Torn Fate, Bound Destiny

Chapter Five

The Escape Plan

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Summary: The Ceremonial Duel ended and the Pharaoh was given the choice of either moving on or staying. Too used to the World of the Living and attached to his friends, he decides to stay and is given his own body to inhabit in this new life. With his destiny fulfilled and the world safe once again, the Pharaoh feels without purpose and unneeded…at least until a certain young wizard comes into his life, binding their fates and taking the Pharaoh into a whole new set of crazy adventures. Action, Adventure, Angst and Slash!


"Harry Potter Murders Fellow Tri-wizard Champion Cedric Diggory"

By Rita Skeeter

In s surprising and shocking turn of events yesterday during the third and final task of the renowned Triwizard Tournament, the two Hogwarts champions were suddenly lost from the watchful eyes of the Tournament staff team.

One of them, seventeen year old Cedric Diggory – highest grades and considered best student of his generation – was later found tragically dead, murdered in cold blood by none other than his fellow Hogwarts student and Triwizard champion Harry Potter – our very own Boy-Who-Lived!

Veteran auror Alastor Moody* investigated the crime scene and retrieved magical traces on the use of an illegal portkey to take the two boys away from Hogwarts. After very careful and throughout research on all of the evidence, this knowledgeable expert pierced together a story that is as shocking as it is blood-chilling.

It seems Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory were the only students left actually participating in the Tournament as fellow champion Fleur Delacour was taken out sometime earlier and the Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum fell prey of some enchantment before he could finish the task. When Mr. Diggory approached the Cup before Harry Potter reached it, having earned it though his hard efforts of very impressive and promising magical skills, the younger, mentally-imbalanced competitor lost his mind in rage.

The evidence shows that Harry Potter then charmed the Cup into a portkey just as Cedric Diggory touched it and claimed the victory. Said portkey took them to some as of yet unknown location where he proceeded to brutally murder his own schoolmate, with the Killing Curse no less, as shown by extensive investigation on the body.

This is, in this journalist's humble opinion, the most tragic event that has hit our peaceful community since the death of You-Know-Who himself. Not only was one brave, loyal and hard-working young man with a lot of promise for the future lost in death, but also out so-called hero Harry Potter was lost to his own darkness.

Perhaps, when one thinks about it enough, this is something that could have been avoided had something been done about Potter's many signs of a disturbed psychological profile that, if you remember correctly, this journalist has been continuously trying to bring to attention in an attempt to stop this sort of tragic even from occurring in the first place.

Harry Potter is now a wanted criminal and orders have been given from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to capture on sight. We advise the kind people of the Wizarding World to keep their eyes open for this cold-blooded killer and contact the aurors immediately if you see him, do not approach him as he is thought to be armed and highly dangerous.


Atem could feel his eyes widen and his grip on the paper loosen dangerously in shock, and normally he would have composed himself before any of this was noticed by someone else, but he had had a fair amount of unpleasant surprises in the last twenty four hours and so felt entirely justified to be a little out of it.

"Surprising, ain't it?" The raspy voice of the barkeeper said, breaking his concentration.

"Yes" The regal boy agreed, recovering his wits and going back to his act of nonchalance.

"Never though the lad had it in him, never." The old man said, shaking his head either sadly or reproachfully, Atem wasn't sure. "Even had him here for some time, room 11."

Atem didn't comment, not really sure what he was supposed to say and by now only looking for an excuse to get out of this place and back to the hopefully-still-waiting Harry. The thought of the other teen almost made the Pharaoh wince in pity; the poor boy had some serious trouble now.

"Indeed. And then the shameless little shod has the gall to show his face here!" The man claimed loudly, waving one arm indignantly. "Luckily the aurors came to chase him out. Hope they catch that good for nothing murderer" He spat.

The end of the man's sentence was a dark whisper, full of hatred and malice; and a few of the pub's patrons had been obviously listening in on the conversation and grumbled their depreciative comments – 'I knew that boy was bad news', 'Knew from the start, I did', 'Boy was messed up from that night, something wrong with his head, you can tell by that scar of his', 'Darker than the Dark Lord' – that made Atem once again wonder about the true worth of men's souls.

The teenager though for only a second about what the old man said, before deciding that he had just found the perfect excuse and that he did not desire to spend any more time than necessary around this backwater, judgmental people – and for a boy who was three thousand years old, calling someone 'backwater' was saying a lot.

"Really? Did they chase him into London?" The once spirit asked, feigning interest surprisingly easy. "I should go see if they manage to capture him" He stated, not leaving any time for the barkeeper to answer.

Before anything else could get on his way, he folded the paper and placed it inside his jacket to hide it from view – he didn't really think it smart to take the newspaper full of magically moving photographs out into normal London, but he was sure Harry would want to read it himself – and calmly strode to the door, ignoring the mumbled 'strange lads these days' from the slightly offended barkeeper.

As he made his way back to the alley in which he and the other boy had taken refuge not too long ago he contemplated what exactly could be done about this situation, and what would he do. He had planned on going back to the graveyard today – investigate some to try and figure out these wizards – and then go to his tournament tomorrow, since that was the only reason he was even in Britain. Now, however, it seemed his plans would have to change due to the falsely-accused-but-still-wanted criminal he was accompanying.

Atem knew that, regardless of how he felt about it, he would end up doing everything he could to help Harry. It was the right thing to do and he wouldn't be able to deal with his conscience if he allowed this injustice to mess up that boy's life…though perhaps it also had something to do with the fact that Yugi would never forgive him if he found out and no one wanted to deal with a disappointed Yugi, less of all Atem.

The Pharaoh sighed wearily for what felt like the thousandth time since his arrival in the country as he made a turn and entered the alley. Not three seconds had passed before the current source of his troubled thoughts made his way from behind a garbage can – where he had obviously been hiding n fear of returning magical police – and towards him.

Before the boy could even ask – because he honestly didn't know how he would answer – Atem took the 'borrowed' newspaper and handed it to him. Harry took it in his hands and began to ready avidly, his face losing more and more color as he read until he finally finished the article and simply collapsed, his legs apparently too weak and shaky to hold him anymore.

Atem moved quickly and grabbed hold of the shaken boy, keeping him upright for a moment and then slowly lowering him to the ground before following. The two sat there, in the dirty floor of some London alley, and neither spoke for a long time; Atem because he didn't know what to say to make the situation better – he doubted there was any words that could do that – and Harry because he had probably not recovered from the shock yet.

Finally it was the wizard who broke the silence.

"They…they think I did it. They think I k-killed C-C-Cedric"

It was all too much, too much violence, sadness, confusion and grief in too little a time. Atem was not surprised at all when he boy finally snapped – he had in fact, been waiting for it since yesterday – although he was a little shocked when said boy suddenly latched on to him. The Pharaoh did not have to look down at the shaking figure to know that the younger was crying, he could feel the silent sobs against his chest and the wetness of tears in his shoulder so he did the only thing any decent person would do, he held the boy and tried to comfort him.


The two had made their way back to Atem's hotel room, with the Pharaoh keeping a sharp eye out for any red-robed men that might be wondering around and still looking for them. Atem had spared a thought or two on how exactly the aurors planned to explain their sudden appearance amidst the crowds of London – and the jets of light they shot at said crowd – before dismissing them as unimportant and focusing instead on getting Harry back to safety…again.

They were now coped up in the room once more, Atem leaning against a wall comfortably while Harry sat in a chair and hugged a pillow, mumbling to himself every once in a while and gripping the linen-clad plush thing tighter.

To Atem, the other boy suddenly looked younger and much more vulnerable than he had even last night, almost hopeless and defeated. It was strange and unpleasant, the Pharaoh found, to have the magician who had stood up so bravely to the bunch of black-robed criminals just yesterday now look so unwilling to fight.

Finally sick of the silence and dark mood, the Pharaoh decided that something needed to be done.

"Well?" He prompted, one dark eyebrow lifted in curiosity.

Harry didn't seem to be a in a very cooperative mood right now, and gripped his pillow tighter as he grumbled some more.

"Well what?" The teenager bit out, both annoyed and depressed. "What do you want me to do? I can't go back to school and I can't go back…home" He spat out the last word as though it were something foul and unpleasant, making Atem wonder if this boy's problems ran deeper than he could see.

"It is just a stupid misunderstanding" The Pharaoh said, equally aggravated by now. "We can go to these…" He paused, looking at the article for a moment to get the proper term. "…aurors and straighten this out, I will testify for you"

The younger boy let out a strangled and very bitter laugh in response, hiding his face in the pillow for a moment before resurfacing to look at Atem once more, his eyes full of both defeat and anger, looking cold and fiery at the same time.

"It won't work, they won't listen…they never do" He stated, sounding almost hateful. "Those people send innocents to prison without a trial, it's happened before and it will happen again"

Harry could more than clearly remember the haunted face of his godfather when he spoke about Azkaban and its horrors, not to mention the extremely unhealthy look the man had even months after he had gotten out. That and the knowledge of what kind of guards awaited at Azkaban made Harry fear it more than anything else, perhaps even more than Voldemort.

"I can't go to prison…I just can't"

The boy's voice sounded strained and shaky as he said it and gripped his – by now almost dissected – pillow tighter still. His reaction easily made Atem understand that this was not some juvenile fear of jail, this was something born from a deeper, almost traumatic, understanding of said jail and what awaited there. That and the decidedly gross miscarriage of justice the boy describe was enough to make the once spirit want to mind crush a few wizards.

"And your rulers?" The ancient teen questioned, almost desperate to find at least a bit of fairness in this strange magical society. "Surely they–" But he was interrupted by yet another humorless and bitter laugh from Harry.

"They don't give a rat's furry ass about others as long as their careers are safe" The young wizard sounded almost old as he said this, wise and bitter.

"Then they are not fit to rule" Atem stated with all of the regal indignation he possessed, his anger having escalated and bubbling just under the surface.

"Perhaps" The younger said with a shrug, ignoring the other's angry crimson eye glare at nothing. "But there's nothing we can do about it"

"Maybe" The Pharaoh agreed, though obviously wanting to say something else. "But even so we must do something. You can't just stay hiding in this room forever…I can't stay in this room forever either, I have to go back ho…" And the regal teenager paused, his eyes suddenly narrowed in concentration as what could only be the single most crazy idea he had ever had invaded his mind.

It was a stupid idea, and it probably wouldn't even work, but something told the once spirit that he should at the very least give it a try and Atem was stubborn and determined enough to perhaps even pull it off. He left his spot near the wall and in one single fluid movement approached the still pillow-clutching boy.

"Do you have any money? What about your documents, id, passport?" The older questioned, his eyes glinting in almost-mischief as the idea grew and took a more defined shape in his mind.

The other boy looked startled for a second – he even sputtered remarkable alike a fish for a second – at the decidedly strange questioning, but he seemed to have grown to trust Atem enough not to comment until the older explained more thoroughly.

"I have some money in the bank" The boy confessed. "But no passport and the only id I have ever had is an old library card from when I was a kid"

That seemed to put a damper on Atem's sudden burst of good mood, but it didn't last all that long.

"Doesn't matter…only need passport if we go through the airport" The Pharaoh was by now mumbling to himself and apparently ignoring Harry. "I can ask Kaiba…no, wait, I can ask Mokuba. They are bound to have a jet here. I will owe them a favor, but it's still better than nothing"

At the sudden – and rather crazy-sounding – talk of jets and airports Harry could not help but feel a slight bit of panic and a whole lot of confusion. The boy gazed at Atem with the same kind of look one would give a mildly dangerous animal, worried but still curious.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about? What jet? Who're Mokuba and Kaiba?" The magician said, his eyes trained on Atem as the older paced from one side of the room to the other, almost making him dizzy by now.

The older teen paused his wearing a hole in the room and turned to gaze at his younger companion, a look that could only be called that of mischievous plotting plainly displayed on his face.

"I am getting you out of the country" He finally declared, sounding entirely too smug.

Harry wanted to facepalm, he really did.


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