Captain Grimes got word from a TU-64 call to the Bluicon informing that the crew had to open the hangar for a Special Ops team to enter. Grimes walked over to Kran. Grimes spoke into the speaker," Inform the leader of this team to report to me so that I know what is going on." The pilot paused, then said,"Yes sir. He will report to you in the bridge." Grimes walked back to his chair that held his necessities. He opened up a search engine created to search The Space Defensive Navy's database. "Lieutenant Kint, ask the pilot what the group was called." Grimes ordered. Kint nodded and turned to her computer. She spoke into the speaker and turned to Grimes,"Sir, they call themselves Elite-120." Grimes nodded typed it into the database. He raised an eyebrow when nothing came up. Lieutenant Rusk stepped into the bridge,"Sir! You called me to the bridge sir!" He screamed. Grimes stood up. "At ease soldier. Now, I have a question or two for you. First, what were you doing on Tews? That is a fully owned rebel planet." Lieutenant Rusk put his arm down,"Sir, we were ordered to assault a large rebel base in search of a very important figure in the rebel military." Rusk said to Grimes. Grimes nodded. "And who, gave you this mission Lieutenant?" Grimes asked. Rusk looked at him," My commanding officer sir." Grimes walked back to his seat. " I see. Now where is he now?" Rusk shifted uncomfortably," Dead. We had left the ship with our TU-64 right before three rebel ships demolished it…" Grimes nodded. "You are hereby under my command." Rusk bit his lip, then nodded.