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Title: Lines in the Sand

Author: Shinymonkey8

Chapter: Prologue


Open your eyes.

When she heard the voice in her head, the eternal blackness finally faded as she lifted her eyelids.

The first thing she saw was death.

The moment after she heard the gunshot, she turned her head to stare at the woman being struck by the bullet and collapsing.

She could sense that this was the presence she had felt for so long, the only comforting warmth in her short existence she had known.

She looked back at the man who had shot the woman, now dying, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He had now slowly turned the gun so it was facing her.

He was somewhat surprised at the amethyst eyes gazing in an unknown emotion back at him. Shock maybe? "Hmm. You're awake earlier than expected." No matter. He had to finish this.

With an evil grin, he then uttered the words, "Your turn."


She felt anger welling up in her like a bomb on the brink of explosion, It was overpowering all the other emotions: confusion, terror, shock, welling up inside. She had to avenge the woman she had somehow known. Without thinking, she felt a surge of power exit her body and blast into the man, sending him careening into the wall behind. She heard the cracking of bones and the clank of the handgun hitting the cold, hard ground. The man hit the floor and screamed out in pain, looking up at her in horror.

He could barely speak through the pain and shock. "No... it's... not possible! You just awoke!"

Another surge of power exited her body, resulting in the man, again, crumpling up against the wall with another scream of pain. He was now fighting for consciousness, staring at those same amethyst eyes with unchanging emotion; although this time he could see an underlying sense of anger in them. Somehow he managed to whisper through his pain, "No…"

Not knowing how, she then sent a wave of the energy through the helpless man's head. It snapped back and hit the wall, knocking the man immediately unconscious.

She stared at the man for well over a minute, emotions running wild.

Where am I?

Who am I?

How did I just do that?

Who is this man?

With too many questions to even comprehend thinking about, she decided on looking around first. She was in a large container, slowly draining of an amber liquid on to broken glass scattered across the floor. Most likely it was broken from the blasts of energy she had somehow emitted, but how could that have come from her?

How do I even know I'm a "she?"

She looked up. She was in a dark room with what looked like electrical equipment and computers, how did she know what they were called? Tubes were running along the ground up to her container. She realized that some of the tubes running up the container were inserted into her body. Her instinct was to quickly pull the tube out, which was attached to a needle. What was it putting into my body?

On shaky legs, she slowly took a step out of the container and made a small hop to the ground, making sure to avoid any glass she could hurt herself on. Her damp, light coating of fur was dripping liquid onto the floor, making an eerie 'drip' sound as she looked around again, noticing how small the room was. It only had room for a computer and a mass of other electrical equipment on one wall, desks and file cabinets on the other two walls, and a door leading to the outside on the last wall. She and the container were in the middle. The colors were very bland, mostly gray and black from the shadows of the room. There was some white coming from the floor, made of some type of marble. There wasn't very much light in the room for the white floor to reflect. With further inspection, she found that the only light was emanating from the electrical equipment and the light from the window on the door leading outside. This was enough to see, and she took a few steps toward the door.

She was still struggling understanding how she knew the names to everything and how she could even have this thought process going. She then thought back to what she could remember had happened before she awoke, if anything.


One week earlier


It was dark.

No, there were colors. What were these colors? Red? The colors kept changing, blue, green. What did these colors mean?

A voice rang out through her world of black and colors, "and how are you doing today?"

The woman, looking at the creature in the container of amber liquid, scolded herself. "Bah, you can't hear me, your still weeks away from when you're supposed to awake. I don't even know why I'm talking to you right now... I guess I'm just lonely. That bastard Giovanni is getting more and more suspicious over what I am doing all this time I'm gone. If he ever finds out what I'm doing he'll snap for sure. I've even heard stories of him killing rebellious rockets… Am I ranting again? Sorry about that. I just have no one else to talk to!"

She looked at the sleeping creature and sighed.

What am I doing?

What will I do when it awakes?


Two and a half months earlier


The man named Giovanni strode through the entrance to the main laboratory. He stopped, frozen at what he saw.

"Why the hell is there two of them?"

The man Giovanni's voice was directed at quickly spun around, facing the intimidating Team Rocket boss.

"I didn't authorize the creation of two Mewtwos!"

"Sir, I can explain—"

"Well you'd better explain quickly!"

The other few scientists in the lab had stopped and were staring at them.

Flustered, the lead scientist explained, "Well, we had all the necessary... erm... 'supplies,' and equipment to make two of them, so we made a male and a female. They are both coming along quite nicely. Their features are fully recognizable at this point. I personally don't see any reason we shouldn't make two—"

"A male, and a female?" Giovanni interrupted.

"… Yes… I thought it would be the optimal choice so we can study the anatomy of both genders, see which one is strongest. Our machines are picking up some interesting brainwave patterns coming from them; they are not near developed enough yet to have telekinetic powers, we will need to teach them that when they wake; but it seems that they can recognize each other's presence. I don't think their brains are developed enough yet to remember any type of mental communication they could have, but it's nice to see at least some communication. "

Giovanni looked up at the two baby Mewtwos, suspended in the containers.

"Dr. Fuji. Do you know why I only wanted one?" He calmly said, still staring at the creatures.

The scientist backed away slightly, almost inconcievably, "Umm, no sir—"

"What do you think would happen if there was only two of your species, opposite genders?"

The scientist just stared at him with confused eyes. That couldn't possibly be what he meant…

"Well I hadn't really thought of that—"

"With the powers these Mewtwos will have, a rebellion would be so easy. If they developed any kind of caring feelings for each other, the chance of it happening would increase by tenfold!"

The scientist looked down at the ground.

"I can't take any chances Fuji, I'm sure you understand," Giovanni said, still trying to make eye contact.

"I understand sir…"

He actually did understand, even though this would mean abandoning valuable information. The creatures would be extremely powerful, and any rebellion could be very dangerous.

"I'm just glad we caught this problem before the creatures were old enough to remember anything."

The other scientists had started to get back to work. All but one woman. She was an average height, brunette. She was staring away from the conversing men, seemingly toward nothing, with some sort of sad glaze in her eyes.

"Well everything else looks good Fuji. Get rid of one of them. I want to see only one when I come back tomorrow. The next time you decide to go against my orders, don't expect me to be so lenient."

The scientist and the woman looked up, wide eyed for just a moment. Fuji then took on a look of defeat.

"Yes sir."

Giovanni stood there for a few more seconds, examining the cloned pokemon. The one on the left, the male by the looks of it, was a very light shade of violet, almost white, on everything but its stomach and lower torso. It was colored a deeper shade of purple in those areas. The deep purple continued through the creature's legs until it hit the rather long tail, which also took the same color. It was still very small and curled up in a ball, so it was hard to examine any detailed features. He could see a strange tube running from the base of the back of the neck into the creatures head. He guessed it was to help blood get to the brain.

The female clone was identical to the male, save only a few things. It was more smoothly formed and sleek; a more rounded body. It was not the most obvious difference but it was perceivable. It was also colored slightly differently. The upper torso, arms, and head were completely white, while the stomach and tail were a faded, light violet, lighter than the male's color.

As Giovanni turned away and strutted out of the main lab, the main scientist, Dr. Fuji sighed. "Well I guess I'll take care of this then…"

"Wait," the woman spoke up, seemingly jolted from her trance of thoughts. She glanced back at Giovanni, then looking back at Fuji, "I'll take care of it. You've done enough work for one day." She wasn't making eye contact with him.

Fuji looked at her strangely. "Okay, thanks. Hmm…" He paused, looking over the two Mewtwos, "just take the female. Giovanni would want the stronger one for his plans and the male is already showing signs of having increased psychic capabilities."

The woman nodded, looked at the container with the female and sighed. She slowly pushed at it towards the entrance and winced as she heard the squealing of the rusty wheels. Without a word she exited the lab.

When she got to her destination, she looked at the creature inside again. So small, so innocent. With a determined, but wary composure, she continued past the door labeled "Waste—Caution: Hazardous Materials" and turned down a long hallway, praying no one would be there.

She sighed in relief as she saw the hallway was empty. She quickly wheeled the container down to the end of the hallway and opened the last door on the left with a key. The gym was a few doors down to her right. She entered the room, warm, cozy, painted a deep red. Nothing unusual. There were some flowers scattered around the room in vases. The pushed the creature up to a wall with a table. On the table was a vase filled with roses. One of the roses was a brilliant white. She slowly pulled out the white rose with a sad frown, looking back at the container as she did so.

Suddenly, the wall seemed to slide open from an unseen crease. The girl just looked at the widening, dark gap being created with that same sad frown. The gap, now fully opened, was about 4 feet wide. It was large enough to wheel the container through.

The room on the other side was dark, and somewhat small. "I knew this place would come to some use some day," she mused, looking at the floating pokemon. She then snapped out of her sad trance and seemed to remember what she had been doing. Hurriedly, she hooked the plugs hanging from the container onto some beeping machinery around the edges of the small room.

I hope I'm doing the right thing, she thought as she finished up connecting the machine.

She stepped back to look at the container, watching the closed lids of the strange, purple and white pokemon floating in the liquid.

"You're safe now…" she paused, looking away, staring at nothing, "… Lyric…"


End of Prologue


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