"Lieutenant Hym, search for any other ships in a radius of 300,000 kilometers." Captain Jon Grimes said to his navigation officer. "Sir, rebel ship 200,000 kilometers from our current position." She replied. Grimes cleared his throat, and turned to the weapons officer, Lieutenant Kint. Grimes said," Charge the MARU plasma gun. And prepare to arm at the rebel ship." Kint nodded,"Aye sir!" Grimes turned back to the screen. "Contact the fleet. Tell them we have spotted a rebel ship." Grimes ordered. "Aye sir!" Lieutenant Kran replied. Kran started typing on her computer. Grimes wondered if the Bluicon would be able to last through this fight. Grimes then shrugged it off and continued to watch the rebel ship inch close to them on the radar.

When the ship came into view Grimes yelled, "Fire the MARU gun now!" Lieutenant Kint then pushed the "Fire" button and a large blue streak erupted from the Bluicon and started to move towards the rebel ship. The ship started to move upwards but did not move fast. The blue bolt exploded onto the ship's side and blew straight through the shield, and made a fairly large hole in the middle of the hull. "Recharge the MARU gun now! And unlock the missile pads 1-10 and fire them!" Grimes barked at Kint. Kint then started the recharging process and and fired the missiles at the ship. About a four pad's worth of missiles missed the ship. The other sixty missiles hit in various spots of the ship. Many holes appeared in the vessel.

The rebel ship fired its large plasma weapon and it struck the Bluicon. The whole ship started to rumble. It started to spin. Lieutenant Hym regained control and turned it back towards the enemy ship. Kint called out, "MARU gun ready to fire sir!" Grimes turned towards the screen. "Alright. Change the camera view to under out ship." The view changed. "Ok. Fire the MARU, aim for the bridge." Lieutenant Kint replied quickly, "Aye sir!" The Bluicon got pushed back once again due to the extreme pressure of the MARU weapon. The blue streak cut against the darkness and once again, the rebel ship attempted to evade. It struck the bottom of the bridge and a large hole appeared. Grimes saw few rebels fly out before they covered the hole.

The rest of the fleet appeared suddenly. Grimes smiled as the rest of the fleet fired their missiles at the ship. Grimes turned and yelled at Hym, "Is the hole created by the plasma weapon covered?" Hym opened up the view of the cameras positioned within the ship. "Aye sir. The hole was covered with spare metal." Grimes sighed and then continued to watch the destruction of the poor, defenseless enemy vessel. Multiple MARU guns fired at the same blue streaks all hit the vessel in unison. The ship was red hot from the heat of the plasma guns as it turned and twisted. Eventually, the ship just imploded. The bridge erupted with laughter and cheers.