A/N: Well, it looks like we've hit the end of this guide! *single tear drop* Thanks to all who've stuck with this crazy idea!

Chapter Five: How to Deal When All Else Fails

Simple. You don't. Once the child has broken away from you and has discovered that you've kidnapped them and lied to them since they were really small, there's really no escape from this realization. Now the only thing left to do is to tie them up and hope that there isn't a high ledge or a window somewhere that can cause you to fall to your death.

Because most of all evil villains fail. That is our lot in life. The only way to avoid this is to become good, but since most of us are too far gone to even attempt this path, the only thing we can do is fail.

But not all hope is lost for us. We can still have the last laugh. Through our treachery and our lies, we can weave such falsehoods that will keep the child imprisoned emotionally for years to come.

We can tell them that they are monsters, or that they aren't special, and they will deal with self-doubt and insecurity for years to come.

We can make them love us, so that if we die, they will mourn our loss and have conflicting feelings about us for the rest of their lives.

We can hurt their loved ones, causing them pain and anguish for years and years.

We, the evil "parents" can always have the last laugh with our children, so that even if we fail and die, the memories and the hurt will live on in the child's mind, enabling us to have the last laugh.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in dealing with the turbulent years of imprisonment and ultimate failure. Hopefully, this last chapter will never be of use to you as it was to us.

Thank you for purchasing your copy of "How to Keep a Toddler Locked in a Tower for Fifteen Years or More." May your evil endeavors always succeed (even though we highly doubt it)!


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