A story loosely based on the synopsis of the Midsomer Murders episode 'The Blood Point' written by Michael Russell. This episode was never broadcast, due to the plot bearing similarities to a real-life event. You can find the synopsis if you google for "Midsomer Murders" and "The Blood Point".

The characters DCI Tom Barnaby, Joyce Barnaby, Dr George Bullard, Desk Sergeant Angel, DS Dan Scott, Dr Dan Peterson and PC Ben Jones are all created by Caroline Graham or people associated with the production company of the TV series – Bentley Productions.
Jane, Arthur, James and Alexander Melts together with Rihanna, Gaynor and Caitlin Ashmoore, Howard (Ashmoore) Leecham, Dave and Margarita Errol and finally Meg Moon were all created by Michael Russell for this particular episode.

I offer my humble thanks and excuses for using them for my own purposes and sincerely hope that I've delivered them relatively undamaged back to their rightful owners.

All other characters in this story are entirely created by my own imagination with a little help from the members of the greatest rock band ever – Black Sabbath – in giving them their names.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank my fellow Midsomer Murders fan "John Douglas". He kindly offered to work as my editor and has been an invaluable help and inspiration in creating this story.
Without him none of this would have been possible.
Thank you so much, John, I owe you one!

You can find John's fantastic Midsomer Murders short stories if you search on this site for "John Douglas" or "Midsomer Murders".

If you haven't read them, do so know! Your Midsomer life won't be complete if you leave these three gems unread.

This is a story that takes place over a week. I will publish the chapters from every day in the story on the corresponding day of the week starting now.

I hope you will have an enjoyable read!

The Blood Line

(an ordinary week in Midsomer)


The flash from the cigarette lighter lit up the woman's face in the dense darkness. She took a long pleasurable draw on the smoke and held the fumes down her lungs before letting them out with a delightful sigh. There were sounds of footsteps.
The woman tensed her hearing and listened carefully… and so did a dark figure, hiding behind some bushes, but within hearing distance.
Through the darkness came another woman. She was a big woman, made even bigger by wearing a mackintosh too large for her. They both looked like they were in their 60's.

'I think you've gained even more weight', said the first woman with a rude smile.

'And I see you're still working on killing yourself', the other woman replied calmly, 'please, be my guest. I do hope you succeed.'

'Have you got it with you?' asked the smoking woman.

'Of course I have. Why else would I be here?'

The figure waiting in the darkness stiffened and carefully let its hand move away some branches to get a better look. What were those two old bitches up to?

The big woman talked again: 'Are you quite sure that your copy is destroyed? We do have to be certain!'

'Yes I am sure. I've searched everywhere and it is nowhere to be found. It must have been consumed by the fire we had in the library back in the 1920's. A lot of family documents literally went up in smoke back then.'
After a quick draft on her cigarette, she continued: 'So, I am as sure as it's possible to be. Shall we get it over with, so we can go home? The less time I have to spend with you, the happier I am.'

'The feeling's mutual, dear.' If one could pronounce the word "dear" as an insult, this was it. The bigger woman took a document out of her coat and held it between her fingers towards the other woman.

The cigarette lighter came out of her pocket again. She lit the document and it burst into flames. When the flames got close enough to her fingers, it was dropped on the ground, where it continued burning until nothing was left but ashes…

The figure in the dark clenched its fists till the knuckles were white. A hissing 'Damn you and your fancy families' came out through close-bitten teeth.

Without uttering another word to each other, the two women walked away in opposite directions. They both got into their cars and drove slowly away.

When sure it was safe, the figure drew a hood over its head and left the bushes. But there was nothing to be found on the ground. The document was destroyed and existed no more.

A tear made its way down the cheek of the solitary figure. But tears wouldn't help now. This was only the beginning…


Chapter One

Friday! Before the door had closed behind him, Dan Scott had hit the sofa. Of course this wasn't that hard in his tiny accommodation. A rented room, above one of the Causton pubs, with a tiny kitchenette and a bathroom so small you could do your business while taking a shower and brushing your teeth at the same time.

He was knackered. Two weeks on his own in charge of CID had been quite enough. Even though no incidents of great importance had occurred, the paper work alone was enough to "kill" you. The boss had been away, treating his wife with a trip to the continent. Hopefully he'd had a good time and would come back in a great mood with a smile on his face.

There hadn't been much smiling before he left. They'd been into a really tricky and demanding case, with a mentally disabled murderer manipulated and controlled by a really creepy kiddo!

The case seemed to have got to Barnaby and it was blissful that he had left the CID, if only for two weeks.

Scott zapped through the TV channels without finding anything to catch his attention. No football, no rugby, no reprise of Baywatch where he at least could rest his sore eyes on the beach running and boob bouncing swimsuit models. He paused for a short while on an old episode of Inspector Morse. Oh my god, how little these TV writers knew about real police work. Farting up and down corridors of Oxford Uni, talking to dons, as if that had anything to do with the real world? He gave a cackle of laughter as he rose from the sofa and went out to his tiny kitchenette to get a can of beer from the fridge.

He plunged back into the sofa, opened the can and took a large delightful draught. Aaah, there was nothing like a cold beer to get a tired man's spirits up again!

He needed it, because this weekend was full of plans. Good plans! He was going to take one of the secretaries of a local law firm out to dinner tomorrow. Shannon, an Irish name, but she spoke the local tongue. Well, he'd find out more about that tomorrow. She was a real looker with long, dark hair, slim body and a tight little butt under that strict looking skirt of hers. She was a nice dresser as well. He was really looking forward to it.

The DCI had come home during the day and was due to be in charge tomorrow. Dan would have the weekend off!

The DCI, well he was a law unto himself, wasn't he? They hadn't started off very well, when Dan landed in Midsomer about a year ago. Was it already a year ago? Dan had been displeased with being transferred to the sticks and hadn't been clever enough to keep quiet about it. It seemed Barnaby had been offended on behalf of the entire county of Midsomer. Countless times Dan had cursed his big mouth, because it had been a real pain to work with Barnaby the first few months.

Now, a year later, they had slowly begun to come to terms with each other. It seemed Barnaby had finally realised that "the city boy" had some experiences and qualities that could be useful, even in Midsomer. Scott, on the other hand, had developed a growing respect for what he had at first thought was a flatfooted country copper. Barnaby seemed timid enough, polite to the point where Scott was ready to burst, but under that pleasant surface ticked a sharp intellect. An intellect, combined with gentle manners, which more than once had got suspects and witnesses to say a lot more than they had intended to. And there had been no lack of action! During one year in Midsomer he had been involved in more murder cases than you would expect from a countryside constabulary.

It was quite a while now since Dan had made his last rejected application for a transfer to a bigger city. Midsomer and Causton wasn't that bad. And then there was Shannon! Pleased with himself, Dan slowly dozed off.

To be continued tomorrow…