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Ty Lee sighed. She'd been doing that a lot lately. When Zuko and Mai first arrived on Kyoshi Island, she had been estatic! She enjoyed showing her friends around and catching up on all the time she missed in the Fire Nation. It was just like old times and when the time came around to leave she happily volunteered to escort them back to the Fire Nation. The three of them had fun, but she couldn't help feeling like something was missing...well someone. She sighed again. "Azula."

"Ty Lee."

She quickly turned around and gasped. It couldn't be. In the doorway stood Princess Azula. She was dressed in rags and her hair was shorter now, but those eyes. She couldn't mistake those eyes, burning with such intensity she felt as if she'd melt if she stared for too long. Azula seemed to know what she was thinking because she smirked and stepped forward.

That snapped her out of her daze and she quickly stepped back stammering. "B-but when did you? How did you?"

"It wasn't easy. Of course finding my way out of that Agni forsaken place alone wouldn't be."

Ty Lee looked down in shame and Azula took this time to close the gap between them. When Ty Lee looked up again she started at Azula's proximity.

"But of course this doesn't matter now. What matters now is that I'm here." She took another step and pinned Ty Lee to the wall. "And you're here."

Ty Lee blushed at the fire in Azula's gaze, but managed to stammer out. "Azula! We can't! Mai and Zuko are in the other room!"

Azula kissed her neck and mumbled. "Mmm. Let them hear. I'm sure Zuzu would want to know I'm here anyway."

Ty Lee tried to protest again, but then Azula's hands were everywhere. "Ah Azula. Yes. Right there. Oh Azula!"

Meanwhile in the next room over.

"Mai! They're doing it again! Can't those two just sleep!" Zuko whined trying to drown out the sounds with his pillow.

"Again? What is it this time? The Prisoner and the Warden? I hear Azula likes that one." Mai drawled while cleaning her knives.

"Mai! I don't want to know about my sister's sex life!" Zuko screeched.

Mai rolled her eyes and continued her cleaning. She'll find out all the details from Ty Lee tomorrow.

AN.2: Well! Hope you enjoyed it! :D Maybe (definite maybe) I'll write the first part as an actual story, but for now this is the end! (Oh and if anyone didn't get it they are role playing!) So yes. Enjoy. Oh and anyone else think that Mai and Ty Lee would swap stories trying to see which is the best sibling. I do! ;)