It's been a long time since I submitted anything recently. After rewatching Metropolis in french, I just felt writing this since it was the part where Tima falls from such great heights. Disclaimer: I don't own the movie or manga or original concept of Metropolis since Fritz Lang and Osamu Tezuka do. I'm just doing this for the fun and sadness of it(put those 2 together and you get an oxymoron).

I can't hold onto her much longer. I can't stand this pain, my arm is going to tear off.

Please grab this hand, please, at least hold it, I'm doing this for you.

Tima It's Ken-Ichi for the millionth time.

Please grab my hand.

Damn I'm so weak, my grip is losing yours.

This is a long drop, things aren't look so good.

I, don't want to lose you.

Tima if you can hear me, please say something.

I just want to hear your voice. Please say something.

I wish I could hold you longer. I really do but I'm too weak.

No, I'm losing you.

*Tima speaks*

Who are you? If I could hold you longer, I'd tell you, but that seems useless.

You're Tima, and only that matters.

Tima, Tima…