine."

Coach Orion nodded and then turned back to the others. Adam went back to taping his wrist. They followed Orion out onto the ice.

Everyone was on their feet. He could easily see a few Varsity players in the stands. He was surprised to see them. His eyes grew wide when he saw a familiar face sitting in the stands not too far from Charlie's mother.

"Hey guys look." He said pointing. "It's Jesse!"

They all looked and skated over to the side. Jesse Hall came down. The last they heard from him he was taking a break from hockey. "Hey guys." He greeted them.

"What are you doing here?" Charlie asked.

"I start school Monday. Coach Bombay came by a couple days ago and told me that I should sign the contract."

"Seems he's been doing a lot of recruiting lately." Coach Orion said joining them. "Hall I expect to see you at practice Monday." He turned to the others. "Let's go Ducks we've got a game to play."

They skated into position. Adam took the face off and passed it to Dwayne. The game went back and forth for the first two periods with the Ducks having a 3 to 1 advantage over the opposition.

When they got back to the locker room Adam re-taped his wrist. It was still bothering him. He remembered how at the Junior Goodwill Games he took Tylenol and hid the pain. He flexed his right wrist and didn't get too much pain from doing that. He'd be all right the rest of the game.

Third period started with Charlie taking the face off and passed it to Adam. Adam started going for the goal when the biggest man on the other team pushed him into the boards. He struggled to keep his balance and put his hands down to break the fall. The added weight of the other player as he fell onto him. The only breaking that there was, was in his wrist. It didn't help that someone accidentally stepped on his wrist while he was down. He passed out from the pain.