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I am not sure why, it may go back to the time I spent in prison, but lying in bed at night still seemed to be my time to reflect. I ponder that as I lay here thinking about the day and the news that Bella delivered to me today. I have wanted this for so long. I wanted us back, my family back. I know that most people would look back and expect me to change what happened, but I couldn't. I guess its because if I changed that event and time, then I would change everything that happened after it.

I didn't want that, I wanted my life exactly how it was right now. I wanted a pregnant wife, a beautiful daughter who meant the world to me, and a great family to support me. Add to it a fantastic job and I really couldn't ask for more. I loved the kids at the center like they were my own and I loved to watch their progress each and every day. Working with and watching these kids has shown me what a child can accomplish when they are encouraged and loved like they need to be.

Jacob was a special case for me, somehow that kid had wormed his way deeper into my heart than all the others. Into Eavan's as well. They communicated like no other two I have ever seen and to be honest, I think she had more to do with his progress then I did. It amazed me every time I watched the understanding and acceptance between those two as they 'talked' to each other. Eavan taught Jacob more and more sign language as the days went on and he was pretty much fluent now. The hands flew between those two. If they were any older I might actually worry but at this age they still think the opposite sex has cooties. I've got to be honest about it, the love and devotion between those two, even at this young age, made me proud. I wanted a man that would love her without hesitation, to put her first in his life and protect her above all else. I had seen all three of those things in Jacob. I shook my head; it was way too far away to worry about Eavan and who she would end up with in life. I had plenty of time for that.

First I had to think about the doctor's appointment I had to make tomorrow with Bella. I couldn't wait. I already had all the books and stuff pulled off of her shelves. I wasn't here for this part the last time, so I planned to make the most of it this time. I prayed that Bella would do this several more times for me but just in case, I was going to get everything I could out of this pregnancy. One thing is for sure, I love the new increased sex drive in my woman. Damn straight, I appreciate that. In fact, I think she may kill me from exhaustion before this pregnancy is over. That woman is insatiable; she wants it all the damn time. Who am I kidding? I love it!

I sat and watched Bella fidget on the table, she only wore her paper gown. This was the part of the doctor's visit I didn't enjoy. No man, no matter how much they convince you otherwise, likes the idea of another man feeling up his wife. My fears were settled when a tall, olive skinned woman came into the room and introduced herself.

"Good morning, I'm Dr. Kebi, my last name is much too hard to pronounce so everyone calls me by my first name." Her smile was infectious and Bella immediately relaxed. "I assume you are Bella Cullen?" Bella reached out her hand to shake as she introduced me as well.

"Yes, I am, this is my husband, Edward Cullen." I shook her hand as soon as she was done with Bella's.

"Nice to meet you." I responded to her.

"Okay, it says here in your chart that this is your second pregnancy, so none of this should be news to either of you. We have restructured our office though, you will see me until your sixth month, then you will begin a rotation so that no matter who is on call when you go into labor you will know them and feel comfortable with them. Sound good?" She opened Bella's chart and began to write in it.

I needed to find a way to explain our unique circumstances without going into a long drawn out story. I did want her to know that this was my second child with Bella and that we were together for both but I was not around for the pregnancy. I searched for the words and finally went with honest with as little back story as possible. If she asked then I would provide it but until then I would do the Reader's Digest version. "Ah, Dr. Kebi, this is actually my first time going through this. When Bella was pregnant with our last child I was not here with her. All of my support was provided over the phone, so please forgive me if I act like a first timer." I dropped my head to study my feet, part of me wanted to be embarrassed about how insane I was going to be with all of the question asking but the other half was so in love with my child that I wanted to know everything that was going on with him or her.

"Sure thing, Edward, you ask anything you want to know. It never bothers me with my parents ask questions. Now, let's see if we can hear your little one, okay?" Dr. Kebi pulled a strange thing out of her coat pocket and separated Bella's paper gown on her stomach. She moved it around and after a few seconds I heard this soothing yet rapid whoosing fill the room. My eyes instantly teared up as Bella's face lit up with joy.

"That, Edward, is your child's heartbeat. Listen to that strong child you got there." Dr. Kebi seemed pretty proud of the sound. I know that I read way too much into her boast but damn right that was my child and it was the best heartbeat she would hear all day.

"Wow, that's kinda fast, is that normal?" I asked as soon as the thought took over in my head. I wanted to not worry but again, this was my first time doing this. I didn't know how things worked.

I listened to Dr. Kebi talk about the increased heartbeat's and blood flow for the baby. She explained that Bella's heartbeat would also increase some due to the increase in blood for the baby. She measured Bella's stomach as well while she talked. When Bella lay down, or hell even stood, you couldn't see a single hint that she carried a baby in her flat stomach. But when Dr. Kebi took that tape measure and pressed her stomach in, I could see the form of her uterus deep under her skin and it was beautiful. That was my child in there; once again the tears came to my eyes without my knowledge or permission. My hand grazed her stomach a quick second after Dr. Kebi turned to write her measurements in Bella's chart.

We talked for a while longer, I asked plenty of questions, and Dr. Kebi answered them patiently. We took our info and made our way back out to the front desk to make our follow up appointment. I went home that night and scoured the books for more info. I couldn't get enough. I began to make lists of things we would need, things we should do and about three other lists that just made me feel good to keep. Bella laughed at me but she never made me feel stupid for the fact that I felt the need to do this. By the time Bella was asleep I had our entire nursery outfitted and even had a list going on Babies R Us website. I just needed to go to the store, print out my list and I had all that we needed there. I could just scan it and check it off. Fuck yeah, I was good at this! I was going to rock as a dad. Wait, I already was a dad and rocked. Whatever, I knew what I meant.

I wanted to take as much of the responsibility off of Bella as possible. I owed her that much.

I woke up the next morning with Bella's hair spread out all over my lap and her mouth engulfed my hard cock as far as she could. I threaded my fingers in her hair and began to thrust into her mouth. Realization hit me and I pulled her off of me and up to face me. "Baby, you can't do that to me. I could have hurt you or the baby like that." This time she did snicker at me. I would have been angry had her larger breasts not caught my attention, somehow before I woke up she undressed us both, her pretty nipples stared right back at me. I loved the darker color they were now, not a huge difference just enough to turn me the fuck on. I'm sure my dick twitched at the thought of kissing, touching or sucking on them.

"Edward, you can't hurt the baby this way, in fact you can't hurt the baby at all while we have sex. I promise." She took my face into her hands and kissed my lips gently. "The only time they say no sex is if there is a complication and we don't have any of those. I promise." She added the last part when she saw me open my mouth to argue with her. She climbed into my lap and trapped my hard cock between us. I loved it because she slid up and down slightly as she kissed me. It spread her extra moisture around on us and made it easier to move under her. "Can I ask a favor?" Her voice was so sweet and pure, almost childlike. I wondered what made her feel so vulnerable.

"Anything, baby, just ask and it's yours." I said as I kissed her pouty lips.

"Well, see in a few months my belly will be in the way and I won't be able to do this so if we could, I'd like to do this now, while I still can." She was out of breath and her words were rushed as she panted them next to my ear. Now I was intrigued, if she was too shy to ask for what she wanted outright it must be fairly kinky because Bella and I were pretty open with each other. I wondered if it would hurt the baby and if I'd have to say no.

"What did you want to do?"

"Well, I love sucking your cock and well like I said in a few months my belly will be too big for me to hover over you, so if you don't mind…" She let the words taper off and concentrated on the small circles she drew on my arm.

Realization hit me and I pulled her down to my face so I could kiss her. "Baby, get your sexy ass up here and do whatever you want with me. You never have to ask, why are you so shy all of the sudden?" I kissed her again to settle her nerves and hoped that would put her in the mood to talk to me. I needed to know why the change from my usual sex kitten to this new being.

"Well, it's just that I got a little nervous about how my body is going to change and how it will change us as well." She looked like she was ready to cry, I read about the pregnancy hormones. I wouldn't have my beautiful, sexy wife crying over something as simple as her body changes.

"Baby, stop that. Listen to me; I have seen you pregnant before. I realize that things were different when you were pregnant with Eavan, I still thought then that you were the most beautiful thing in my world. Add to it that you are giving me the greatest gift I could ever hope to receive, my child, and that just makes it all even better." I patted her stomach. "You are even more beautiful each and every day. Your eyes shine, you skin glows, your smile is beautiful, and your hair is so full and bouncy." I pushed it off of her shoulder so I could see her full breasts again. "Your body changes every day but please believe me when I say that I love every single one." I ran my finger around her dusky nipple and watched as her body shivered. "These are amazing, so responsive." I moaned as I licked the nipple closest to me. I gently pushed her down onto the bed and hovered above her. I pressed a hand to her hips and molded my fingers to her body. "See how well we fit together, you have always been so small that my hands were too large, now look at how perfect they mold to your curves." Her eyes danced with passion and love but still held a hint of uncertainty. "I love every inch of you, no matter your size. I mean it, I know that this is not a permanent thing and to see your body expand with my child…Bella I can't tell you how much." I guess I had a small case of pregnancy hormones as well because I was crying with her.

"Shh, it's okay, I get it. Thank you for loving me so much." Her kisses told me how grateful she was but held the spark of the need that still festered below the surface. I pulled her face away from mine and gave her one of my panty dropping smirks.

"I believe you promise me some 69 action, so get your sexy ass up here!"

All talk stopped at that point. Bella's sweet pussy was directly above my face so I pulled her down onto my mouth. I started off gentle and sweet, I slowly built up the intensity until she was panting above me. She had lost track of what she was supposed to do to my body. That was fine with me; I loved to lavish her with attention and devotion. I sucked her clit into my mouth and slid a second finger into her as she rocked her body above me. I could hear her moans, pants and sounds of pleasure. Each one spurred me on and made me more determined to make her let go and start with the incoherent cursing. That is the true sign that Bella has had a worthy orgasm, when she mumbles and cusses incoherently.

Her body began to rock harder and faster across my face. Her ramblings began as well. "Oh fuck, Edward, yeah, right there. Fuck yeah. Oh God you are going to make me come so fucking hard." I hummed around her clit and she froze for a few seconds, so I hummed again. Her body flew into overdrive then. I twirled my tongue around her opening then replaced my fingers with my tongue. I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could. More ramblings followed that action, "Motherfucker, oh my God that is good. How the hell do you do this to me every time?" Her body sat up straight and pressed her closer to my face, I could tell she was pinching her nipples. I almost wished I had set up the camera so that I could see this for myself. I loved to see Bella lost in the passion and pleasure, I made a note to remember the camera next time. Right now I concentrated on Bella's body.

I pulled my tongue and fingers away from her as she struggled to look down at me, her head bobbed and weaved in front of and behind her body trying to find the right angle to make eye contact with me. I lazily wiped her from my face and smiled up at her. "Turn around, baby, face the headboard and hold on, okay?" Her face morphed into a look of pure love drunk happiness. I think she knew what I had in mind and seemed to want it.

Her body was repositioned and she grabbed the headboard before I dove back into her. I wrapped one hand around her hips and spread her open with my fingers. My other hand pushed back inside of her tight body, I curled my fingers slightly and felt her body seize around me. Her clit pulsed in my face so I sucked it back into my mouth and worked her body with all I had.

"Fuck yeah!" she yelled. "Oh, yeah, suck it harder," she whimpered. So I pulled her clit deeper and flicked it with my tongue while I bit down gently on it with my teeth. Her body exploded around me and I lapped up every single sweet drop of it. I didn't want her to come down all the way, I wanted to be inside her while her body still pulsed so I could push her that much higher that much faster. So I pulled her hands down from the headboard and pushed her body downward on the bed to line up with mine. I tangled my hands with her and dropped them to the bed beside my shoulders. This brought her body closer to mine, close enough to reach and kiss while she moved over top of me. Besides I loved to have Bella's face as close as possible. It made the whole experience more special to watch her, to kiss her while I made love to her.

Her hips began to swivel and bob up and down on me and I swear I would combust from the heat from her body. I wanted to increase her pleasure but to be honest I wasn't sure I could last long enough to worry about that at all. She had me too close way too soon.

"Bella, baby, you feel so fucking good like this. Damn, this is good, so good." I panted as I tried to think of other things to hold out for her to come again.

She looked down at me and begun to move her whole body above me, which made her full, delicious boobs swing in my face. I couldn't help but suck one nipple into my mouth. Turns out this was the push she needed. Her words flew, I heard plenty of 'fucks', 'hellyeahs', and 'sofuckinggood'.I planted my feet and pushed up into her body as I sucked harder. She clamped down around me and I stopped worrying about who would come first, we both released at the same time. Her hair was wild and soaked to her face, and she had a fine sheen of sweat that coated her entire body.

"Come on, lover, let's get a shower."

In some ways the months flew by and others it seemed they moved in slow motion. Each night Eavan and I would talk to Bella's ever growing stomach. She would tell me things to say and I would talk to the baby for her. Her hand would stay meshed to Bella's side so she could feel the baby move and jump at her words. I read stories to the baby, we listened to music, I talked and kissed it as often as Bella would let me.

I had bought everything that could be bought without knowing what we were having yet and couldn't wait to find out so I could buy everything else. I counted down the days until the ultrasound. Bella tried hard to pretend that she wasn't excited to find out what we were having but I knew without a doubt she was. I heard her talk to her stomach the morning of our appointment. She told 'her little man to cooperate so he could make his daddy happy', it was the sweetest thing I had ever heard. Bella was adamant that it was a boy; she said everything about this pregnancy felt different than Eavan. She bought only boy stuff for the nursery but finally gave in and promised that we wouldn't make any decoration decisions until we found out for sure. Eavan had had fingers crossed for a little brother as well. She said a sister could come later, for now she wanted a boy. I think she enjoyed the princess spotlight way too much to share it with a sister but she definitely wanted a sibling to share with. I didn't really care either way, I loved my child no matter what but deep down I did want a boy to share things with. I watched over and over as Bella and Eavan shared their girl bonding time and longed it for myself and my son.

The day we found out was perfect, even the weather cooperated. We had a sunny, unusually warm day for so early in the season. Bella and I both seemed to walk on clouds with our feet ten feet off of the ground. We had a lunch date with my mom, Rose, Alice and Grams after we found out. I knew they all wanted to know just as much as we did. It's funny how our family has grown to include so many others that seem to fit and finish up our rag tag bunch. I was closer now than ever with Emmett and Jasper had become my best friend. I went to him for advice and help with many of my clients. He had so much more experience than I did, so it made sense for me to consult with him. It thrilled all four of us when Jasper moved to the center to work with my group there. He was able to combine his funding with ours and we opened up several new groups to meet the growing needs of our clients.

I held Bella's hand as the tech moved the wand around on the screen. We waited patiently as she measured all sorts of body parts. It thrilled me to no end to know that the baby was healthy but I really wanted to get down to the part that we both were actually here for…the sex. Finally the wand settled and it took me a few seconds before I saw a fairly clear picture. I spoke up first, "Is that it's parts?"

"Yep, sure it, can you see them clear enough?" The tech asked as she pressed a few buttons.

"I think I can, I see boy parts…I think?" I scratched my head and waited with baited breath for the answer.

"Sure do, meet your son." Bella's eyes filled with tears instantly.

"I told you he was a boy, don't ever doubt momma's word, you hear me?" She teased me.

"I love you so much, I can't believe it, our boy." I looked back at the screen. My love grew by leaps and bounds in that few seconds since we found out. I kissed Bella after I got enough of looking at my boy on the screen. The tech took a few dozen pictures for us and typed captions on the screen for us so we could identify then when we got to our family to show them off.

Bella and I both walked even higher out of the office with our son's pictures in our hands.

Lunch was chaos to put it mildly. Everyone was thrilled, Gramps ended up coming with us and we sat together telling stories and talking about our boys. I missed my dad in that moment but I knew we would celebrate later tonight when he was home from work. We left our family at the restaurant with a promise to come over tonight to celebrate over dinner with all the rest of them. Bella and I both wanted to get Eavan from school so we could tell her. We stopped and bought her a t-shirt that read, "I'm the big sister." And one for the little one that read, "I'm the little brother." We had them wrapped in a gift bag and waited at the front of the school for her.

We drove her to the park and Bella grabbed her camera from the bag as we left the car. She wanted to document it all for Eavan and the little one's sake. We wanted him to see just how much he was loved and wanted before we even met him.

When I sat her down and gave her the gift bag, her face was unreadable. It all changed the moment she saw the blue smaller t-shirt. Tears filled her eyes and her hands flew as she tried to get her words out correctly. I finally stopped her and made her just sit still for a few seconds and calm down. Her eyes said everything her hands couldn't. I just nodded at her.Iknow,Iamsoexcited,youaregoingtobethebestbigsister,ever! As my hands formed the words her head nodded to agree with me. In the background I could hear Bella's camera clicking away. She had a way of capturing the essence of a person's soul with her camera. I had no doubt that today's pictures would be cherished by all of us for years to come.

The rest of our family was just as excited about our news. Emmett exclaimed that, 'we needed another man in the family to combat the womanly influence'. Dad just smiled and pulled me into a manly hug. When he held on I understood the depth of his emotions. When he stepped back he decided to finally say his peace to me. "Son, I can't tell you how proud I am of you, both of you. You took a life that was broken and worthless and made it into this with love and devotion to each other. We all look up to your example of how to make a marriage work. You deserve this and so much more, I'm proud of you and can't wait to see my grandson." Not a dry eye in the place, I tell you, not even my dad's.

We were finally able to decorate the nursery now that we knew. Bella and I chose a blue, white and brown design that had musical instruments on it. Because he responded to music each and every time I played it for him. Didn't matter the type or style, he responded. I painted the walls a warm cream color and we bought dark furniture. The crib was all dark wood, the dresser had white drawer fronts but the rest was the same dark wood and the changing table was all dark wood with white baskets to place his things in. He was in the room between Bella and I and Eavan. That way we were all close to him. Each day a new piece was put in place and slowly his room came together. I went out and bought Bella a rocker and footstool for her to use while she nursed him in his room. The lady at the store explained how the design was for nursing mothers with the higher arms and sloped back to make it easier to get the baby in the correct position. I stood back and looked over the room, it seemed all that was missing was him. I couldn't wait.

Before we knew it Bella was less than two weeks away from her due date and we were down to weekly visits at the doctor. We still argued about names for our boy. We thought it over all week and did our research and talked about it on the way to and from our doctor visits. We both really wanted an Irish name to go with Eavan's. So far none made it past both Bella and I to be brought up before Eavan and my parents. I was getting kind of desperate, as I was running short on names.

We both settled into the SUV and buckled our seat belts, I could tell that Bella had one she was fond of by the way she squirmed in her seat. "Okay, spill, woman!" I demanded as I watched the side view mirror as I backed out of our driveway.

Her mouth opened and one simple word fell out, "Liam!"

I stopped the car suddenly and looked at her, it was so damn obvious and yet I had missed it for so long. I guess I went too deep into Irish culture and folklore. Who knows but Bella found it and I couldn't be more proud of her. I knew that it meant resolute protector, it was everything that I wanted in a name for my boy. I loved it! "Bella it's perfect, I love it!"

"Liam Anthony, if you like that?"

I was touched that she wanted our son named after me. Eavan already had my initials and now Liam would have my name. I just nodded and shifted back to drive so that we could get to our appointment on time. Bella patted my knee and showed her understanding at my lack of words to express my feelings. I loved that she knew me so well.

We were eating dinner at my parent's house a few days later when Liam, the family loved the name, decided it was time to meet us and Bella's water broke. Mom and I rushed her to the hospital, Eavan stayed with Alice and Jasper, while Emmett and Rose drove to our house to get Bella and Liam's bag for the hospital. I was one hundred percent nervous. I mean I did this by phone with Bella last time but that was not the same as actually being there with her. The whole hospital atmosphere scared me and made me think of all the things that could go wrong. I just prayed that none of those did go wrong, that everything was by the book.

Turns out that Liam was very impatient, we arrived at the hospital at a little after eight in the evening. Bella was checked into her room and situated in the bed with her gown and fetal monitor. Several people came in and out of the room, and each and every single one of them seemed to have a reason to raise her gown and look at her cooch. I don't understand that why that many people needed to see it. I mean the only one that delivered the baby was the doctor; none of these people were the doctor, so backs the fuck out! I guess I get really possessive over my girls parts. Who knew?

The anthestiologist came into the room and we made our introductions. He explained exactly the procedures for an epidural. It scared the hell out of me but Bella seemed totally into getting it done. So I stood in front of her hunched over body and held her hands while the doctor skewered her back with his freaky medication. Once he had it in place he taped it down and I helped Bella get settled into her bed again. She was able to rest for a little while before Dr. Kebi announced that it was time to push. Bella sat up and I helped her hold on and push. I was so nervous. I felt like I was going to puke here, I wanted to see Liam but I was so scared that something would go wrong.

One look at Bella's sweet tired face and I knew that thing would be fine, she had too much determination and will to see her child to give up this close.

"Okay, Bella and Edward, one more push and your boy will be here. I can see the top of his head. With the next contraction I need you to push with everything you have. Edward you count to ten for me with her." I nodded and moved so that I supported more of Bella's weight so she could concentrate on getting our Liam here with us. Bella's face scrunched up in determination as she pushed, I counted for her as I saw the look on Dr. Kebi's face while she watched the birth happen. I saw a shock of dark brown hair just before his big pink body popped out as well. He was here with a loud announcement on his own. His cry pierced the room and we all laughed. Dr. Kebi called me down to see him, "Edward come and cut the cord."

I stepped down and made a single cut exactly where she told me to. A nurse wrapped him in a small blanket and handed him to me. "Daddy, take him to mommy." I walked the few steps to Bella's end of the bed and laid him in her arms. The look on her face increased my love for her tenfold. She was blown away at just the sight of our son. I stood and watched them both. Liam looked up at her face and just studied her while she did the same for him. I realized that tears poured down my face. I wanted Eavan with us but it was way too late for her to come over to the hospital, so I squelched that thought.

After all of the nurses and Doctor Kebi left the room, it was just the three of us. I slid into the bed and wrapped my arms around Liam and Bella. I watched as he nursed, that certainly was my son for two reasons-first he was starving, I could see how hard he was sucking; secondly he had his hand wrapped around the side of Bella's breast and was squeezing it while he nursed. Bella kissed his head and burped him after he finished eating. His sweet little mouth was coated in milk but he didn't care, his only concern was to get some more sleep since his belly was full. Bella showed me how to change his diaper and then she wrapped him back up so he could sleep some more.

I laid him in his bassinet and moved to sit on the bed beside Bella again. "Can I get you anything, sweetheart?" She shook her head and pulled me closer to her. I kissed her head. "I can't tell you how perfect he is, I mean in every way. He looks just like you. His hair and everything." She didn't comment and I wondered why, when I look at her sweet face she had fallen asleep. I held her in my arms and watched as Liam slept in his small bed beside us. I couldn't have been happier.

A few days later, I was proven wrong, thing could get more perfect. Bella, Eavan, Liam and I were snuggled in our bed watching a movie. Eavan held Liam across her lap and both were asleep. Bella was close to sleep as well.

I answered the phone as it rang so as to not disturb any of my sweet sleepers. "Hey Edward, how's the greatest grandkids in the world?" Charlie's voice rang through the phone.

"Hey, Charlie, they are good. All of us are snuggled in our bed, Eavan is holding Liam and the both fell asleep. I will text you a picture, hold on." I snapped a picture and sent it to him right away.

He began to talk about the new date he and Sue were due to arrive since they had to change the dates. Liam was too impatient to wait for the assigned time for everyone. I heard his phone ding to signal that he got the text. The next sound I heard were of the ooh's and ahh's of Charlie and Sue. I knew they both were dying to get to our house to see the kids.

I watched as Eavan backed her car out of the driveway. I know that she said she was going to study but I knew without a doubt that she was going to meet Jacob. They thought they were so damn smart. Well let me tell you that I had done it all, and got away with it as well. I had to hand it to them though; it took me a little while to figure it out. I think that they had been seeing each other for about four months once I finally noticed it. Actually it was Jasper that noticed it, he was like a second father to Eavan. He watched her like a hawk and noticed that whenever she seemed to be around so was Jacob and when she wasn't well, he wasn't either.

I talked to Bella about it, turns out that I didn't need to, she knew about it. She talked to Eavan about it and Eavan made her promise not to tell. Jacob wanted to make sure that they really were romantically interested in each other before they came to me with it. I guess I understood his thinking. There was no point in facing a father, no matter if that father was like a second father to you or not, if you didn't have to. They had been playmates, then friends and now I guess they were boyfriend/girlfriend, I guess that is what they call it still these days. I had no clue.

I drove Liam, Colin and Kyna to the movies. I promised them a movie and their momma needed some alone time. Liam was now ten and fully involved with sports and his music. Colin and Kyna were almost six. They both were a handful. I had no idea what we were thinking when we considered one more child. We should have known that life would throw us a curve ball that none of us expected at all. Colin looked a little like his Uncle Emmett with his dark hair and dimples. His size was a lot like Emmett's as well. Bella swore that one was going to chew his way out when he was ready. Kyna was a sweet, gentle child and adored her big sister Eavan. She was the epitome of her name, love and affection. She looked exactly like Bella which meant she also favored her big brother Liam.

All in all our life was perfect. Eavan had finished with high school at this point and she worked with Bella. She turned out to be an amazing photographer. She had sold several of her pictures to a local gallery which had generated some interest in her work. She mostly worked in nature and with still photography. It was easier on her with her hearing loss that she had when she first started to take pictures. One of her last groups included some shots of our family, more importantly Pops. We lost him two years ago so her shots were all the more poignant now that he was gone. She also worked a lot with me and Jasper at the Center. She was a great reference for the kids with disabilities and how to overcome them.

She had a cochlear implant placed about five years ago and she could hear fine now. Funny thing is that she still preferred to use her sign language with most people. I guess it's a habit that is hard to break.

Alice and Jasper's daughter, Siobhan and Emmett and Rosalie's son, Dillon met us at the movies. So did Emmett. I didn't understand that but I guess with this many kids in tow it was a good idea to have an extra set of hands. We got them all settled in their seats and went to make a popcorn run. As we stood in line Emmett broached the subject that I knew was inevitable, his reason for being here with me.

"Hey, I overheard B and Rose talking today." He scratched the back of his neck as he spoke, a clear sign of his hesitation.

"Oh yeah, bet that was fun for you." I didn't give him any room to wiggle out of this since he brought it up.

"Well, it seems they were talking about you…more specifically about how you would react to a particular topic." I was about done in with Emmett's cryptic talk. Besides we were next in line to order.

"Em, just spit it out man, okay? I'm not a mind reader."

"Damn, okay, fine. Jacob wants to talk to you about Eavan." I waved my hand in front of his face to stop him. I already knew this fact; he was a day late and a dollar short on spilling the news to me.

"I already know this Em, so sorry." I patted his back, very condescendingly of course. I loved it when he thought he had some info that I needed when in fact I already knew the info he had. "They wanted to see where it went before they talked to me, I get it, tell them to come on cause I'm ready and I won't blow up."

"Dude, it's bigger than that, man. I mean way bigger." I grabbed his arm and stopped him as he turned to go back to our seats with our mountain of popcorn and a few drinks.

"What do you mean bigger than that, spill it right the fuck now!" Another mother that shuttled her child in a wide circle around Emmett and I must not have appreciated my use of the strong language but damn, this was my daughter we were talking about, my seventeen year old daughter. Suddenly the fact that Jacob and Eavan had spent the last twelve years as friends didn't matter anymore. Now it scared the hell out of me that they were perhaps a little too friendly and too comfortable with each other. Maybe this allowed them to move at a much faster pace in their life now that they were old enough to seriously date each other.

"Whoa, don't kill the messenger, dude. He wants to ask if he can marry Eavan. Told Bella that he's been in love with her for years now and just wanted to wait till she was grown up enough to reciprocate those feelings for him, if she ever did. I think it's a good match man, seriously look at them. They can't take their eyes off of each other and he has protected her through everything. He knows her inside and out…" I threw my hands up and almost went to yelling at that comment. Seventeen or not she was too young to be doing any inside and out anything. I meant that, I would kill Jacob Black if he had done that with her. I mean it. "Edward, bad choice of words, I swear. Nothing like that was said, just chill, okay?" I settled back down. I mean if I got thrown out of a movie theater with all of our kids, Bella would kill me, so I had to hold it together till I get home and can find out what the hell is going on.

I pulled out my phone as the theater went dark and the trailers came on. I texted Bella and let her know in no uncertain terms that we would be talking tonight when I got home.

Her response came back immediately.

Fucking Em, I knew he was snooping while I was on the phone with Ro. He loves her Edward, just don't over react to this, we will talk when you get home. Kiss my kids for me. xxoo

When I got home, Eavan and Jacob were seated on the porch, holding hands. I sent all of the other kids inside to say hello to their mom and leave us alone to talk. They each said their hello's to their sister and Jacob as they went by. Jake talked to Liam about his curveball and then kissed Kyna's paper cut she got when Colin snatched the homework out of her hands this evening on the way to the movies. He really was a good kid. Hell, I had practically raised him from a small child myself so I should know.

I relaxed my face and went to sit beside them. I tapped their entangled hands as I sat, "This is new." Neither of them commented so I continued. "How long?" I looked at Jacob, I wanted to see how he held up under pressure.

"Uhm…well it's been about a month or so. We uh…well we wanted to make sure that we really were in love before we made the grand announcement and ask for permission." His voice waivered but he didn't back down. In fact his chest swelled a tiny bit as he spoke about their decision.

"I see. Well, that is a really smart thing to do. I get that, so now… are you sure?"

"Yes, sir. I am." His hand squeezed around Eavan's and her smile grew. "I have loved her for so long, I really have. I just wanted to wait for her to grow up and find out if she loved me back. She does and I can't tell you how much that means to me." He seemed to be at a loss for what to say next.

"Eavan, is this true?" I made the sign for true out of habit to her.

She spoke and signed at the same time. "It is daddy. I do love him, he takes good care of me and he knows me, the real me. The one I don't have to hide, he's seen me on my good days and on my worst. That didn't scare him away. I love him with all of my heart." She glanced towards Jacob and he leaned in to kiss her. She pulled back a little hesitant to do so in front of me. I wasn't sure I was ready to see that either, so I'm kind of glad that she did.

"Okay, so what are your plans?" I figured it was best to let them tell me instead of building it up in my mind.

"Well, Edward, sir…I want to marry her. I know she's not eighteen yet so we would like your blessing to get engaged now and then marry next year after her birthday. That would give me time to finish school and start to work. My dad said I could have his sister's house when I get old enough so we already have a house. I know it isn't much but I will work hard and make sure that she has everything she needs. I swear I will." His face looked sincere and I could see his love written plain on his face.

Bella stepped out of the shadows and took my hand. I looked up at her and seemed at a loss for words. I wanted to say yes, because I knew Jacob and knew that he meant every single word he said but on the other hand that was my oldest daughter we were talking about.

"Bella, why don't you take Eavan inside for a few minutes?" She nodded and pulled Eavan off of the little wicker set we had on the porch.

"Daddy, he's important, okay?" I kissed her temple and nodded to her. I had no intentions of harming him.

"Jacob, I see your face and I believe those words but this is my child here. I trust you son and love you almost like you are already mine. I will die to protect her." I pointed to the door that Eavan and Bella just made their way through. "I need to know that you will protect her with the same level of attention and care." His head shook and nodded lie he was a bobble head dog in the windshield of a car.

"I will, sir. I already have, I swear I have. When Eric tried to kiss her I kicked his ass and good." He stopped like he had said too much but I didn't know which part he thought was too much, the kiss or the ass part.

"Is that your job, to kiss her?" I asked quickly.

"Yeah, wait…no, I mean yeah I've kissed her but nothing else. We want to wait until we are married and all, you know?" He looked torn, like he thought I would think he was a pansy for waiting but yet he wanted to prove to me that he did put her first in everything. I liked the fact that he agreed to wait.

"Okay, here's the deal, I will let you marry my daughter but if you hit her, hurt her or knock her up before you get married I will cut off the protruding parts of your body, you understand me?" I stood up to full height and crossed my arms over my chest. I wanted to scare the hell out of him but he stood to pull me in for a hug and hell he was nearly as tall as I was. So I guess my gesture went unnoticed. I hugged him back and listened for Eavan to come squealing out the door to join in the love. It only took a split second for that to happen.

One week after Eavan's eighteenth birthday I walked her down the aisle. Jacob had made good on his promises. He loved her with total devotion, not even when that skank hung all over him at the club during his bachelor party did he so much as look at another girl. It was evident that he loved her with all of his heart and I couldn't ask for more for my daughter. He also honored his vow to me to wait until they were married before they had sex. It wasn't something that I waited for and now looking back on it, I wished I had. I know that it was a lot for Bella to take knowing my reputation with all those girls, looking them in the eye and knowing they were recounting our experiences in their heads just to taunt her. It was a mistake that I can't take back now, but I would if I could.

Bella, Eavan, Jacob and I all went over to the house where they would live to get things moved in. Eavan and Jacob had been painting and fixing it up for weeks. It was a strong, sturdy house. It was just unloved for a good many years so it needed some fixing up. We bought them furniture and the grandparents bought them a car. So they were set to begin their new life.

Liam was a groomsmen along with Jacob's friends Seth and best man Embry. I knew both Seth and Embry from the Center. They hung out there and took advantage of the basketball courts often. Good kids. Eavan had Kyna as her maid of honor, Siobhan and her friend from school, Bree were also bridesmaids. Colin sat in the pew with us; he didn't want to wear no monkey suit. His words not mine.

It was a simple ceremony held on the reservation so that Jacob's dad, Billy, could be there. He was almost bedbound by this point in time. Eavan and Jacob both took good care of him. That was another reason for them to move into the house, so they could be close to him. I knew that Billy wouldn't be around forever and soon enough they would be able to move closer to us in a bigger house. I would wait it out and respect the fact that Jacob took care of his family.

Our walk down the aisle was without problems and my voice was smooth and strong when I responded, 'her mother and I' when the preacher asked who presents this woman. It was all outward because inside I was a nervous wreck, it took every single coping skill I had ever taught over the years to make it through this. I just wasn't ready to let my daughter go, not in this permanent way.

I spent the day watching her face, her eyes shone with sunshine and her tears were all from happiness. I watched the way she touched his arm and how she listened when he spoke. The way their hands drifted towards each other without conscience thought while the spoke to different groups. I understood, finally, what they felt. They were in love. I was proud to say that I still felt that for Bella. In fact each day it grew stronger. So I let her go and make her own way in the world.

Kyna was wrapped around one side of me and Bella the other as we waited for Eavan and Jacob to make their way out to the car. Liam, Colin and the other boys were out wrapping it with condoms and writing on it. I stayed put with my girls. As they ran through the crowd and bubbles we all laughed. At the last minute Eavan leaned towards Jacob and they both returned to stand before Bella and I. We kissed and hugged, wished them well and sent them on their way. I was touched that in their hurry they remembered us.

I turned to walk back inside and all my kids fell into place with us, each wrapped around us in some form or fashion. Kyna's words struck fear in my heart. "I can't wait until it's my turn." Her voice was so soft and wistful as she spoke. Bella met my eyes and just patted my arm. The boys just chuckled. We walked back inside as one happy, strong, healthy family. Just the way it should be.

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