A/N: Starring Yusuke.


Even as Yusuke is getting socked brutally in the face by his ancestral father, he could only think of the girl he left behind in Tokyo. He thinks of her smiling, and how he prefers her slaps. He wants her to know how much he misses her. Yusuke also knows he can't reach out and tell her, because he's seen what people were willing to do to Kurama's mother.

Yet Keiko isn't a girl, but a capable woman with the ability to defend herself. He still worries and wants her safe, even if it costs her love for him.

In the end, isn't it what it comes to her? Him and her; Keiko and Yusuke. He wishes he could see the future, and know that she'll still love, that maybe they would settle down together.

But Yusuke isn't made for settling down, which sets an unshakeable feeling in his stomach. What if. What if she manages to still love him despite his absence? What if his restlessness pushes her away? But what ifs aren't his style, so he only thinks of her while being socked in the face.