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3 months later


I'm sitting next to my girlfriend in the Hospital once again, trying not to think about the fact that I seem to be hanging out at the Hospital lately, more than, say, at Home.

Isa can't stop jiggling her knee up and down, biting her lip. Surrounding us are her brothers, her cousins, her friends, her aunties and uncles, her second aunties and uncles, twice removed, her great aunties, and uncles, her Grandmother, and more. It's like a Mexican-Anglo party over here, and I can tell the Nurse opposite us does not appreciate, but it's not like anyone gives a shit.

It's actually amusing. In a freaky way. Especially for someone like me, who only has a few scattered family members.

Talking of family, I feel Rachel hold on top my hand. She's sitting on my other side, next to her daughter and husband, and Sam who's on his DS, obviously very bored. Ever since Chrys went to jail, Mom's disappeared, and I've officially moved in with Rachel, who was so happy, she was almost in tears, which was a shock, since Rachel hardly ever cries. She's alot like me in that department, and we've always been similar.

Well, not so much anymore, considering that she's now pregnant with her second child, whom I've taken to calling The Foetus Of Doom. In a totally affectionate way.

"She'll be fine." I whisper to my girlfriend, breaking her silence. Notice how I say her silence, and not anyone else's. Fuck, but Mexicans can talk.

She clutches my hand, and leans onto my shoulder. I get a couple of warning looks from her brothers, who still aren't comfortable with me being with their sister, but Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber can try to keep me away from her all they fucking like. It's not like they'll ever succeed.

And when Isa and I go to college, me, to the University of arts and literature, and her, to Purdue to study Mathematics, no one will stop me from taking her away every weekend, and sweeping her off her feet.

I'm grinning at the thought.

A nurse comes out of the ward, a smile is on her face, although it wavers when she sees the size of the group we make . "Mrs. Fuentes has given birth to a healthy baby girl. 5lbs. You can come in twos and threes, If you'd like."

Isa gets up, immediately, clutching my hand, and runs into the ward, ignoring the protests of her family members, in rapid Spanish. I chuckle, as she bites her lips nervously, and enters the ward, to see her Mom, lying on the Hospital bed, holding a tiny baby, and her Dad watching them both, eyes wide, and weary, but filled with love.

"Isa, Jared." Mrs. Fuentes says, and she looks so tired, but so happy at the same time. "Say hello to Miss Shelley Fuentes."