Dedicated to inuficczy.


Three sets of eyes stared, wide at the door way across the room, their expressions a combination of embarrassment, horror, and mortification as someone muttered, "Oh shit." Under his breath.

Two minds echoed that thought silently as they all stared at the eighteen years old human female standing in the door way with a look of shock on her pretty face, her eyes on the TV as she stared at the scene playing out on the screen of the human male and female, both fully naked- their bodies tangled together.

The female flushed as the small bowl of popcorn in one hand, slipped from her limp grasp at the same instant her coke bottle did, both hit the tile floor hard, the bowl bouncing slightly as it hit while the coke bottle shattered and sprayed glass all over her bare feet as she pointed at the TV and started to stammer out.

"W-What are you guys-" As she took a small step forward and yelped and looked down as she cut her foot on some of the sharp shards of glass, causing the guys to snap out of their state of suspended duh and turn off the TV and run across the room.

He reached her first- His gloved hands grasping her as he swept her up in his arms bridal style as the glass crunched under his heavy biker boots as he carried her out of the living room and into the bathroom, just down the hall from where they had been, and set her down on the counter top and carefully grasped the ankle of her injured foot and lifted her leg a little bit so that he could examine the bloody wound.

He lightly ran his finger tips along the bloody gnash, checking to make sure that none of the glass was embedded in her foot as he silently berated himself for letting Charlie-babe's daughter catch him and his bro's watching something so shockingly dirty on one of the cable movie channels.

To be perfectly honest none of them had even known that it was a dirty movie until the woman had stripped and started undressing the man while on her knees. The sight of a female on her knees, naked, with her hands on the man's hips as she used her teeth to unzip his pants, had pretty much had them frozen in place in utter fascination until she had walked in.

She was Charlie-babe's little girl, the one that they hadn't known about until three months prior when Charlie had been called away from the garage, out of town on family business after someone had died.

And when Charlie had come back, they had been sitting in the garage, waiting for her like they had promised her they would be. When she had walked in and told them very calmly (maybe a little too calmly, looking back on the incident) that she had someone that she wanted them to meet and then had pretty much dragged them outside and introduced them to the young woman who was almost an exact carbon copy of her mother.

Or at least she would have been an exact carbon copy of her mother. If not for the mid back length curly black hair and the wide green eyes that held far too much innocence for a woman of her age.

Charlie had introduced the young woman as Shayera Sheena Davidson, the daughter that she had given up for adoption to her biological father Jack well over eighteen years before. They had been stunned to learn that their human, their Charlie-girl had had a child of her own long before they had ever come into her life. And had been even more surprised to learn that Charlie had been keeping in touch with the girl over the years to make sure that she was being taken care of properly and now that she was finally eighteen (*cough and Jack was dead *) had finally decided to bring her home.

The mice had introduced themselves, and had been a little startled by Shay's reaction to them. The second one of them had tired to shake her hand she had made a squeaking sound and quickly hidden herself behind her mother who had just laughed and patted the girl on the head then shooed everyone inside for a night of long conversation.

It had been a little bit troubling, Shay's reaction to their presence that is, but finally after about a month of trying to bond with the girl and thinking that maybe she just didn't like them, they had finally figured out that it wasn't them.

She was just painfully shy and wary around new people.

"You got yourself pretty good didn't you Shay-darlin'." He said softly as he gently pressed down a little bit on the wound and felt a small sliver of glass working it's way out of her foot. Shay made a funny sound and twitched as she bit her lip to keep from crying out as he carefully grasped the piece of glass and quickly pulled it out, earning a startled yelp from her as she slapped her hands over her mouth as two fat tears slipped down her cheeks.

Blood red eyes flickered to her face for a second as he set the bloody sliver aside then reached out and ran the back of one hand along the soft curve of one cheek for a second, absently wiping her tears away in an effort to comfort her before he started to rummage in the drawers until he found some band aids, cotton balls and them grabbed the rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet, in the mirror behind her and quickly unscrewed the cap and wet one of the cotton balls as his bros both peeked in.

"Hey bro, how's Shay-honey?" Modo asked as he peeked into the small bathroom, with a guilty look on his face, from the opposite side of the door from Vinny who was being uncharacteristically quiet as he watched Throttle patch their little gal up.

He looked worried to his leader, as he lightly dabbed at Shay's foot with the wet cotton ball in his hand before tossing the bloody it in the trash and grabbing one of the band aids and peeled the paper back and put it over the wound as he frowned a little bit.

He wasn't sure if the band aid was going to help any considering how deep the cut was.

It didn't really look like it needed stitches, but then again he wasn't a medic and couldn't judge things like wounds very well. He tossed the paper wrapping in the trash and then reached out and grasped Shay's hands and gently pried them away from her mouth and leaned in and wrapped his arms around her and picked her up off of the counter and held her against his chest as he muttered a soft apology to her for pulling the glass shard out of her foot so suddenly.

Shay was totally still in his arms aside from the slight trembling in her limbs as he walked out of the bathroom, past his bro's, and stood out in the hallway for a second to let the others check out the wound on her foot before letting Throttle carry her on back to the living room and set her down on the couch, his tail snaking out to wrap around the ankle of her wounded foot so that it was elivated as he grabbed the remote and sat down next to her and set her wounded foot on his left upper leg and handed the remote to her.

Or at least he tried too as his bro's came walking back into the living room with a fresh bowl of pop corn (the kettle corn kind that Shay liked so much) and a warm root beer and handed them to her and muttered several soft apologies for letting her get hurt. Shay took the bowl and the root beer and sighed as Throttle set the remote in her lap. "Guys..." She started to say when Modo and Vinny both jumped to their feet with slightly panicked expressions on their faces.

"Did we forget something Shay-honey?" Modo asked as his one red eye flickered to the bloody band aid on her foot.

"Did we not apologise nicely enough? Do you want us to beg you to forgive us on our knees?" Vinny asked somberly. Shay made a funny sound and let her head drop back onto the arm of the couch as Throttle glanced at her with a bemused expression on his face. Waiting for her to say something.

Shay groaned and hid her face in her hands for a second before growling, "No-" What she wanted was for them to stop treating her like she was a kid. She was eighteen for gods sake. And they had nothing to apologise for. "Dammit guys, stop apologizing. It wasn't your fault that I got hurt-"

"Yes it was. You saw what we were watching." Vinny said matter of factly. Modo nodded his head, his expression serious. Throttle still had that bemused expression on his face.

Shay lifted her head and looked at them. "You don't need to apologise for watching a porn movie for gods sake. Your...hundreds of thousands of miles from your home and your people. It's natural that you would feel certain biological functions and need to do something about them. It's something that everyone does-" Shay stopped speaking as Throttle's hand closed around her ankle and he tugged on her leg, causing her to sort of slip from her semi reclining position so that he could lean over her.

His expression grim. "Everyone? Does that mean that you've watched that kind of filth at some point?" He asked in a dangerously low tone that made her blink before giggling.

"Hello, eighteen year old single adult female. Of course I have." Shay said as she stared up at the light brown furred martian. The three aliens gaped at her in shock before one of them gasped out in a thoroughly scandalized tone.

"Since when?"

"Since I turned seventeen and started to notice guys as potential future husbands." The three males got a shell shocked expression on their faces as she lightly pushed against Throttle's chest and sort of rolled herself off of the couch and got up and limped herself out of the room.

She knew that the shit was about to hit the fan and didn't want to be present when it did.