Prompt: Our merry band of misfits is trapped! In the dark! With no mages and no light!

But they're in luck, because they have Fenris, and Fenris glows. And obviously, if he's going to be a light source, he's going to have to be naked for it for maximum exposure (heh)?

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? I must know. (Sex would be good. Sexy teasing? Just as good. Unending commentary on Fenris' bits and pieces? Amazing.)

Everything became consumed in oppressive blackness as the last flickers of light from the torch were snuffed out. The prince was useless. Even Merrill would have been better. At least if she had been present, she could have performed some spell to relight the torch Sebastian had let fall into a stagnant puddle of water. Fenris would have scowled at the man's back if he had known where to find it.

"Drop your pants, Fenris." The voice was Hawke's.

"Excuse me."

"Drop your pants for freedom." The statement was followed by a small burst of laughter from whom Fenris assumed was Isabela.

Fenris had to wonder if this was some kind of joke he simply did not get.

Perhaps sensing his confusion, Hawke offered an explanation. "Remember that time we were in the bath and you made the water change colors…"

Fenris' head dipped forward, an incredulous sigh touching his lips. He knew where Hawke was going with this and he did not like it one bit. He cursed ever having shown Hawke that very special light show.

His sword slung upon his back, Fenris nudged the sides of his rather fashionable and hip skinny leggings down to his knees. Very carefully, he wrapped fingers about his own very special light switch and flicked it, careful not to let the sharp points of his gauntlets connect at all with his flesh. Within seconds, a faint glow was emitted from the tip of his penis.

"Wow… Fenris, the blue tipped lanterner," Isabela quipped.