Fifth Session

"Nanoha, hi," with a rushed kiss on the lips Fate greeted Nanoha. "Sorry to be late." She apologized to the both of us, in her unique flustered and rushed style.

"Don't worry Fate. We know you had some rough days. We missed you last week, actually we considered canceling this week's session because it seemed inhuman to make you come here immediately after being back, but I am definitely happy you decided to come."

The Enforcer took a moment to remove her jacket and carefully place it on her chair. She then took a seat next to the blue-eyed and her hand found the natural home between Nanoha's hands. Even as I sit here silently observing them, I pick up on those little details from them I am sure they probably don't realize from each other.

"I suppose I have to accept these sessions have turned out to be somewhat relaxing. It's not that I had forgotten things, but it's nice to remember those stories."

"Funny, that's actually very similar to what Nanoha said last week."

"Is it? And what did you talk about last week while I was not here?" Fate turned to Nanoha.

"Do you remember that video call for our anniversary two years ago?"

I was about to protest, but I couldn't help but notice Fate going unnaturally pale.

"Tell me you are joking, you couldn't possibly have."

All my sensors are going off in imminent alert mode. That anniversary must have been quite something. I need to know what is behind that story. Smoking hot smoldering sex? Maybe costumes included...or maybe even edible underwear? My first theory is probably certain, Fate's reaction is foolproof. But more important than that, will I make them tell me that story?

Oh, yeah, sometimes my little twisted kinky side gets the best of me and I can't contain a giggle.

But look at that, Nanoha is giggling mischievously as well, she is clearly enjoying teasing Fate like this.



"No, I did not tell her any of that. I'd be incapable."

"But you might as well already. Look at her, she's salivating like a bloodthirsty hound."

Wow, you hold on right a second Fate. I don't salivate, I was about to say when some unexpected knocks on my door took us by surprise.

"I am so sorry girls, I will be back in ten minute... tops."

There are few things that will take them away from these two...but the heart wants what the heart wants, so...

Nanoha hadn't stopped giggling when she and Fate found themselves alone in Hayate's office. Fate took the opportunity and closed in shyly to kiss her.

"I missed you, you naughty. How are you?"

"Happy to have you back. How long do I have you this time?" Nanoha answered, pulling closer the blonde while the look on her eyes acquired a deeper tone, a look Fate knew how to read perfectly.

"I need to be back Wednesday morning," the Enforcer replied, feeling a nervous rush going through her as those blue eyes observed her with clear intentions.

"I need to make the most out of our time then," and without further explanation, Nanoha stood up and passed one of her legs to Fate's side, which allowed her to sit on her lap, getting very close to her.

Fate immediately held Nanoha by the hips as the blue eyed captured her lips into a deep kiss.

"Nanoha! Hayate can come back any second," Fate tried to mumble while kissing.

"We have time, didn't you hear? She is saying goodbye to Carim."

"You have to tell me what is your secret," I ask as I sit down on my executive chair.

Does the air feel thicker? It does. I should have installed those spycams I saw on rebate.

"What secret are you talking about, Hayate?"

"You two. Why can't you keep yourselves off each other?"

Fate eyed me suspiciously as if she had no idea what I was talking about. Really, you want to play that game my friend?

"Don't look at me like that Fate. Even with your super serious 'I wouldnt even hurt a fly' look, it is useless when the buttons of your shirt are mismatched. Especially considering they were perfectly buttoned when you arrived."

Sorry you asked for it, my friend.

Nanoha exploded into a laughter that proved both their culpability. She clearly had not paid attention in the rush when closing Fate's shirt. Not that I judge them, they hadn't seen each other for days now and it is so funny to poke at them, especially when they make it so easy.

And poor Fate of course, she is blushing so hard she can't even decide whether to button them or leave them like that.

"Some way or another it seems you two manage to carry me off the track I intend on our sessions. I have a much better idea now. My sleuth instincts tell me this is not the first time you have been in this situation. I mean, if it's happening to you as grownups I can only imagine…"

I end the phrase with a very dramatic pose, touching my forehead with the back of my hand, hoping my dramatic attempt will make them talk.

This time Fate is the one who started to laugh and Nanoha the one who blushed. Hayate you hit a jackpot. I have to keep a dignified look, don't make them see how proud you are after hitting gold.

Neither seemed to find the ability to actually speak, they were just laughing and giggling to each other. I need them to stay on track.

"It seems I am not wrong then. I want to know everything. How old were you, who did what, when, why and how."

Fate (surprise, surprise she is the one talking!) answered they were about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday and that they both were at Nanoha's parents' house. She was going to prepare her one of her birthday presents.

"One?" I had to ask.

"Well, she always prepares a cake for the both of us. It has become a tradition for us… and then she always manages to surprise with another special treat," Fate replied with a wide and proud grin.

"Anyways, that day we were in the kitchen…"

"Fate-chan stop fooling around with the melted chocolate. I won't have enough for the cake if you keep eating it."

"Just a little bit more," Fate asked with her best puppy eyes.

"It's always the same with you, next year you wont get a cake if you keep behaving like this."

"Ok, fine," Fate mumbled dejected.

Nanoha opened the fridge to get out a stick of butter and the one thing she sees as she is closing the fridge is Fate again, dipping her finger in the bowl with melted chocolate.

"I. Warned. You."

"Don't use that tone with me," Fate replied amused and got closer to her.

"You are worse than a child!"

"And you are too uptight!"

To upset her even more, Fate rushed to smear Nanoha's cheek with her chocolate covered finger, but she wasn't as fast as she thought to escape, because Nanoha captured her finger with her lips.

"Hey!" Fate protested while Nanoha licked the chocolate from her finger. "Don't eat it all, because then certain someone complains I ate all the chocolate." Fate repled with a challenging look.

"Don't you dare, Fate-chan!" Nanoha read the blonde's intentions immediately as the aforementioned used the same finger to get more chocolate from the bowl. "Ugh, Fate-chan! That's disgusting."

"Whatever, it's for us anyways." Fate kept enjoying the chocolate.

"You're impossible," Nanoha huffed.

Fate looked at her very proud of herself and finished licking every last trace of chocolate.

"No more chocolate for you, until I finish preparing your cake," Nanoha stated firmly.

"Are you sure?" Fate pouted.

To be very clear with her answer, Nanoha took the bowl and hid it behind her. Fate closed in, clear on her target. Nanoha locked eyes with Fate's trying to read her movements. The blonde tried to reach over her, taking advantage of the height difference between the both of them. Despite that, the youngest Takamachi managed to keep away the blonde's object of desire.

She thought she did at least.

As Fate was already over her, she changed the strategy and circled her waist with her other hand and drew her in, whispering to her ear: "Can I have some more please."

The blonde's tone made Nanoha shiver and she couldn't help but nod.

Fate brushed Nanoha's cheek with the tip of her finger, turning her face slowly towards hers. Soon her lips replaced the tip of her finger and started to savor the chocolate she had purposefully left on her cheek and lips, which Nanoha hadn't bothered to wipe away in the middle of their "discussion". Deliberately sensually, she traced the contour of Nanoha's lips with her own, enjoying the mixture of soft velvet with the chocolate, pushing her body against her, minimizing the space between them .

Nanoha let herself enjoy the feeling until she finally relinquished the possession of the bowl.

"Fate-chan, you are a mischief maker."

"Just a little bit." Fate gave her a final kiss and with a playful reverence indicated Nanoha could continue working on the cake and she wouldn't disturb her anymore. "I promise I will behave now."

Of course, first you turn me on and then you want me to keep cooking. You will pay for that. Nanoha thought to herself.


Nanoha poked her head over the sofa, her eyes wide open as a pair of terrified hands stuck in her ribs. Her parents and her sister Miyuki were frozen on the entrance after Nanoha's mother's extremely loud outcry.

Miyuki looked half surprised and half amused, realizing how daring her little sister turned out to be. Nanoha's father was completely stupefied by the scene in front of his eyes, or more exactly, to the scene that was happening behind that couch, considering the sounds they heard as they entered had been very revealing.

Nanoha's mother came out with a string of unintelligible exclamations. Fate, still protected behind the couch, was able to only understand the last part, directed to an almost petrified Ace.

"You and me. Kitchen. Now!"

Nanoha bolted behind her mother, leaving Fate alone with Shiro and Miyuki in the living room.

"I think I am being called to my room," Miyuki hopped out as fast as she could.

Fate had never wished more for her to be able to disappear on thin air.

They both could hear Nanoha's mother's exclamations.

"Fate-san. I would like to have a word with you. Care to join me in the backyard? Seems to me the house can fall down any moment now" he said, with almost a comical expression.

Shiro noticed Fate moving on the couch and a few seconds later headed to the backyard averting any eye contact.

For Shiro, it was the kind of things a parent never wishes to actually see, but couldn't suppress a small smirk. Ulike Nanoha, who had all her clothes in place, it was Fate the one missing two buttons of her untucked shirt. It was his little girl, the one with initiative.

They both stepped out and Fate could only toy with her fingers. She didn't know whether to run away, offer interminable apologies or just stand and face Nanoha's father's rage.

The backyard provided a calm environment, the faint sound of the crickets welcoming the dusk unpn the city. Shiro turned on the exterior lights, as he decided exactly what he wanted to talk about with Fate,

"I ahh…" Fate started to mumble downhearted.

"Contrary to what you may think, I also had your age. It is not exactly a parents dream to arrive at the house and find out their daughter is fooling around with her boyfrie...err...girlfr…" Shiro blushed at the notion of referring to Fate as his daughter's girlfriend and sat down on the steps separating the garden with the house.

Fate finally looked at him with a shy expression.

"I don't…"

"What I am trying to say is that there is a time and place for everything. The family living room is not the best place, especially because anyone can come in."

"Yeah… I…"

"I must also say that it is a bit surprising. I suppose the preconceived image that anyone has is that these situations would be with a boy."

"Well you know I…"

Shiro scratched his head while he kept talking to Fate, though it seemed that it was more like a conversation with himself, as she hadn't been able to say anything at all.

"I didn't expect to have this type of conversation because of Nanoha before than Miyuki, or maybe it's possible Miuki has been more discreet. In any way, Nanoha is as bold, precocious and strong-willed as her mother."

"She's definitely strong-willed," Fate murmured even though she wasn't really understanding where the conversation was going.

"I am sure Nanoha will tell us very soon it will be time to leave the nest. The path she has chosen for her life requires it and I know you are on the same path."

Fate nodded as Shiro stood up again.

"That's why I need to know what your intentions are with her then. If this happening between you two is just casual fooling around, I think that's what it's called these days, or if it is actually something more serious. I know you are only fifteen, but I need to know if I can trust you with one of my three princesses."

Fate stood up tall as she already was as a teenager and looked at him with a fierce determination in her eyes.

"It's not fooling around. I am always going to protect her."

Despite the evident blushing in her cheeks, Shiro could see in her eyes she meant every word.

"I am glad to hear that." He said, placing her hands firmly on her shoulders. "I can tell she is in good hands then."

"Thank you… uhm… she… Nanoha, means a lot to me."

"I know she does," Shiro replied, slightly turning around towards the kitchen's window. "It seems they are going to be at it for a while. Don't worry about Momoko, she can be a little explosive sometimes, but I know she thinks like I do. What do you say to some sparring in the dojo? Nanoha always talks wonders about your combat abilities, but when you are around she neverles me test them."

"Sure, why not," Fate answered, relieved.

"That way I will get a good measure of who is taking care of my little girl."

They both entered the family dojo. It was almost a sanctuary for the Takamachi family. Just by stepping in gave a feeling of isolation from the rest of the world

"Are you comfortable with your clothes? It's possible Miyuki's robes will fit you."

"It's not necessary, thank you. I'm ok like this." She answered a little flustered. She wasn't sure what to expect from this mock combat with the Takamachi patriarch. She could imagine Nanoha's face though, if she saw them in combat. She just hoped Nanoha was not having a bad time with her mother.

They walked over to where the wooden and bamboo sabers were carefully placed. After a brief observation, and with Shiro's non-verbal request to choose one, Fate decided and picked one.

"Huh, precisely Nanoha's. She does not use it very often though, she always preferred to watch her siblings. She has increased her practice times more though."

"It's not her style, close bodycombat."

"I think..thought so too.." Shiro managed to repress an involuntary chuckle.

Fate could not help but feel she had tripped herself into a double entendre wordplay, and with her girlfriends father on top of it.

After some warming up, they faced each other to start the mock battle.

"I don't have to tell you not to hold back, Fate-san?"

Fate's eyes glowed amused.

Shiro was surprised by Fate's speed. She was forceful with her strikes, and seemed to be able to read every single one of his forward attacks. Even more surprising was that the teenager was considerably stronger and more skillful than she appeared. She kept to his rhythm, and not only that, she tested him with challenging movements. In the middle of the fight, Shiro noticed the personality transformation that had taken over Fate. From shy and reserved, she became bold and determined in combat.

"Not bad for a teenager," Shiro taunted as he evaded Fate's attempt to grip him.

"Not bad for a restaurant owner," Fate countered with a grin as she evaded him.

The door of the dojo opened and both Nanoha and Momoko were stunned at the sight of Fate and Shiro sparring.

From the corner of the eye, Fate noticed Nanoha in the exact moment Shiro tried to grip her. Fate fell on her back while Nanoha rushed to her while bickerin to her father.


Both Fate and Shiro laughed, as the second extended his hand for the first to stand up.

"Well done Fate-san. Nanoha was really not overselling your abilities. If you hadn't gotten distracted for that split of a second, it's quite likely I would have been the one defeated."

He held out a hand and Fate gladly shook it.

Shiro walked towards his wife and circled her waist, walked her back to the house.

"What was all that, Fate-chan?"

"A duel to define if I was worthy of your honor."

"What are you talk─"

Fate interrupted Nanoha's question with a fleeting kiss.

"Kidding, we were just hanging out waiting for you. Your father was actually very understanding. And you? My mother in law wants to murder me?"

"It wasn't as bad as I expected. The only thing they are going to discuss is what is going to happen when we have sleepovers."

"They worry you and I…"


"Oh, and they also want you to stay for family dinner, to celebrate your birthday tonight."

"Family dinner?"

"If you are my girlfriend you are part of the family, right?"

Fate nodded smiling.

"This cake really smells delicious" Shiro casually commented after enjoying the family dinner, subtly hinting he wanted a slice of Nanoha's freshly baked cake.

"Well, you see, dad I promised Fate that cake was for her."

Nanoha tried to find a good excuse. After all their coming and going with the chocolate, she couldn't allow anyone else to eat from that cake, not that 'What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve for' couldn't apply here...but still.

"You have to eat it all," Nanoha told Fate mind to mind.

"Nanoha, I can't possibly do that!"

"Come on Nanoha, it's too much for her anyways. As you prepared it today, for tomorrow it's not going to be as fresh."

"Please don't tell me your family ate the cake" I had to ask.

"Sadly, they did," Nanoha replied amused.

"That cake was absolutely delicious," Fate said while tugging at Nanoha's sleeve. "Can we parepare one tomorrow?"

"Sure, now I will have two girls in the kitchen instead of one," Nanoha answered with a playful wink.

"So what did your mother tell you in the kitchen. It seemed to be a long speech."

I have met Momoko Takamachi, and I really can't imagine going all devil on the White Devil herself.

"Sure it was. Fate-chan and I had already been dating a couple of months by the time and I haven't mentioned it to my parents. They already referred to us as inseparable, so it wasn't much of a surprise to them. Of course they didn't expect to find it like that." Nanoha tried to hide a smile.

"If by that you mean realizing their sweet teenage, youngest daughter is hormonal and handsy towards a certain shy blonde, you are right Nanoha, I am sure no parent wants to know that."

"Don't get me started on being handsy, Hayate. You know you are the queen in that realm. Even Vivio has adopted some of your qualities. I should stop her from spending so much time with you, before I get called to her school."

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Going back to you, were you over your inner conflict phase about dating Fate?"

"Yes, after prom, Fate-chan was incredibly patient with me as she promised and all the doubts I had, vanished."

"You never had any doubts, Fate?"

Fate shook her head.

"As time went by, I was more convinced that she was my absolute happiness. It worried me though I wasn't good enough for her."

Nanoha turned to the crimson eyed, looking at her in disbelief.

"What are you talking about Fate-chan?"

"I am not saying I still feel that way," she answered softly caressing Nanoha's fingers. "I guess it was just some remainder feelings… my internal conflicts about my own existence. There were a lot of times I didn't feel like a real person, human and real. That I was just the monstrous result of a grotesque experiment. But thanks to you I understood more about myself. That what I felt and feel about you is real."

Nanoha looked at Fate with so much love in her eyes, not even I dared interrupt her, and she continued.

"How could I not be a human being if I knew what it was to be in love? Feeling that special tingling inside me when you talk to me or hug me, to be able look into your eyes and forget everything. So thanks to you I made peace with myself over time. In you I find everything I need. My best friend, my confidant, my lover, my soulmate. Growing up, every day, every new experience lived with you, as simple as it might seem to anyone else, to me it was a new fragment of a whole series of revelations. This was how Fate Testarossa discovered that she had a soul, that she could fall in love, that she was, after all, a person like any other. After that other challenges would come, Elio, Caro made me discover facets of myself that I did not know yet. And of course, now with Vivio we have even more challenges. But it was all about you."

"There's not one day I am not grateful for the luck of having you in my life, Fate-chan. You are not only good enough, you are the best that could ever happen to me."