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The next day was hell at school, Brooke went out of her way to avoid Peyton and Peyton made no effort to find her. Right now Peyton is sitting at a table in the quad, skipping another class, sketching. The picture was of Brooke walking away and Peyton standing at her car, it read 'I guess our forever ended yesterday'. Peyton stopped sketching when a shadow loomed over her, she looked up and saw Nathan standing over her; looking at the sketch.

"Can I help you?" Peyton asked as she moved her eyes back to her sketch.

"Well, I was about to ask how you're holding up, but your sketch pretty much answered it for me" Nathan moved and took a seat beside Peyton. "Have you talked to her yet?"

"Can't talk to her if she's avoiding me" Nathan let out a sigh.

"Have you tried to find her?" Peyton took a deep breath and let it out heavily.

"Can't find someone that doesn't want to be found" Nathan shook his head and Peyton raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"What are you doing?" Peyton gave her a confused look. "Do you love her?"

"Of course I love her" Nathan nodded.

"Then why the hell was she sleeping on my couch last night instead of your bed?" Nathan raised an eyebrow.

"She's staying with you?" Nathan nodded. "Then why the hell are you blaming me? I've been at home waiting for her to calm down and talk to me; all the while she's been at your place hiding" Peyton let out a humourless laugh. "When you see her, tell her to step up and talk to me if she plans on making an effort to save this relationship, I'm not the one hiding" Peyton grabbed her stuff and stormed away from Nathan.

Nathan ran a hand over his face as he got up and began to walk away. He pulled out his cell and quickly texted Haley.

'No luck w/h Peyton, how's it going w/h Brooke?'

It wasn't long before he got one back.

'It's not, she's too damn stubborn'

When Peyton left Nathan she got into her car and drove to her mom's grave. When she reached her mom's headstone she sat down.

"What am I supposed to do mom?" Peyton broke down. "I don't want to lose her but this isn't my fault and I'm so tired…Tired of taking the blame for the wrong things, tired of being the reason relationships end and I'm tired of being the first one to make things right" Peyton let out a shaky breath and then a sob. "I'm just so tired" Peyton let out another sob. "I wish you were here"

Brooke was going through the stuff in her locker when she felt a presence beside her; she looked to her side and found Lucas there.

"I swear Nathan told you to stay away from me" Brooke turned her attention back to her locker.

"You know, I learning to accept that Peyton never wants to be with me" Brooke gave him sarcastic thumbs up.

"Good for you" Brooke began to walk away but Lucas stuck to her.

"You treating her like crap is messed up" Brooke stopped in her tack and turned to face Lucas. "You always said that I didn't deserve her, tell me something Brooke; do you?"

"Don't talk about something that you know nothing about" Brooke narrowed her eyes and hissed the words.

"I know you're treating her like crap, do you think no one heard you two arguing at her car?" It was taking everything in Brooke to not slap him.

"You have no idea about what's going on in our relationship, you have no right to comment on what you heard" Lucas shrugged.

"I'll tell you what I know, she loves you and wants to be with you, I would thank my lucky stars everyday if it was me" With that Lucas walked away and left Brooke with his words.

"Hey" Peyton looked away from the headstone and to the side; she gave Karen a small smile. "What's wrong?" Karen took a seat beside Peyton after she saw her eyes and realized that she had been crying. "Did Lucas do something again?" Peyton chuckled.

"No, he hasn't done anything yet" Silence took over both of them.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Peyton thought about it for a second before nodding.

"Brooke and I got into this stupid fight, I mean really stupid, and somehow it gone blown way out of proportion and now I don't know where we stand" Karen gave her a small nod.

"What was the fight about?" Karen shifted closer to Peyton.

"We were going to have to forfeit the competition yesterday if we didn't get another cheerleader, so Rachel volunteered to sub in-"Karen cut her off.

"Your ex Rachel?" Peyton nodded and continued the story.

"Brooke was against it right away and I told her it would be a great idea because Rachel can dance, that was the start of it" Peyton let out a heavy sigh. "Now she's staying with Nathan instead of coming home"

"You don't think there's a reason for her to be jealous?" Peyton shook her head.

"I love her so much and she knows I do and I just can't do it again Karen, I can't be in another relationship where my partner is insecure. If my love isn't proof enough then I don't know what is" Peyton ran a hand through her hair.

"I think both of you should sit down and have a talk" Peyton let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Brooke's avoiding me, I don't know where she is" This time Karen was the one that let out the laugh.

"Come on Peyton, you're her best friend. If anyone knows where she'll be it's you" Peyton smiled, knowing that was so true but shook her head.

"I shouldn't have to go looking for her, I didn't do anything wrong this time" Karen nodded and silence took over once more. "So, what are you doing here?" Peyton asked, changing the subject.

"Oh, I just came to visit my dad" Karen pointed to the general area of the headstone.

"I'm sorry Karen, I didn't-"Karen shook her head, cutting Peyton off.

"Don't be, it's okay. He lived a good long life and he got to see his grandchild before he passed" Peyton nodded with a small smile.

"I'm going to head to Tric and just hang there for a bit" Karen nodded and they both stood up, once they were standing Peyton pulled Karen into a hug. "Thank you, for being someone I can talk to"

After school that day Brooke decided to go home, Lucas' words really got to her and she thought that maybe if Peyton was home they could talk things out, if not she was going to pack some clothes and head to Nathan's for the night and think things through once more. Once Brooke drove home and saw Peyton car not there she went inside and up to their room.

Brooke grabbed a bag from the closet and started to throw some clothes in there, she went over to night stand on her side to grab something when she noticed the picture of them face down. Brooke picked the picture up and sat down on the bed; she started at the picture and felt the tears begin to build.

Later that night Peyton decided to head home from Tric, she had spent the rest of the day getting bands for next Friday. After she was happy with outcome she thought it was time to go home and just relax, she was just happy to have gotten her mind off Brooke for a while.

Peyton got into her car and started to drive home, her thoughts back on Brooke. When she got home she saw Brooke's car and felt happiness take over her heart, Peyton got out of her and headed to the front door in a rush.

"Brooke!" Peyton called when she walked into the house.

"Up stairs" Peyton almost ran up the stairs.

When she got to her room she felt all the happiness leave as fast it came when she saw the bag beside Brooke, Brooke had yet to look at her.

"Hi" Brooke finally turned her head and eyes to Peyton.

"Hi" Brooke's voice a whisper.

"Leaving again?" Peyton walked further into the room and stood in front of Brooke.

"Thinking about it" Brooke lifted the picture in her hand. "Then I saw this and thought that maybe we should talk" Peyton nodded and sat down beside Brooke. "I'm sorry I freaked"

"Why did you lose it?" Peyton knew why but she wanted Brooke to say it.

"Because you put your ex-girlfriend on the squad" Brooke said with an obvious tone and shrug.

"So?" Peyton gave her a shrug right back.

"So, it felt like you were taking her side over mine" Peyton shook her head.

"I was taking the squad's side, I was trying to do what was best for them" Brooke rolled her eyes but Peyton didn't see it.

"So you keep saying" Brooke mumbled.

"I don't get why you're so insecure about Rachel" Before Brooke could interrupt Brooke stopped her. "And don't say you're not because you are. I told you I would stay with you if my DAD didn't approve, so why are you so panicked about Rachel?"

"You can't really blame me can you? I mean given how we started" Peyton couldn't believe the words that just came out of Brooke's mouth. She stood up and ran a hand through her hair.

"Wow, I can't believe you're throwing that in my face" Hurt evident in Peyton's voice.

"Well it's true Peyton, you kissed me while you were with her" Peyton shook her head, feeling the anger build up.

"Well then I should be insecure too right? It's not like you haven't been around" Brooke was pissed now.

"Go screw yourself Peyton!" Brooke stood up as well.

"Why? I get enough of that from you…Oh but so did the whole school right?" Brooke shook her head and turned back to her bag.

"Clearly we're not ready to talk" Brooke put her bag over her shoulder and brushed past Peyton.

"Or maybe we're not ready to be in a relationship" Brooke turned around sharply.

"What?" Peyton crossed her arms and looked away from Brooke's eyes.

"Maybe it happened too fast, maybe we should have taken sometime to think about what we really wanted" Peyton said with a tight voice as she moved her eyes back to Brooke's.

"We've been together for months and now you're realizing that you don't want this; that you don't know what you want?" Despite the anger Brooke was showing, Peyton could see the sadness in her eyes.

"No, I know what I want, a relationship with no insecurities. I just can't do it again and I shouldn't have to" Brooke nodded.

"Fine" Peyton raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Fine what?" Brooke took a shaky breath before answering.

"Maybe we shouldn't be together" Neither girl could believe this was actually happening.

"Maybe we shouldn't" Brooke forced herself to look away from Peyton.

"Fine" Brooke stormed out of the house.

Once Peyton heard the door close she sat down on her bed and let the tears and sobs out.

Brook sat down in her car and had the same reaction.

Nathan muted the game he was watching when he heard a knock on his door, he opened it to revealing Brooke with her bag and red rimmed eyes. Nathan opened the door wider and let her walk in.

"I thought you were going to work things out?" Brooke nodded as she grabbed her apron from the bag.

"Yeah" Brooke headed for the door again. "We decided to break up instead" With that Brooke walked out the door, leaving Nathan shocked but he recovered and followed her.

"Brooke, wait!" Nathan caught up with her at her car. "What do you mean you decided to break up?"

"There are not a lot of different meanings to the Nathan, I can't talk right now I gotta get to work" Brooke got into the car before driving off she rolled down the window. "I promise I won't be at your place much longer" With that Brooke drove away.

Nathan couldn't believe what just went down.

Peyton was sitting in her room thinking about how everything had come down to this. She knew Brooke was going to be at the café soon for work, she started thinking of the two things she could do if she went down there. 1) Go there and talk to Brooke and maybe cause a scene which would get her fired or 2) Run in there and kiss Brooke senseless and take her on a table in front of everyone which would still get her fired. Peyton just couldn't believe that it was over. At that moment she came up with one more option, go down there tell Brooke how much she loved her and how much she means to Peyton and ask her to come home later and they could try and make things work once more. Deciding that the last one was best, Peyton would go down there later that night when the café was less packed.

"So you broke up?' Haley asked in slight shock.

"Haley, she called me a slut" Brooke started to brew another pot of coffee.

"Could you not say slut around the customers" Deb said as she passed Brooke.

"Sorry" Brooke whispered.

"You told her you couldn't trust her" Haley walked over to Brooke and took the coffee pot. A relationship doesn't work without trust" Haley began to walk to the counter.

"How would you feel if Nathan was still close to one of his ex's?" Brooke asked following Haley.

"He is still close to one of his ex's, Peyton" Haley began to pour the customers on the counter some coffee. "But I trust him not to do anything, because that's what love is; trust"

"Rachel trusted Peyton and she kissed me when they were together" Haley finished pouring the coffee before turning back to Brooke.

"You were as much to blame for that as Peyton" Haley brushed past Brookes.

"You think the break up is a mistake?" Brooke asked as she turned to face Haley.

"Of course I think it's a mistake!" Haley put the coffee pot down louder than necessary. "You two love each other and you guys are meant for each other, I just hope you realize it before it's too late"

Peyton was on her way to the café, as she neared it she could see Nathan and Haley talking, suddenly Haley threw her arms around Nathan and hugged him tightly he had obviously said something amazing. She smiled at how happy they were, knowing that not so long ago that was Brooke and her and hopefully would be again.

Peyton parked her car and made her way over to the two of them.

"Hey" They both gave Peyton a small smile.

"How are you holding up Sawyer?" Peyton gave them a small shrug.

"I'll be better when I talk to Brooke" Nathan frowned.

"Brooke said you guys broke up" Haley said what he was thinking.

"We did, I'm just not willing to give up on us I guess" Peyton said with a smile.

"Good for you Peyton" Nathan said causing Peyton's smile to widen.

"Where is she Hales?" Peyton looked into the café but couldn't see Brooke.

"She just went out on her break, she should be back soon" Peyton nodded.

"So, what are you two so excited about? I saw Haley practically suffocate you with a hug when I pulled up?" Nathan and Haley looked at each other before turning back to Peyton.

"We're gonna get-"Nathan was cut off by a honking noise, they looked to the road and saw Brooke stalled at a green light. "There's Brooke"

When Brooke drove back to the café she saw Peyton talking to Nathan and Haley and thought 'Why is she here' A honk broke her out of her trance, she looked up to see a green light then back at the trio. Before she could move they honked again, Brooke waved her hand as an apology before moving.

Just as her car began to pick up speed a 2x4 truck hit into her, full speed, on her side of the car. Brooke didn't see it coming.

"Brooke!" Peyton yelled in shock, Nathan running broke her out of her shock and she ran behind him.

Nathan ran as fast as he could and opened the door with some force, he gently dragged a banged up Brooke out of the car, he placed her down and looked her over; it wasn't good.

"Haley, call 9-11" Nathan said over his shoulder, Peyton moved beside him and let out a cry at the site.

"Oh my God, oh my God" Haley said as she pulled her cell out and called 9-11.

Nathan was about to check on the other driver, when he heard a noise. The driver, a guy, fell out of the truck and the empty beer cans came with him. It took everything in Nathan not to kill him.

"Pey-Peyton" Nathan turned back to Brooke and saw her eyes opening slowly.

"Hey baby, I'm right here" Peyton tearfully took Brooke's hand into her own.

"What happened?" Peyton could hardly hear Brooke's voice, it was so quiet.

"You got into a car accident, but don't worry you're going to be fine baby" Peyton looked Brooke over and wanted to cry, there was blood everywhere and Peyton had no idea where it was coming from.

"Everything hurts" Peyton wanted nothing more than to take away the pain that Brooke was feeling.

"I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I wish I could take it away" Peyton started to get even more teary, but she had to stay strong for Brooke.

Peyton began to panic when Brooke's eyes began to close.

"Keep her awake!" Peyton looked up at Haley who spoke to her while listening to instructions on the phone.

"Brooke!" Brooke's eyes slowly started to open again. "I need you to stay awake okay, I need you to keep talking to me" Peyton gently lifted Brooke's head so that Nathan could place his jacket under her head.

"The ambulance will be here soon" Haley said, hanging the phone up.

"Brooke! What happened?" Haley looked up at Deb as she made her way over to them.

"Car accident" Haley's voice tight with emotion, they both bent down next to Brooke.

"I'm sorry" Brooke said looking at Peyton, her eyes filled with tears.

"Stop, there is nothing to be sorry about, do you understand?" Peyton let the tears go. "Where's the ambulance?"

"It's on its way" Haley wiped her eyes.

"We need to get her to the hospital now" Nathan whispered to Peyton, but she kept her eyes locked with Brooke's.

Hearing a car pull up behind them cause Nathan to turn, he saw Lucas.

"What the hell happened?" Lucas stepped out of the car.

"Car accident" The half brothers looked at each other, both are thinking the same thing.

"Get her into the car" For the first time Peyton broke eye contact and looked at Lucas.

"What?" She wasn't sure if she heard him right.

"Get her into the car" Lucas repeated as he opened the back doors.

"Are you crazy? She needs an ambulance!" Peyton turned back to Brooke when she broke into a coughing fit.

"If we don't get her to a hospital now, she is going to bleed out before they get here" Peyton turned her eyes to Nathan for confirmation.

"He's right, she's bleeding a lot Peyton" Peyton nodded and moved away from Brooke so Nathan could pick her up. "I'm sorry Brooke" Nathan said knowing this was going to hurt.

Nathan put his arms under her and lifted, Brooke let out a cry of agony and Peyton felt her heart shatter. Peyton got into the car before Nathan, Nathan got in and placed Brooke's upper half on Peyton but kept a hold of her legs. Lucas and Haley got into the front.

"I'll let Karen know what happened and we'll meet you at the hospital" Deb said before Haley got into the car, Haley nodded and got in. Lucas took off.

"How you doing baby?" Peyton asked as she cradled Brooke against her.

"Peyton, I love you" Peyton was about to cut in but Brooke continued. "I need you to know how much, you mean everything to me" Brooke bent her head and coughed; Peyton's heart fell when she saw the fresh blood fall from Brooke's lips.

Haley reached over and handed Peyton a tissue to wipe Brooke's mouth, Peyton did it immediately.

"I'm sorry about everything" The tears that fell from Brooke's eyes killed Peyton.

"Stop being sorry, all couples fight it just shows how fiery their love is. God, I love you so much Brooke" Peyton finally let the tears go.

"I just needed you to know incase I don't-"Peyton quickly cut her off.

"You're going to be fine, they're going to clean you up and then you can be out there cheering your cute ass off again" Nathan smiled at the two of them, praying to any God that was listening to not take Brooke from her.

"Can you kiss me?" Peyton leaned down and captured Brooke's lips in a soft kiss, her tears falling on Brooke's cheek. Brooke put all her energy into kissing Peyton back, suddenly her lips went still under Peyton's. Peyton pulled back quickly.

"Brooke?" Brooke's eyes were closed and her body scary still. "Brooke wake up" She lightly shook Brooke but got nothing. "Lucas, step on it"

"We're almost there, I promise" As if on cue, Peyton saw the hospital.

Lucas pulled into the emergency section.

"I'll park and meet you" Haley nodded and got out of the car.

Nathan once again lifted Brooke's body, now limp which scared the hell out of him. Peyton rushed into the hospital with Haley.

"We need a doctor now!" Peyton yelled to the room.

A nurse and doctor made their way over to them.

"What's the problem?" The doctor asked.

"My girlfriend was in a bad car accident" Peyton said as Nathan walked into the hospital.

"I need a gurney now" The doctor said when he saw the state that Brooke was in. "My name is Dr. Stevens, is she 18?" Peyton shook her head. "She's going to need surgery, I need a family member's permission" Dr. Stevens went over to Brooke when she was placed on the gurney.

"You have my permission" Peyton took Brooke's hand in her own again.

"You're not family" He started checking Brooke for vitals.

"I'm all she's got, if you wait for family she is going to die" After a second the young doctor nodded.

"Breathing is labored and pulse is week, we need to get her to the OR right now" The trio began to follow the doctors and nurses, but were stopped by one of the nurses at the OR door.

"You can't go in here but you can watch up there" the nurse directed them to a room where you could see what was happening through a glass window.

"Nathan!" Nathan turned and waved Lucas over to them and they all made their way to the room.

While watching Peyton knew she was shaking, but couldn't stop it, a loud beeping noise went off in the OR and Peyton knew it couldn't be good when the doctors began to panic. Suddenly she was bombarded by memories of her and Brooke.

"Her BP is dropping fast!"

"Hi, I'm Brooke" Eight year old Brooke stuck her hand out to Peyton.

"I'm Peyton" Peyton shook her hand.

"Doctor, she's flat lining!"

"My mom's gone Brooke" Brooke pulled Peyton into a hug.

"I'm so sorry Peyton" The eight year olds cried their hearts out.

"We're losing her!"

"Ready P. Sawyer" A twelve year old Brooke bounced in to Peyton's room.

"P. Sawyer?" Brooke chuckled.

"It's your new nickname, deal with it" Peyton laughed.

"Okay, B. Davis"

"Get me the defibrillator" Dr. Stevens looked to make sure no metal was touching her or him. "Clear!"


"He's an ass Brooke, you don't need him" A fifteen year old Peyton said to Brooke.

"Your right he was" Brooke said with a smile.

"Besides, you have me who else do you need" Brooke laughed.

"Hoes over Bros" Brooke stuck her fist out.

"Hoes over Bros" Peyton bumped it.


"Still nothing!"

"I'm insanely in love you Brooke"

"I am always going to be here for you, I love you Peyton"

"Come on girl, clear!"


"How does forever sound?"


"One more time, clear…"

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