Author's Note (1/3/2012): I'm going to mark this as just a Harry Potter fanfiction (as opposed to as a Crossover). Yes, this is crossover. No, the fandom this crosses over with has no other crossover authors. I'm seriously the only person on FFN that crosses stuff with Hime-chan's Ribbon. If you have read this whole thing and did not notice it... this is a crossover. With Hime-chan's Ribbon. Which you probably haven't heard of.

It was the end of December, and "Some Weird Japanese Romance Movie" had just hit it big in Surrey. How it got to Surrey in the first place is anyone's guess, but the end result was that the director of the movie wound up spending the winter there. The Director, one Tarou Nonohara, along with his wife Hanako and daughter Aiko, were staying in a hotel not too far from Little Whinging. True, there had been some problems getting there (what with Hanako expecting and all), and there were rumors that crime was rampant, but they had made the trip safely. Hanako wasn't due for another two weeks anyway, and they'd be safely back in Japan long before then.

That's what they said when they left. Now, they were frantically trying to get to a hospital. It was five-thirty in the afternoon on December 31st, and while traffic was lighter than it could have been, it was still frustrating. Especially since the car in front hadn't noticed that they were clear to turn.


Instead of pulling away, the driver's side door opened, and out stepped a large, beefy man with very little neck.

"IS there a problem?" asked the beefy man. It was clear that he had no intention of helping.

"[My wife is going into labor, and you're clear to turn. Please move your car so that we can get to a hospital.]"

The beefy man looked at Tarou as though he had two heads. "Damn Japs, always trying to do three times as much as the rest of the world. What's your problem, eh? Golf ball in the wrong hole?" He chuckled at his own joke.

Hanako sighed, and said forcefully (and in only slightly accented English) "Move your car so I can have my baby in a hospital! Or would you like to deliver?"

Faced with both the force of a woman in labor and the prospect of having to deal with another non-hospital childbirth, Vernon Dursley quickly went back to his car and, in his panic, drove in the completely opposite direction that he intended to.

Something in his mind told him that he had not seen the last of those foreigners.

Six months later, Vernon Dursley and his wife had a small run-in with another family of foreigners.


It was a drab and rainy afternoon, and the Dursleys were just on their way back from Petunia's parents' house. Neither of them wanted to speak about the Potters. The roads were slick, but Vernon, arrogant as he was, did not drive any slower than usual.

Which is why he hit the car in front of him at the next stop light. Thankfully, nobody was injured, and the damage was minimal, but the person inside the car was what made it a problem.

"Brilliant." Muttered Vernon Dursley under his breath, when both men had finished surveying the damage. "I don't suppose we can just forget about this?"

"[Wet roads, hit from behind...] Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Inspector Kobayashi with Interpol."

"In... Interpol?" paled Vernon.

"No need to be alarmed; this is nothing major, and I see no reason to pursue anything."

"Er, if you say so Sir."

"Just promise me you'll be more careful tonight." said the Inspector with a hint of threatening in his voice.

"Of-of Course!"

Unknown to either the Dursleys or any of the foreigners they had run across, a woman in London was standing outside of a run-down office building, waiting for someone. Out of the glass, as though it was not there, came a man dressed in white robes. He was carrying a small girl in his arms. The man and woman kissed, then disappeared into the night. Only their families knew that the little girl was soon to be known as Hikaru Smethwyck, and only Healer Smethwyck knew what future lay in store for his daughter.

He silently prayed that his daughter would grow up without the war that darkened the Wizarding World for so many years. Little did he know that his wish would be granted, thanks to a combination of betrayals and sacrifices. Perhaps, had he known what the cost would have been, he would have never wished it. Still, it happened. A year and some months later, on October 31st... well, I'm sure you know the rest.

Vernon Dursley had never had a normal life, no matter what he said to the contrary.