Title: Gilded
Prompt: Advice
Author: vanillavinegar
Rating: K
Summary: In which Ed is more transparent than he'd like to be.
Warnings: SPOILERS through to the end of the manga/Brotherhood.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all associated characters, settings, etc., belong to Hiromu Arakawa-san. The only profit I make from this work of fiction is my own satisfaction and, possibly, the enjoyment of others.
Author's Notes: So this is the first chapter of my new fic, Gilded, which will be twenty-six ficlets (between one and five hundred words) all about Edward, Alphonse, and Winry after the Promised Day. There's twenty-six of them because they're written from one word prompts, one for each letter of the alphabet. I'm posting them in alphabetical, not chronological, order - the first one, for instance, takes place when the Elrics are already in Risembool, but some others will happen before they get back. Not all of the trio will be in every fic but at least one of them will be in each; expect to see lots of Elric brotherly love, Al and Winry being best friends, and of course Edwin.

tl;dr version - Ed, Al, and Winry post-Promised Day fics. *g*

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Part 1 - Advice

"You should tell her, you know," Al said conversationally as he dropped gracelessly onto the couch next to his brother.

Ed didn't look up from his book, but Al took note of the fact that his eyes had stopped moving along the page. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said, far too quickly. Al giggled. Ed grimaced.

"Sure you don't, brother," Al agreed lightly. He let his head fall back, reveling in the softness of the fabric and the way it tugged at his hair. Even pain was exciting to experience after living without it for years. Small pains, anyway.

Winry walked past the doorway, studying some automail designs Garfiel had mailed and humming quietly. Ed stared at her from beneath his eyelashes, and Al giggled again, amused at his brother's artlessness in choosing the one spot in the house with a perfect view into her workshop. Sure you don't.

TBC (Part 2 – Bath)