The room was much too bland. White walls, white linoleum, white flowers in a white vase; it was too much.

A loud beep made him look up at the machines surrounding his bed.

He glared at it.

He had finally managed to figure out how to end his new book and that stupid thing had made him lose it.

"Baka machine," he growled. "You ruined it. It was perfect."

The machine made another beep and he sighed, giving up.

He laid back against the sheets and closed his eyes.

A nice rest would do wonders for his aching head.

When he woke up, he instantly realized that his hands were encased in something warm.

Blinking hard, he turned to see what it was.

He smiled lightly.


The boy's head snapped up.

"Usagi! You're awake!" He threw himself at the man and hugged him tightly. "I had no idea when you were going to wake up!" Remembering that Akihiko was hurt, and probably more so now that Misaki had launched himself like a cannon at him, Misaki blushed lightly. "S-Sorry Usagi." He started to slip off the man's lap but he stopped him and held him close.

"No. Stay here." Akihiko rested his head against the boy's shoulder. His blush growing, Misaki didn't protest. "I love you Misaki," the author whispered quietly. "And I missed you more than you can ever understand."

"I-I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. Haruhiko…and the apartment…and everything else that happened." He looked at his lap. "I realized that I made a hasty decision later. I missed you so much. That's why Haruhiko let me go."

Akihiko smiled.

"So you admit you love me?" Misaki blushed deeply and hid his face in Akihiko's shirt before nodding slowly. "Say it."

"I-I…l-love you…Akihiko."

He held the boy tightly.

"Good. Because now you're mine and will never be let go of again."

Misaki snuggled up against the author and smiled.

"I'm glad. I don't want to go through anything like this again."

Sumi was left to Haruhiko's very capable hands.

After he was finished, Sumi disappeared. He had been begged to be let go for a long time before Haruhiko deemed him thoroughly punished.

Misaki missed him at first but when he heard what he had done, he decided that he never wanted to see him again.

Everything settled down and it seemed like almost nothing had changed except that Akihiko could get Misaki to admit his feelings easier. They returned to their home and Misaki started classes again. Misaki moved into Akihiko's room, once the toys were removed, and the two shared a bed. Unfortunately, with sharing a bed came activities that kept Misaki up so he didn't get to sleep until early in the morning.

Akihiko finished his newest book and decided to take a short break from writing so that when the end of the semester came for Misaki, they could take a relaxing trip to get away from everything that had happened.

Haruhiko went back to his home and eventually fell in love with someone who returned his feelings, leaving his brother and Misaki alone. Last the two had heard, Haruhiko and his lover were planning on a wedding. They really didn't care too much. Especially not Akihiko who would propose on their trip; a proposal that would be accepted, quite happily, though the deep red ears and face would try and deny it.


I had to practically re-watch the whole series to make sure the characters weren't too OCC. They had to be a little (not Usagi of course but the rest) to make the ending work.

I hope you liked it! It's finally over so you don't have to wait anymore! :D

Well...see ya!