Chapter 1: Room Service

"If you're not a little bit selfish…. You'll never be happy…"

I looked into the dish of which he prepared for me. Hamburger patties and curry. The thing about Hayate wasn't so much that he was a pain, but it was his good memory. The last time we had this meal was when he stayed over at my house for those three nights. The nights when I thought that he and Ayumu were together. I remember calling him a playboy. Silly me…

"Hinagiku-san!" He yelled softly as he put his hand on my shoulder.

"What do you want?" I looked over at his hand on my shoulder and blushed.

He moved his hand quickly and said, "You look to be in such a daze. Are you mad at me? I'm so sorry…"

I looked at him, then bopped him on the head with my hand. "Naw, but if you apologize so much, eventually maybe I won't believe you." I gave him a wink to let him know I was just kidding.

"Ah. I…see…" he replied in a mellow voice.

"No, really. I'm here cause I wanted to spend time with you. Really."

Well, that was mostly true. It was also true that Alice manipulated me into living here with her threat of telling Hayate how I felt about him. That devlish child… But nevertheless! It's going to be three long months, so I might as well make the most of it!

"Hayate, I wanted to tell you something very important."

I was going to tell him. I had to. I know he just got done with Athena, but I had to tell him!

A mumbling voice from the room over said, "Hayate…where's my food…? You're not a very good butler!"

It was Alice…what a pain! She never wakes up this early! Is she trying to torture me or something? First she puts Hayate and me on the spot, and now when I'm trying to confess, she interrupts?

"Sorry A-ten!" Hayate said.

Hayate looked at me, and I shrugged. To think, Hayate and myself having a child like mopey, high-maintainance and groggy. I would never allow… I blushed at the thought of having a child with Hayate. What…what am I thinking? No, no. This is not happening! I need to shake these emotions off!

"Hinagiku-san! What was the important thing you had to say to me?" Hayate said.

I sighed, and looked at the crowd around us. Chiharu had just woken up, and there was Alice. The small crowd had ruined the moment.

"J-Just wanted to say…the food was excellent."

I blushed and walked away. Tomorrow would be the day, I'm sure of it. But that's what I said to myself yesterday…

"WHAT WILL I DO?" I shouted to myself.