Title: Lines in the Sand

Author: Shinymonkey8




Mewtwo's final battle with Giovanni began. Only fighting hand-to-hand, Mewtwo took on dozens and dozens of Team Rocket's grunts and dark Pokemon. The clone somehow managed to fend them off, but only just barely, as he was injured quite severely in the process. Because of this, once Giovanni sent out his most powerful Pokemon, a Hydreigon. Mewtwo was no match for the powerful dragon Pokemon and was defeated. He was deposited at the edge of the skyscraper—a mass of broken bones and torn skin—and Giovanni could finally do whatever he wanted to the clone.

Meanwhile, Lyric was grabbed by a strange figure, who turned out to be the real old man—the scientist, Robert, was the old man's identical twin. The old man told Lyric his life story: how he once worked for Team Rocket, and when Giovanni killed his daughter and fired him, he vowed revenge on the Rocket boss. With a colleague, he continued work on a TM, with which he thought he could get that revenge. It was deemed a failure when it was tested on Lyric, to no immediate effect. Scrapping the project, they began work on another TM: Transform, which they eventually perfected and used on the old man, not bothering to check and see if it had any side effects. Using his new powers, the old man, after explaining everything to Lyric, transformed into a copy of the female clone, destroyed the tracking device and psychic blocker that Robert carried, and rescued Alvar. Seeing Mewtwo at gunpoint, the old man sacrificed himself, pushing Mewtwo out of the way and taking the bullet, falling off the skyscraper to perish.

While Giovanni was stunned, Mewtwo managed to escape, and Giovanni, knowing that he was critically injured and could not get help, did not give chase. Mewtwo's powers failed him as he tried levitating away from the skyscraper, which caused him to plummet to the ground, injuring him almost to the point of death. Lyric managed to find him and heal him before this could happen, and unknown to the Rockets, she took his unconscious body away from the city, where they would both be safe, hopefully for the rest of their lives.

(Very long summary, as many exceedingly important events occurred in the previous chapter. If you are having trouble remembering what happened or are generally confused, I recommend that you reread the chapter.)


There was a short puff of smoke as the match was lit. There was no need to wake him up with a brighter light... He was still recovering and needed the sleep. Even with his natural regenerative capabilities, his recovery would still take a few more months. His injuries were much worse than anyone could have imagined... but at least there wouldn't be any permanent effects.

As the lit match was brought in contact with the wick, the candle ignited; a comforting scent of lavender rose in the warm air. The candle provided an adequate amount of illumination for what her task called for.

Knowing that sleep would not come until she was finished, she refrained from hesitating, but the memories of past events continued to float into her consciousness. Shaking her head to rid it of the thoughts, she pulled the chair back and sat down quietly, setting the burning piece of wax on the desk as she did so. After taking a drawn out look at the one she loved, lying with his tail curled up around him in what looked like a comfortable position in the corner, she took the pen in her hand and began to write:

Hello Mewtwo,

I know this will be confusing to you, but please continue to read. Everything will be explained with time. For now, it is important that you follow what this message says to the letter.

Go to the Rocket Headquarters. On the right side of the building facing north, there is an alley with a large, green dumpster in the center. Go to it. You will find me. I truly hope you will know what to do then.



Setting the pen down, she stared at the word, 'Sincerely.' All the pain, heartbreak, and sorrow of the past events overwhelmed her at that point. A solitary tear fell from her eye and landed just below her name as she took the paper in her three-fingered hand.

An eerie, blue glow enveloped the letter as she focused on it through the tears. After a few more seconds of strained concentration, the blue glow was soon mixed with a translucent red. Shutting her tear-filled eyes, she felt the building power gently climax, and shivered at the sensation of the letter escaping from her grasp as it vanished, evaporating into nothingness. The faint trace of blue and red colors strangely lingering in the empty air were not seen by her; she had curled up in a ball on the chair, still concentrating through the near overwhelming sorrow.

She kept this position for only half a minute before finally relaxing, letting her limbs fall limp at her sides. Opening her eyes at long last, she looked upwards at the darkness of the room, illuminated very slightly by faint flickers of the candle.

Close your eyes.

Feeling exhaustion overwhelm her, she let her heavy eyelids shut.

It is done...

With that thought reverberating through her mind, Lyric fell asleep, letting the comforting, familiar blackness overtake her senses.




Author's note:

It's over! My first fanfiction has finally come to a conclusion. I hope you liked it.

Looking back at my first chapters, I find it almost unbelievable seeing how much I have grown as an author over this past year. It has been a very interesting, satisfying experience, and I very much enjoyed it.

In any case, I left the story open for interpretation, but at the same time it has a definite conclusion, and I rather like how it turned out. It may anger some people not knowing what exactly happens, but I find this ending very thought-provoking, and I personally love things like that. There could be a sequel, and there couldn't be... we'll just have to see.

I can see how this can be confusing as well, but I don't want to give a straightforward explanation of what happened, as that would ruin the whole point. If you still are utterly confused, just drop me a PM, and I will explain the best I can.

Hopefully you readers have thoughts and comments on the finished story, and if you do, just leave a review. I enjoy seeing what you all think.

I want to thank all the following people for their tremendous help and motivation:

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Without all of you, there would have been absolutely no way I could have finished this. I cannot thank you enough for keeping me motivated and giving me constructive criticism when I most needed it.

Before I go, I just wanted to admit something. When I started this, I had no idea what to expect. It might be hard to believe, but I had none of this planned. Basically, I had planned up to the point where Lyric faints of exhaustion back at the alley. All of the things that happened in the recent chapters and how everything worked out... I really can't explain how it happened. Luck? Anyway, I'm very glad that it did work out, and I have learned my lesson.

It will be a strange feeling to finally mark 'complete' for Lines in the Sand. I really look forward to seeing how my writing endeavors pan out in the future... it will definitely be interesting.

See you soon!