Silent Melody

It's the start of a new fan fiction and I'm glad that you have chosen to read it. Please do feedback and enjoy the story. ~Destiny Aitsuji.

Chapter 1

"Scar, what do you like about me?" Armeria asked.

The Grim Reaper tattooed pirate turned to look at her and thought for a while. Armeria's heart pounded in her ears and a tinge of pink touched her cheeks. The pirate drank in the adorable image of his love and replied her "Your voice."

It was true that Armeria had a voice like no other and only Luce himself could truly appreciate her songs. She sings only for him, the nightingale of his childhood, his true love and his siren, all the same girl.

Scar's envious crew watched the couple silently as the golden orb dipped below the horizon, casting a shadow over the vast skies.

Night descended upon them and snitches of songs from drunken sea dogs were heard from the lower deck. Their captain stood in the darkness alone, steering the ship. He heard the singing of the crew's only lass and smiled to himself. If there was one thing on the ship that Armeria could do right, it would be to entertain the crew and keep them happy so that a mutiny would not occur.

Though Luce does not usually treat his men badly and flog them, he could be a ruthless captain when in a foul mood. The crew knew him well enough. That, however, was in the past. When Armeria came aboard, things started to change.

After a tiring day in the scorching sun, the crew had been worn out. To lighten the burden of his crew, Luce had offered to be the one on night watch. Doc, claimed that he had insomnia, stayed up with Luce.

Armeria was up till late for she was busy with the dishes and preparations for the next morning's breakfast. She had been very angry with the mice on board lately for they had been chewing holes in the food supplies.

Storming up the stairs, the wooden boards creaked as she passed. Making no effort to disguise her footsteps, Armeria went in search of Luce and found him right away.

Luce was talking to Doc and discussing things in a low voice but went silent upon seeing Armeria. Doc puffed his pipe and looked nonchalant. Clearly these guys were hiding something from Armeria. It's already been a year since Armeria joined the ship but the guys still treat her like she's not part of the crew. Armeria was tired of how Luce was overprotective of her safety and thinking that she was incapable of handling matters. Still, all these infuriating matters melt away when Luce spoke.

"Come here Alto."

Grudgingly, Armeria walked to him. His almighty captain tone puts her off. Still, she had to obey him. Captain's orders must always be obeyed and there are no exceptions.

Once she had come up the deck, Luce handed the steering wheel to her and Armeria looked blankly at him. Doc exchanged a glance with Armeria and winked at her before yawning and heading back to his cabin.

Armeria took the wheel and was unsure how to steer it so she just held it straight. Still puzzled as to why Luce did this, she wanted to ask him a question when he came from behind her and guided her.

The waters were calm and the stars shone brightly in the sky that night though there was no moon. The couple stayed silent in that position for a long time, enjoying the company of each other. Armeria's anger slowly subsided. Luce towered over her easily for she was of petite build. Sneaky arms made their way around Armeria's tiny waist and caressed her. His head rested on her shoulder and Armeria's heart raced. Blood rushed to her cheeks and she became rigid. Luce had felt her stiffen but decided to play with her a little longer. He tightened his hold around her and she gasped "Captain!" Luce chuckled "Just kidding. It's late, go to sleep."

Armeria then bid her beloved captain goodnight and went off. Once he was certain Armeria had slept, he came out of the hiding place. "So, what are you thinking of?"

The young captain Scar starred at the old captain and sighed heavily. The wizened man blew out smoke from the opium pipe. He bent over the side of the ship and advised the youth, "Go easy on her. She's just a child. If you want to make an honest woman out of her, then wait. She's turning sixteen in only a few more months."

"That's not it." Doc looked at his apprentice. "I intend to marry her properly as soon as possible but I'm afraid I won't get that chance."

"Why not?" asked Doc.

Luce turned to him and recounted how he had found out about Armeria's precarious condition. According to Luce, Armeria had an incurable disease that shortened her lifespan. She might not live pass the age of twenty and this disease made Armeria lose her senses one by one until she lose her control of her body and finally fall into the hands of death.

Luce had overheard the troupe master discussing to sell Armeria off to a brothel to make some money as they knew she was destined to die young. Luce then felt pity for her when she sang with such a melodious voice at his uncle's manor. Her voice captivated his heart almost instantly and it was hard to believe that she was dying. He had wanted to run away form the manor with her and take her someplace where she would be happier. He wanted to hear her sing for him out of joy and perhaps make her feel loved.

The raid of the pirates had totally altered the course of his life and Luce decided it would somehow be best for Armeria to live her life freely. He told her to run but she still insisted to come along. He never thought that Armeria would one day find him on the ship and give him a second chance to love.

Armeria had always been a stubborn child and though it was not too surprising to see her turn up again. What really surprised him was the change in her eyes. They were no longer the eyes of an innocent child but the eyes of a fighter. The fiery pupils glowed with unexplained anger and Luce did not understand what had changed her so much. Eight years was indeed a long time.

Doc listened with interest and held his questions to the end. There were some things that he already knew before even Luce shared anything with him. Still, he found that it was not necessary to tell Luce anything. He was stressed up enough already with problems of his own. The crew had been low in morale lately and mainly due to the news of Admiral Reid's massive pirate crackdown.

The old man had pondered much on this provoking matter lately and roughly had an idea about how to go about handling this but he wasn't too sure of how his young apprentice would take it. After all it did concern the life of his siren.

The two men went about discussing important matters with regards to the ocean's unrest and left this topic behind. Then, Doc yawned. Luce told him "You should really go get some rest. Your old bones need it." Doc couldn't agree more.

Just as he was about to walk off, Luce called after him "Doc," and the old fellow stopped. Luce asked "What would you do if you were in my situation?" Initially Doc had thought he was referring to the crew but when he saw the look in Luce's eyes, he understood it was about Armeria.

"I'll find a cure." With that he retired and left Luce alone to his thinking.

Meanwhile, Armeria had heard every single word of their conversation throughout the night. So they knew about it all along. That's why Luce and Doc especially had been so gentle with her. Silently she went back to bed and drifted off into a dreamless slumber.