Hello my lovely Whovians! This is my first Doctor Who fanfic, and I must say, I am very excited. ;) Here's a little bit you need to know about the story; it is set a little after the christmas special when Amy and Rory are back with the Doctor, it is a 11th Doctor/Rose-ish piece, and it is not going to be super-long, but in a format somewhat like an episode on TV, just broken down. This is an exploration I've been going over in my head as a "What if?" the 11th Doctor and Rose ever got to meet again. If you like it, leave an awesome review. If you hate it, leave me a review telling me why. leave a review even if you just want to say hi. :) - KMC

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"Come on Pond, keep up! A few weeks off for your honey moon and you're already sluggish. That goes for you too, Mr. Pond!" the Doctor ignored Rory's annoyed face at his newly earned nickname. The Doctor circled the TARDIS console, pulling levers and pushing seemingly random buttons. Amy tried to follow suit, but only succeeded in looking flustered. The Doctor ran to the TRADIS's screen and checked the coordinates again. "In no time we'll be on Matraxis 7, the only planet made entirely of titanium alloy. Hard to walk, but beautiful sunsets…"

Amy smiled at her raggedy doctor, and was glad to be back on the TARDIS with her boys. Rory, even though he argued that the only reason he stayed was for her, looked pleased to be back in the magical police box. The Doctor had promised them no dangerous places or planets, considering the mess they had been in with the Pandorica. No, he promised beautiful places full of peaceful and traqui—

CRASH!The TARDIS began to shake violently, and all three passengers were thrown about like rag dolls. "Doctor! What's happening?" Amy yelled over the explosions and sirens. "I don't know!" the Doctor yelled back helpfully while trying to reach the TARDIS controls. Amy saw Rory trying to pull himself through a door to the side that led to the library… and the swimming pool. Rory was drenched head to toe, and the resulting water made his trek across the TARDIS into a comical dance of sorts.

The Doctor grabbed the computer screen and attempted to locate where the TRADIS was heading. The screen suddenly went blank and the TARDIS went black. Rory yelled, "AMY! Are you all right?" and in his attempt to locate his wife in the dark, he succeeded in tripping over her legs and tangling his limbs with hers. The Doctor did not know what was able to short out the TARDIS's power like that, and he desperately tried to get any reading at all on where they were or how he could stop their free fall.

All of a sudden, the lights returned and the TARDIS groaned to a stop. "Amy, Rory, are you all right?" the DOCTOR called out to the newlyweds. Amy replied, "I will be once Rory gets his foot off my back!" "Oh! Sorry!" answered Rory, and the two were able to more or less disentangle themselves and return to an upright position. All the while, the Doctor was frantically trying to find their location, not even noticing his bow-tie was completely crooked.

"It seems we have landed on….. Earth? Hmmmm, that's interesting. We seem to be in London in the twenty first century. Actually, not long after your wedding." The Doctor continued to type away while Rory and Amy looked bewildered. "Doctor, I don't understand. How were we pulled from space millions of miles away and thousands of years in the future….to Earth?" Rory asked.

"I don't know….yet" the Doctor answered. "Really, the only thing that could pull the TARDIS from the sky is a momentous event that could alter the course of all realities, causing our universe and every other universe to implode, leaving absolutely nothing." Amy and Rory exchanged worried looks, knowing they weren't going to get their quiet tripped like they had planned. The Doctor continued, "the TARDIS, being a time machine, would have been drawn to this time like a magnet. Imagine the TARDIS is a small kitchen magnet and whatever pulled us in is an MRI machine. It had no chance. One of the first times this happened to me, I was pulled into another universe by the creation of the cybermen."

"Oh yes! I remember you telling me that story," Amy exclaimed. But weren't you stranded without power because the TARDIS couldn't use the parallel world's energy?"

"Well yes," the Doctor said to the floor of his TARDIS, afraid of what his face would betray with the flux of emotion those memories brought. "But luckily for us, it is impossible to cross into other dimensions. Besides, this is a new TARDIS. The upgrade allows for an energy back up system in case of emergencies like that. Anyway, this event, whatever it may be, is going to affect the entire universe, every universe. Even parallel dimensions."

Amy and Rory shared looks of concern, for they were currently in the middle of what could possibly be the end of the world…again. "Well," Amy asked, "What are we going to do?"

The Doctor looked at the newly married couple, a mischievous glint in his ancient eyes. He stood up tall, straightened his bow tie, and asked, "Fancy a walk?"

"Doctor, do you really think this is such a good idea, I mean, how do we know we're not walking into a desolate wasteland or war zone?" Rory half asked, half pleaded. "Oh please, Rory, It'll be fine," the doctor waved off Rory's concern, "Besides, the TARDIS will have landed us at least 24 hours before this event will occur. Plenty of time for us to go check things out a bit, and it's going to need at least a few hours to repair itself and recharge its energy source." The Doctor brushed aside Rory out of the TARDIS doors, with Amy close behind, the familiar look of burning curiosity already present on her face. With a sigh, Rory accepted his defeat and followed the Doctor and Amy out of the doors.

They seemed to be in the center of a large, sprawling park, the TARDIS under a dense layer of trees so thick the sky could not be seen. "See Rory? Nothing to worry about." The Doctor gloated. He wandered off a little, to see if he could identify what part of London they were in, when he caught glimpse of the large machines in the sky. Amy and Rory saw the Doctor stop dead a few feet away, gazing at the sky.

"Doctor? What is it?" Amy questioned. She rushed to see what the Doctor could be staring at, when she also caught sight of them. Zeppelins. Hundreds of them. Floating around the buildings of London. "Doctor, I don't understand. You said this was London— " But when she saw his face, Amy stopped dead. The Doctor was staring at the Zeppelin in horror, his eyes filled with a thousand different emotions.

"No, no, NO!" the Doctor yelled, and took of running down the sidewalk. Amy scrambled after him, and Rory scrambled after Amy. The Doctor ran to the nearest park bench, and stopped still. Finally, Amy and Rory caught up and stared at the ad on the bench. It was a hologram with movement and sound. It looked as if a man, maybe in his 40's with sandy blonde hair and kind blue eyes was sitting on the bench holding an energy drink in his hand, but every once in a while, the image would flicker, revealing its true nature. The hologram smiled and said "Hello! Pete Tyler here with my newest line of energy drinks. With thirty flavors to choose from, you can have a delicious boost of energy any time of day. Trust me."

Amy and Rory both sent questioning glances towards the Doctor, and were rewarded with the sight of the Doctor's face, filled with a mixture of horror, sadness, confusion, and worst of all…fear. He turned to his young companions, centuries of pain swimming in his eyes, and said, "This is something you won't here a lot, but I was wrong. Completely wrong. We are in a parallel world, a world we should never have been able to come to, a world I had promised was closed off forever. That means whatever event pulled us here is much worse than I had feared."

Amy and Rory were filled with dread at seeing the Doctor so scared and hopeless. "What do you mean, Doctor? What is it about this parallel world?" Amy asked. The Doctor, looking more and more lost by the second responded quietly, "I've been here before. Remember the cybermen? I cannot be here, she is here. I swore to her it would be closed forever. If they see me…" The Doctor pulled his hands through his hair, looking almost like a lost child. "Doctor," Amy said grabbing his arm, forcing him to look at her, "I still don't understand. Who is 'her'?"

What none of them realized is that they were only a couple meters from a park, and a rouge ball escaped from its owner and hit the back of the Doctor's knees. Lost in his thoughts, he turned, bewildered at the sensation. Upon realizing the culprit was a red rubber ball, he bent and picked up the offending object. A small girl, maybe six or seven years old ran up to the Doctor and said, "Sorry Mister. Can I have my ball back?" Even in his distraught state, his fondness for children won out, and a small, sad smile played on his lips. The Doctor knelt down and handed the girl the ball and whispered, "Next time aim for the head. A good whack always brings me to my senses." He winked at the little girl and stood to examine her. She looked to be tall for her age, with dirty blonde hair and a sweet, if somewhat mischievous, smile. The thing that astounded him were the eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful caramel color, but they seemed so familiar. He almost felt that if he stared into them long enough, that he would see his own reflection staring back at him.

The little girl smiled at him again, and turn and ran off with her ball, back to the playground. "Sooo, Doctor, what are we going to do about this event and the whole parallel universe thing?" Rory attempted to ask. But the doctor was not listening. His eyes followed the little girl back to the park, straight into her mother's arms. Rose. Same hair, same eyes, same beautiful smile. She picked the girl up and spun her around, planting a kiss on her cheek. Rose's daughter. But that must mean…

The Doctor felt the strangest combination of sadness, desperation, joy, and jealousy as the human version of his former regeneration walk up and put an arm around Rose and plant a loving kiss on her forehead. That's why the little girl's eyes looked so familiar, they were his eyes, or, they used to be his eyes. A daughter. A beautiful happy family. What he always wanted for Rose, but the Doctor still couldn't stop the unbearable sadness descending on him while looking at the family he could never have given her. Amy and Rory, completely forgotten by the Doctor, stayed silent as they tried to puzzle out why this ordinary family was causing him so much pain.

The Doctor continued to stare at the happy scene until Amy quietly asked him, "So, who are they?" The Doctor, shaken out of his silent misery, replied softly, "I… I can't—" when suddenly, and quiet unexplainably, Rose lifted her eyes from her daughter and met the Doctor's across the park. A look of confusion crossed her face, and then, in the depths of her eyes a small blossom of comprehension budded. She stood up, said something to the human Doctor, and began to slowly walk over to where the Doctor, Amy, and Rory were standing.

The Doctor, realizing Rose was coming, turned to his companions and said hoarsely, "Come on. We have to leave. And it is imperative that whatever you do, do not call me-"


At that moment, every single zeppelin in the sky exploded, and in their place were hundreds and thousands of Daleks, while around every street corner appeared row after row of Cybermen, their voices joining in a frenzied chorus of "EXTERMINATE!" and "DELETE!"