Honestly, since this is my first time trying this fandom, I'm not expecting any big success with this. I tried to keep it as close as possible to the scene in the movie where Marget comes to the MEGTAF holding area looking for Belloc. You know, where he does 'the wrath of God' kind of voice.

Disclaimer: I don't own Firebreather or any of the characters.


Memory was a funny thing to something that could live for hundreds of years. Belloc could testify to that. He had a lot to ruminate on, given his imprisonment by MEGTAF. Still, even throughout the ages, there were always some parts of life that simply were elevated over others. Or, more namely, some people.

A human, just as small and frail as the others, but with a strange attitude that made him want to pay attention. Her arms held firm at her sides as he picked her up in his comparatively large hand. She said nothing, they knew what this was about. The city of humans, swarming with them like termites, that was currently meeting it's end beneath his feet. She wanted him to abandon the attempt, call the others back. He was more than ready to let it, and all the humans that resided here, die. But, somehow, he couldn't deny the fact that if she were to become upset with him…

Sighing deeply, the sound rumbling through his ribcage like the magma inside a volcano, he turned, the human in his grip relaxing her tension a bit as she realized she had been successful. Her hands rested on his larger ones, the touch almost feather-light.

Belloc suddenly snapped out of the reverie, a different scent pervading the air to the left. He should have known; she had a way of finding him, no matter how many roadblocks the government, or MEGTAF, put in her way.


Anyway, not much, just a drabble. Reviews are appreciated, but not manditory.