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"At least, in her dreams, she was safe."

Many times for the past three months, Lucy Heartfilia's heart beat fast for Natsu Dragneel, her boyfriend. Usually, they would be his sweet gestures, his hugs and few kisses they've shared and even the laughter they've had together that makes it lup and dup.

Of course, Lucy wouldn't have it any other way. Natsu was the only person who she'd want to be with. The moments they've made together all went back to the Stellar Spirit mage in one go. She wanted to experience them once more, but she knew better; she knew they would never happen again in this lifetime.

Lucy closed her eyes as Natsu stared at her. Like all those times, Natsu made her heart rap in her chest. But it marred Lucy that the beating was squeezed her chest so much that it hurt.

"And so, I'm really sorry, Lucy…" Natsu said in a stern voice.

No, I don't want to hear this! Lucy put covered her ears with both hands.

She saw this coming, Lucy did. It all started two months ago on her and Natsu's first month together. Lisanna had just come back from a long mission when she confessed to Natsu. Although the dragon slayer had rejected her, Lisanna was still hopeful. She kept on giving Natsu affection and love, whilst knowing that he was Lucy's. But she didn't mind it (though she gets jealous and insecure sometimes) because she was confident of Natsu's love for her. Too bad it wasn't enough for him to stay faithful.

Just now, Natsu wanted Lucy to give him his freedom back. She wouldn't mind a cool-off, it's just that he wanted her to give him complete freedom so that he could be with Lisanna; talk about adding insult to injury!


What irony, though. Lucy thought. I was the one who told Lisanna how to catch a guy's heart and it backfired on me!

With this, Lucy began to giggle, and the giggle turned into laughter.

"Oi, Lucy…" Natsu said. How, weird! He thought. But Lucy continued to laugh.

Okay, let's get this over with! Lucy patted Natsu's arm with one hand and wiped her tears with the other.

"It's okay, Natsu." Don't cry, don't cry! "It's okay! I'm setting you free." She said this as if she was trying to convince herself and not Natsu.

With the last of Lucy's strength to smile, she hugged the Salamander while keeping herself from crying again.

"I'm really happy that you've found Lisanna. Please make sure that she's the one and don't hurt her, okay?"

Lucy sniffed. She had to get out of here and cry her heart out. "Well, I'm off!"

"Lucy…" she turned upon hearing her name. "Thank you."

Natsu smiled warmly. Lucy smiled back, or so she thought. After turning her back on Natsu, she ran as fast as she can to wherever her legs could take her. The afternoon was cold and gloomy, and the rain was quite strong but Lucy just wanted to run and run until she passes out.

Panting, she stopped in a dark alley. She couldn't feel her legs and before she knew it, she was lying on the cold, hard ground with the heavy rain falling on her.

"Waaaah!" Lucy screamed, crying. She didn't care if her voice would be used up, she just wanted to release all of her sadness and all of her anxiety. "WHY? WHY ME? WHAT KIND OF TEST IS THIS, MOTHER?"

The girl continued to sob at the predicament she was facing.

Somebody, she thought, somebody please tell me—What have I done to deserve this? It hurts. My heart hurts. But I have to let him go because he deserves to be happy… Lucy wailed again.

"EVEN IF IT'S NOT WITH M—!" Lucy's voice failed her. It wasn't was coming out. She figured it was useless to scream, so Lucy just sobbed. Feeling tired, extremely heartbroken and betrayed, she was thinking of wanting to die then and there.

"Lucy, is that you?" said a blurry voice that Lucy couldn't recognize as a familiar. She looked up to see who it was but her eyesight was also dim. "What happened, Lucy?"

This person, that Lucy distinguished him as a man, held her in his arm—the warmest feeling Lucy had felt since Natsu. She could hear his heartbeat as she rested her head on the man's chest. And with this, her tears escaped her again.

"Who are you?" she croaked with the little voice she had left.

"Huh? Damn, are you sick?" Nothing. Lucy still couldn't recognize his voice. "Geez… I'm—"

The blurry voice disappeared. So did Lucy's vision and sense of touch. She knew then that she was unconscious.

Good. she thought.

Sleep. Yes, Lucy just wanted a long sleep. At least in her sleep, she couldn't see, hear or feel anything. At least, in her dreams, she was safe.

poor Lucy :'(

this is the reason why I don't like Lisanna at all.

But who could this mystery guy be?