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This is just the prologue and setting up the premise; the rest of the chapters will definitely be longer.

There were several things Kurt Hummel never wanted to hear in his life. Ever. Among them were;

- 'Your fashion sense is horrendously outdated.'

- 'Your mum isn't actually dead, she just wanted a new start.'

- 'Rachel Berry is a fashion icon.'

- 'Lauren Zizes has the hots for you, big time.'

- 'Sue Sylvester is a sane human being.'

The list went on, but they were some of the big ones. However, the one phrase that would end up topping the list was one he couldn't have dreamed of in his wildest imagination. And had circumstances been different, he probably would have been highly amused by it. But things were what they were and he would quickly come to realise that there are some mistakes that are simply irreversible.

When Puck declared "Quinn's got one in the oven," he froze in disbelief. The words took several long seconds to sink in, and once they did, he didn't want to believe them. But everything was starting to make sense. Her suddenly going green and running out of the room during rehearsal, the way she snapped at people more frequently. The way she'd burst into tears when their maths teacher had told her she'd forgotten to move a decimal point one place over.

The conversation went on around him. When had it happened? How long had she known? Was there a chance it could be Finn's? Did her parents know? How could the Glee kids be so selfish as to be revelling in being the first to hear the scandal?

He couldn't breathe. He couldn't comprehend anything beyond "Quinn is pregnant."

Pregnant. As in, with a baby. As in, she was sixteen and going to be a mother and he...

Oh god.

His stomach dropped to his feet as a new wave of realisation and possibility hit him.

His feet were moving before he could think it through properly. He was vaguely aware of Mercedes calling his name, and him saying something about the bathroom. But his attention was on finding Quinn.

Who was pregnant.

By some miracle she was alone in the emptying corridor when he found her. She saw him and her step faltered slightly.

"Quinn," he said, not recognizing the hollow sound of his own voice. "Is it… are you…"

"It's Finn's." she said. A little too quickly.


She glared at him. Her gaze pierced through him sharply, but he wasn't intimidated by her. He held his head steadily and looked her directly in the eye. Silently saying he wasn't going to back down.

"It's Finn's. That's the story I'm sticking with until I die. You can go now."

He shook his head. "Just... tell me. I need to know."

She bit her lip and glanced around. "Apparently condoms expire," there was a slight shake in her voice.


She grabbed his collar roughly and pulled him close so they were nearly nose-to-nose. "It is not getting out that the flaming gay kid knocked me up. Ever. You understand?"

Kurt narrowed his gaze right back at her and stared at her steadily. "I understand perfectly. After all, I wouldn't want it getting out that I was that insecure in who I was that I slept with Quinn Fabray."

"So that's it then?" she let him go.

"That's it."

She stalked off and Kurt watched her leave. It wasn't until she was completely out of sight everything hit and he felt downright queasy, he rushed to the nearest bathroom where he promptly threw up. This couldn't be happening. Not to him, of all people.

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