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Poisoned Scarlet

"I don't even know your name
so I will call you medicine...
You can ease my pain."


"I...don't usually do this." She whispered as his hands slid up the smooth skin of her thighs appreciatively, her skirt bunching around her waist. They came to rest on her rear, before he heaved her onto a closed box within the closet they had stumbled into in their drunken haze.

"That's cool." He murmured distractedly, tearing her halter top off her body roughly. She had half a mind to smack him for destroying her only piece of outgoing clothing. "I don't either."

Her trembling hands hastily reached down to undo his pants instead. "I - !" He crashed his mouth upon hers before she could speak, distracting her from her goal for a split second. She was reminded when his hands greedily clutched her breasts, and she eagerly pulled him closer by wrapping her legs tightly around his waist.

The bass reverberated through them strongly, pounding in their lust-hazed minds. They could feel the suffocating heat from outside the confinements of the closet begin to close in on them; thickening the air that thrummed between them.

A desperate, roiling, heat consumed their souls. Her pains were suddenly numbed, her thoughts put to a grinding halt. Alone in the darkness of the closet, breathing in each others musky scent, need enveloped them in the form of shaking hands and caught-up chokes of pleasure.

Grabbing his shirt, pulling him close enough that their chests pressed together, she slurred faintly: "Do it."

He grinned, wickedly, revealing a jaw-full of sharpened teeth. "With pleasure."

Her cries were drowned by the synthetic sounds that came from the bustling dance floor on the other side of the door.


She had to tell her someday.

It had been three days since that encounter.

Certainly her closest friend wouldn't scold her too badly for her sudden interest in screwing random strangers, right...? Even if it was only one stranger, and even if she was certain she'd hunt him down for round two one day?

"You did what?" Tsubaki gasped, as they both strode down the sidewalk and toward the impressive building ahead. It shadowed the morning light with its height, casting a cold shadow over them. It appeared empty, given the time of day, but the occasional student could be seen strolling through the universities many passages. "That's where you were the entire night? In the janitors closet having s-sex with a – a stranger?"

"Um. Basically." Maka nodded meekly, wincing when Tsubaki gasped again.

"Maka-chan, that's really... really irresponsible." Tsubaki nervously said, wringing her hands. "Did you even use protection? What if he... he had an STD?"

"Don't be silly, Tsubaki, everything's fine!" Maka laughed, admitting she felt fantastic after that night. Her troubles had melted away for those hours and rushed back to her the next day, along with a massive hangover, but the euphoria and calm had lingered long after. "I got myself checked the next day and I got the results today! I'm completely fine, Tsubaki!"

"Good." She sighed, in relief. Then worry clouded her eyes once more. "But... this isn't like you, Maka-chan. You don't do this – that night was supposed to be for you to unwind, not to..." She bit her lip.

"But I did unwind." Maka smiled at her, reassuringly. "You worry too much, Tsubaki. It was just a one-night stand. It'll never happen again – heck, I may never even see him again!"

"But that doesn't explain your reckless behavior." Tsubaki persisted. "Maka-chan, you don't do this! This isn't like you! Aren't you always saying that women... women who do such things are nothing but garbage?"

Maka was quiet for a moment. "Women who do it for recreational purposes. I did it because I – needed it."

Her eyes softened, and Tsubaki sympathetically patted her shoulder. "Maka-chan... if this is about Hiro..."

"It isn't!" Maka snapped, defensive. She clutched her textbook to her chest tightly. "It's not about him – I could care less about him! He could rot in hell, for all I care!"

But Tsubaki knew that wasn't true.

Because Maka loved Hiro, and it had been the only reason she had agreed to her offer to unwind at a famous club by downtown Death City. An offer Maka had rejected many times previous.

It was supposed to be a night to forget about their break up, to forget the pain that came with loving.

To forget she had ever broken her self-oath.

"Okay, Maka-chan. I believe you."

Even though she really didn't.

Even though she had this terrible feeling her friends erratic behavior was only going to worsen from herein.

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