Rico woke up to the noise of a helicopter flying above the house. It faded away with a few seconds. It was weird, why would a helicopter be flying over Blowhole's house? He shrugged he would leave that for Kowalski to ponder. He looked around, where was Kowalski? And Skipper? They were both missing. Where did they go? Then he remembered how bad Skipper was, and how Kowalski hadn't fallen asleep. The helicopter… it hadn't flown over the house, it had flown off the house, and it took Skipper and Kowalski with it. Probably Blowhole too, but Rico didn't care about him, he could die in a hole for all he cared.

Rico got up and stretched. Well if Blowhole left with Kowalski and Skipper, then he was left here with Private. He looked over at Private. He was never really close to Private. Private was naïve and soft. He was innocent, and that bothered Rico. Because even in his childhood Rico was never innocent. He witnessed too much to ever be called innocent, and the fact that Private was older now and still innocent made him…jealous. When Private said things people smiled, because they knew he didn't understand. But truthfully, Rico didn't fully mind it. Private wasn't just innocent and naïve, He was the source of hope the team needed. He was like the little brother that was innocently stupid but full of needed hope.

That brought Rico to a different thought. Private didn't have any hope left in him. He looked around, everything was dark. Waking up in darkness wouldn't help Private any. He walked over to the doorway and carefully reached his hand out towards where the electric fence had been. His hand went straight through the doorway. Rico let out a sigh of relief. He went back to the bed turned Private over, his hands were black and burned. Rico remembered what happened last night. He needed to get Private out of here. The poor kid was probably traumatized enough.

First he needed to clean up the wounds. Kowalski told him once that you had to clean wounds or they'd get painfully infected. That was unneeded. He picked Private up and carried him to the kitchen. After placing Private on the counter he carefully washed the black off of Privates hands. He then picked Private back up and carried him to the bathroom. He put Private in the sink (there was nowhere else to put him) and opened the cabinets in hopes of finding some gauze or something to put on the burns. He found Neosporin and a package of wound bandages. He put a circle of Neosporin on the first bandage and placed in on Privates burned hand. He put a few more on top of the first and then went back to the cabinet and found some tape. He wrapped the tape around Privates hand a few times to keep the bandages in place. He did the same thing with the other hand.

He realized when he picked Private back up that Private was cold. When he touched his skin it was cold. That wasn't good. He had to find something to warm Private up. Rico learned something about himself just then. He and Private weren't close, but he still thought of Private as a brother, they still had that brotherly love weather they were close or not. He stopped for a minute and thought about that. He smiled. He liked that.

He continued to walk, taking Private back to the crappy room Blowhole had them in. He noticed doors with stickers on them. His eyes landed on a sticker of a chainsaw. He was curious as to what was inside so he carefully placed Private on a bed and put the covers over him, then he walked over to the closet and opened it. Inside were two shirts, two pairs of jeans and the jacket he wore yesterday. He took out his jacket, not wasting time on the shirts. The shirts were probably something stupid anyway. He put the jacket on and walked over to a closet that had a picture of a Lunicorn on it. There were three shirts in that one with two pairs of jeans and a new green jacket. Private's old one had been stolen. Rico took the green jacket and walked back over to Private. He put the jacket on Private and zipped it up. He zipped his own jacket up and looked back out of the doorway. Everything was quiet and still. And dark.

He thought about what he was about to do. He wasn't good at thinking things through, that was Kowalski's job. And Skipper's Skipper did that too sometimes. He turned around and walked back to Privates bed. He was about to pick Private up again when Private woke up.

Private stared up at him with tired eyes. Rico smiled down at Private and offered his hand. "Come on," He said calmly.

Private stared at Rico confused for a few seconds before he grabbed Rico's hand. He followed Rico half sleeping still, through the house. He never let go of Rico's hand. When he woke up a more he wondered where Skipper and Kowalski were. And where Blowhole had went. He was uneased by the fact that he didn't know where Blowhole was. But Rico seemed to know where he was going.

Rico found the front doors and led Private through them. He continued to walk down the steps and out of the driveway and into the garage. He looked at the hover craft Blowhole had used to get them here. If it got them here it could go back right? He stepped up onto the hover craft, taking Private up with him, and walked over to the controls. There was a big yellow button that said 'Autopilot'. That would make things easy, so he pressed it. There was a screen in the middle of the panel that had been blank. It suddenly lit up. On the screen were three words, 'Car', 'Bridge', and 'Cancel'. Blowhole had taken them right from the car to the hover craft, so Rico pressed car. The screen was apparently a touch screen, because right after he did that the hover craft closed and took off towards the shore.

Private jumped at the start of the hover craft and wrapped his arms tightly around Rico's. He was scared of everything. Anything could be rigged to hurt him somehow, and he didn't want anything to pop out of anywhere and hurt him anymore.

Rico looked down at Private. He understood somehow what Private was doing and why. Private was scared so he was grabbing onto him for security. That was fine with Rico, he could only imagine what someone like Private was thinking at the moment.

The hover craft stopped at the cliff that Blowhole had taken them to the day before.

Rico lofted his head and jumped. He became filled with a sense of overwhelming fear. Standing in front of him on the edge of the cliff was Blowhole. Rico started to shake.

Blowhole smiled slyly. "Hello children, and where might we be going?"

Private looked up and was shot with terror. Shaking violently he clutched onto Rico and buried his face in Rico's arm.

"Uh-oh," Rico said discouraged as he shrunk a few inches. He gulped. This was not good. He knew something real bad was going to follow this.

Blowhole stepped onto the hover craft and grabbed Rico's arm. He bent down. "Uh-oh, is right," He taunted. He stood up and pressed a few buttons on the control pad. He kept his hand on Rico's arm and smiled. "You, Rico, are in for it now."

Rico swallowed. "What about Private?" he asked fearfully.

Blowhole could barely understand the gibberish Rico spat, but after years of spying and observation, he understood enough. "I'll make a good deal with you Rico," He replied, thinking. Skipper was really his main target and though he had a soft spot for Private, hurting any one of his pals would do.

Rico looked up at Blowhole.

"I won't touch Private. But you on the other hand. You I have plans for," Blowhole paused. "Or, I can have minor plans for you, but Private would have to share in the fun."

Rico looked down at Private. He knew what Blowhole meant by 'fun'. He couldn't let Blowhole hurt Private. He took a deep breath and swallowed all the terror in his mind that told him to choose the second choice. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and pushed forward his sacrificial thoughts.

"So what will it be?" Blowhole asked, "Choice number one? Or two?"

Rico swallowed. "One." He replied solemnly.

Blowhole smiled. "One it is!" He proclaimed happily.

Rico closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He would be fine. He'd be perfectly fine. A little pain her and there, maybe a broken bone or two, but he'd live. He looked down at Private, who was still clutched to his arm. He'd live.

Private was still terrified, but he had heard the conversation that had just took place. Rico saved him from something. He was afraid of what that something was, but he was also afraid for Rico. Rico could've sent them both to do whatever Blowhole had planned, and taken the path with less fear and pain. But he didn't. Rico chose to be in more pain… to save him from pain. "You'll be ok," He whispered. He said it for both of them. For Rico so he wouldn't be so scared and for himself so he'd believe Rico would be ok.

Rico smiled. There it was. The hope. And right then, it was just what he needed.

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