Pairing: Carlos and Logan

Summary: Carlos' dreams come true.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the show even I would love to own them especially Logan and Kendall. I also don't own anything you may recognise just my own idea.

"Mmm... Logan so good," Carlos moaned his hips bucking off the bed, thrusting more of his aching member into Logan's wet and willing mouth.

A pair of pale hands moved over the Latino's thigh tickling the sensitive skin until they reached his hips, anchoring him to the bed. The smart boy bobbed his head up and down between Carlos' legs, his short hair tickling the small boys' inner thighs every now and again. Logan swirled his tongue around the length in his mouth, tracing each distinct vein along the underside.

Carlos allowed his hands to travel down his chest and stomach, knotting themselves into Logan's raven locks as he continuously bobbed his head between the Latino's legs. A low moan resonated in the back of Logan's throat as Carlos tugged on his hair, fighting back the urge to thrust up and fuck the smart boys' hot mouth. The pale boy dragged his teeth over the length in his mouth, biting down gently just past the head, his own length twitching at the sound that Carlos emitted.

Logan braced his arm across the short boys' hips while his spare hand made its way up to twist and tweak Carlos' nipple. Pleasure shot through the pinned boys' body and he couldn't stop himself from arching off the bed, hands fisting the sheets below him as a low moan escaped his parted lips.

"L...L...Logan more please," Carlos begged, whining as the smart boy pulled off with a pop.

What happened next made the Latino blushed. Logan had positioned himself on all fours, legs spread enough to expose his twitching entrance to Carlos.

"I want you to cum inside me, make me wet," Logan whimpered, cheeks stained red as he spoke, hips swivelling in broken circles.

Positioning himself on his knees behind Logan, Carlos ran his hands over the porcelain skin in front of him, kneading the soft mounds firmly yet gently. Spreading the smart boy's cheeks, Carlos leant forward and licked a striped over the hole, holding back a moan as the smart boy pushed back on to his tongue, the wet muscle sliding past the first ring of muscle.

Using his hands to spread Logan's creamy cheeks even further, Carlos continued to press forward, pausing whenever he felt the taller boys' body tense.

"More" Logan whined, his hips pushing back against Carlos. Swirling his tongue in small circles, Carlos slowly opened up the pale boy.

Drawing his tongue away, Carlos sucked on his fingers, moaning as he watched Logan's hips thrust backwards and forwards, the pale boy too turned on to be embarrassed by his actions. Pulling his fingers out of his mouth, Carlos brought it down to the pinkish hole in front of him, running it around the perimeter of Logan's entrance before slowly pushing it into the boy below him; listening carefully to every sound Logan made.

When he felt Logan's body tense around his digit, Carlos paused, using his spare hand to rub smoothing circles into the smart boy's back. Feeling the muscles relax around his finger, Carlos continued to push forward, rubbing against Logan's inner walls.

When his finger was buried within the small boys' body, the Latino began to gently move it in concentric circles working Logan open. When he deemed the taller boy ready, he withdrew his finger, adding another before sliding it forward, pausing when they were fully buried within Logan. Thrusting his fingers in and out of the pale boy, Carlos began to gently scissor his fingers; increasing his motions as Logan pushed back onto his fingers, moaning as the Latino's digits slid over that one special spot.

"Carlos, please I need you," Logan whined, his hips thrusting back.

Withdrawing his fingers from Logan's body, Carlos positioned himself behind Logan, the tip of his cock pressing against the pale boys' gaping hole.


"Carlos, Carlos, CARLOS" The said boy awoke with a start, his eyes snapping open to stare up into a pair of warm chocolate orbs.

"Huh?" Carlos muttered, voice laden with sleep.

"You okay, you kept muttering in your sleep and shifting closer. Did you have a nightmare?" Logan asked, a smile spreading across his face as his fingers ran through the small boy's hair.

The Latino couldn't meet Logan's eyes; he didn't want to have to admit to his boyfriend what he was really dreaming of.

"I wasn't having a nightmare," Carlos muttered, unable to meet Logan's eyes.

"But you were muttering my name," Logan started, "Oh oh,"

Carlos wished the bed could just swallow him up. Keeping his eyes fixed on the ceiling, the tan boy waited for his boyfriend to say something. Logan didn't know what to say, part of him was flattered that Carlos dreamt of him and part of him was extremely turned on. The smart boy felt his body temperature rise, the covers constricting against his body.

Taking a deep breath, Logan reached down under the covers, his fingertips grazing against Carlos' stomach as his hand travelled further south. Carlos' breath hitched in his throat, muscles tensing as Logan tickled his sides.

"What were you dreaming of?" Logan asked, his fingers tracing along the waistband of the Latino's boxers.

"You wanted... You wanted me to cum inside you, make you wet," Carlos gasped, hips instinctively thrusting up as the pale boys' hand rubbed against the bulge in his boxers.

Hearing those words leave Carlos' mouth Logan felt his own length harden, pressing against the thin material of his boxers. Keeping his hand pressed against the tan boys' crotch, the brunette scooted closer, brushing his erection against Carlos' thigh, moaning quietly as he received the friction he longed for.

"Logan, what are you doing," Carlos asked, his hips rising off the bed, moaning as Logan squeezed his cloth covered cock.

"Making your dream come true," Was the only response the small boy received.

Turning his face to look at Logan, Carlos leant forward smashing his and Logan's lips together. No matter how many times they kissed, sparks still shot through the tan boys' body. Licking along Logan's bottom lip, Carlos pushed his tongue forward mapping out every one of the pale boys' sensitive spots. The pair moaned as their tongues rolled around each other.

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