The drive out of the city lasted longer than Throttle would have liked.

But it was definitely worth it when he looked over at Shay three in a half hours in and noted that she was much calmer now and starting to doze off. Her fear and shock over the earlier events back at the hospital had finally drained away leaving her so mentally and physically exhausted that she could barely keep her eyes open.

Reaching out he grasped the shoulder strap of her seat belt and lifted it up over her head causing her to jerk awake and look at him wide eyed as he slipped his hand around her nape and gently tugged on her so that she just sort of toppled over in the seat.

"Throttle!" Well- He mused humorlessly, at least she was finally talking to him again. She sounded startled to find herself laying on her side in the seat looking up at him as he untangled his fingers from her hair and placed it back on the wheel.

"Just lay down sweetheart."


"No buts. Your tired aren't you?"

She got quiet and he glanced down at her and saw her shift slightly so that her injured wrist wouldn't be in the way and sighed. "Do you wanna use my leg as a pillow?" Throttle asked her softly as he reached out and started to turn the radio off when she grasped his arm and stopped him.

"No. I'm fine like this."

"The radio won't bother you?" Do I bother you? He wanted to ask but wasn't sure how he would react if she said yes. So he stayed silent and put his hand back on the wheel while Shay curled up in the seat and somehow managed to doze off.

It took another two hours and forty five minutes to finally reach the outer limits of the city and turn off of the main highway so that they would end up cutting through the county a little bit. He picked the direction that he was totally sure had several small towns, and cabins that were rented out and drove an extra three or four miles to the nearest town before pulling the car into a store parking lot and parked it.

He needed to grab some things for them to eat, and some stuff to treat her wounds to keep them from getting infected. He pulled the keys from the ignition and started to reach down to wake her up so that he could take her with him, but stopped when he realized that she wasn't exactly in any condition to go grocery shopping and simply decided to let her sleep. He'd lock the doors so that she wouldn't have to worry about someone taking the car with her in it, figuring that he would only be gone for about ten minutes or so.

He was in the store for twenty minutes.

Something that irked him greatly since he had an unconscious and helpless girl waiting for him in the car. But looking for stuff that could be used for basic first aid had taken him longer than getting the food because he'd had to run down three different people to ask them where this or that was located.

He sighed tiredly as he pushed his buggy out to the car and dug out the keys. Now all he had to do was find a cabin or something to rent, then he needed to unpack the food and change the bandages on Shay's wrist then feed her and put her to bed.