"And he was nominated for another award!" Misaki cried happily as he walked with Sumi.

"Sounds like he's still doing well then," Sumi replied.

"There's going to be a party for all the nominees and I'm being forced to go."

"You don't like the parties? They seem like fun to me."

"I feel out of place at those types of things."

"Ah. So why are you being forced to go? Usagi hates making you unhappy."

"Well," he blushed, "Usagi-san asked me politely."

Sumi looked at him and laughed.

"Usagi can be polite?"

"He was polite for Usagi," Misaki clarified. "And he said he'd make it up to me."

Sumi winked at him.

"You're gonna get la-!"

"SHUT UP!" Misaki yelled as his blush deepened. He was seriously regretting telling Sumi about his relationship with the reclusive author.

Sumi laughed again and they kept walking.

When they reached Sumi's house, they stopped and Sumi turned to him.

"Do you want to come in?" he asked.

Misaki shook his head.

"Sorry, I can't. Usagi said I had to come straight home tonight or I would be in trouble."

"Maybe next time," Sumi said before waving and walking inside.

Misaki waved back and started toward the condo.

As he passed a side street, a hand latched onto his wrist and pulled him in.

He felt something hit the side of his head and he fell as blackness overtook him.

AN: A new story? Can it be?
No! It's a new FANFICTION!

Yeah so I recently started watching 'Junjo Romantica' and I LOVE IT! So I decided to write some ff for it.

This is just the prologue, STORY COMING SOON!

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