AN: This story is an offshoot of The Might Vampire Aono. It picks up when Tsukune has just dismissed Ria as a lover when she made an attempt at him and was found lacking.

Do No Harm

Chapter 1 A Scheming Woman

Ria sat in the back of her limo slowly seething. Her hands opened and closed, opened and closed. It was a rare thing for her to ever be so furious. Few creatures were brave enough, or ignorant enough, to offend her. When they did she either destroyed them immediately (if they were insignificant) or began plotting a proper revenge. It was on those rare occasions that she was denied these options that the frustration began to fill her to over flowing.

It was the two people she hated most in all the world that were thwarting her now. First there was her worthless half-sister Moka. The weak hearted, weak willed, offspring of that woman Akasha Bloodriver. Her honored father, Lord Akashiya Issa, had truly loved Akasha and loved Moka as well. Ria, who worshiped her father in all ways, was trusted by him, cared for by him, needed by him… but not loved by him. Moka, who did not appreciate their father's love, had the thing Ria craved most and treated it as an inconvenience.

Was it any wonder she despised and hated the girl?

Then there was Aono Tsukune, Moka's lover and future mate. She had brought him to the castle to meet their father and receive his approval. It was the very first time Moka had ever brought anyone home with her. Upon meeting him Ria had initially dismissed him as nothing more than a weakling; utterly unworthy of joining the exalted Akashiya clan. Clearly her feeble sister had decided to scoop up the first vampire to pay any attention to her.

So Ria had decided to have a little fun with him. She had tried to seduce him and win his affections for herself. It would be just one more serving of humiliation for Moka and a pleasant little distraction for her. That was when Tsukune did something that was both unimaginable and unforgivable.

He had rejected her.

He had rejected her AND told her she did not compare to Moka.

Just the memory of those words made Ria start to slowly grind her teeth. Moka represented everything that Ria despised. She was soft, gentle, weak willed, forgiving, and ungrateful. To be told by someone she did not measure up to that worthless empty headed fraud of a sister made her blood smolder within her veins.

She had immediately come up with what should have been the ideal punishment for the young idiot couple. Rather than simply reject Tsukune as a suitor for Moka outright her father had given him an impossible task to fulfill; steal his sword back from a dragon even he could not defeat. If it was too much for a vampire elder then what possible chance could a weakling like Tsukune have? He would either die in the attempt or run away. Moka would then either see her cherished boy die or abandon her; a fitting solution.

But then, unbelievably, Tsukune had returned to the castle with her father's sword in his hands. How he could have managed that was still beyond her, but he had. Since Lord Akashiya was a man of honor he had kept his end of the bargain. He not only approved of Tsukune as a mate for Moka, but even embraced him as a son.

"Ria," her father had said sternly. "I forbid you to hurt Tsukune of any member of his family. You are to do no harm."

She'd had no choice but to bend her neck and acknowledge his command. Just as with her sister she was barred from directly attacking him or his family.

That did not mean he was forgiven or that she was done with them. Ria was patient and clever and did not ever forget a wrong. Even if she could not strike directly there were always other ways.

When the two of them had left the castle Ria had ordered them to be followed.

That was how she came to be here now, sitting in a limo in a middle class suburb of Yokahama. She had discovered Tsukune's secret. While he was now a vampire his family members were nothing but ordinary humans. Tsukune had obviously been born human and been turned into a second born vampire.

Like most of her kind her father held humans in contempt. Oh they had their place; they provided food and were good servants. But that did not mean he would have them actually in his family! One did not marry the hired help! That Moka would choose a former human to be her mate was typical of her selfishness. She did not care a whit that she would be disgracing their father. She was just lonely and wanted someone to put up with her so she had turned the first boy to come along! Disgusting!

"But what to do about it," she muttered.

It was rare for Ria to hesitate. She would analyze the situation, plot the best course and begin to act. Here though there was a dilemma.

As much as she hated Moka and Tsukune she happened to love her father even more. She would not allow him to be hurt or to see his reputation suffer. Any hint of a blood tie between him and some human trash would drag the proud Akashiya name through the mud. Moka might not care about that but Ria did.

There was also the fact that her father had already acknowledged Tsukune as his son and ordered both he and his family to not be harmed. Lord Akashiya's word was absolute. Even if she went to him with the truth now it was quite possible he would choose to endure the disgrace of letting a former human become his son in law rather than break his word.

The simplest solution; killing Tsukune and his entire contemptible brood, was denied to her for the same reason. No matter how justified it might be he had ordered to Ria to do no harm and so she could not.

Do no harm.

A slow smile blossomed across her lips. The wheels in her mind began to turn and she saw a possible solution.

Since she was not permitted to do harm, perhaps instead she might do them a certain kindness?

Her smile widened as all sorts of marvelous possibilities began to play out in her imagination.

"Mom, you're staring again." Tsukune said fidgeting in his seat.

"I'm sorry dear, I just still can't believe you actually brought a girl home from school with you, and she's such a beauty!"

"Mooooooom," Tsukune whined.

Moka put a hand over her mouth and giggled at his discomfort. She really adored Tsukune's mother and felt very welcomed and comfortable here. Since the academy was closed down for repairs She would be staying with the Aono family for an undetermined amount of time. The two of them had decided to tell his family that they were, 'just friends.' Moka had been very pleased to learn Tsukune had talked a lot about her to his mom whenever he called home.

"She certainly is," Tsukune's father agreed. His eyes lingered over her for just a bit before politely looking elsewhere.

"It's all too suspicious!" His cousin Kyoko burst out. The five of them were just sitting about the living room relaxing before Tsukune and Moka went out to meet some of his old friends. Tsukune was eager to show her off.

"Kyoko," her aunt chided. "That's not very polite."

"But auntie! Tsukie could barely even talk to a girl! There's no way someone like this would really be interested in him." She leaned forward on her seat and peered intently at Moka. "You're not a normal girl are you?"

"Wha… what?" Moka replied nervously.

"It's obvious what you really are!" Moka and Tsukune shared an uncomfortable glance. "You're a spy trying to recruit Tsukune into a dangerous life as an undercover agent! It's obvious! Admit it! There's no other possible explanation!"

Everyone else in the room looked at her blankly.

Moka turned to Tsukune. "She is joking right?"

"No, I'm afraid she's not."

"Kyoko," Tsukune's mother said. "Please stop accusing our guest of things. Yesterday you believed she was going to have him run away to the circus and the day before that you thought she was a member of the yakuza."

"I still have my suspicions about that one!"

"Kyoko," her aunt sighed. "I am just as shocked as you are, but we'll just have to accept that somehow Tsukune won this girl's interest. I have no idea how he did it but he did."

"Thanks mom."

"Son you know what I mean."

"Come on Tsukune," his father said with an amused grin. "You never once brought a girl over and then you show up with the lovely Moka-san telling us she wants to stay here as a guest. You have to admit it's a bit amazing."

"Though we both approve of you dear," his mother added quickly. "We would really love to welcome you into our family one day."

Moka's cheeks reddened and she looked away shyly. "Thank you, that's very kind of you to say."

"I've got it!" Kyoko shouted and jumped to her feet. "You're actually a foreigner who needs to marry to stay in this country!"

"Moka-san why don't we get going now?"

"I think that would be a great idea Tsukune."

Once the happy couple was gone Kyoko remained trying to convince her aunt and uncle that there was something not quite right about the pink haired girl.

"Kyoko, you really do need to stop with all of these pointless accusations. Moka is a lovely young lady and I don't want you to make her uncomfortable."

"But Auntie! It really is all too suspicious! She just shows up here with Tsukie and wants to stay for who knows how long! She has to have some sort of hidden agenda! That girl is definitely trouble!"

He aunt sighed. "Kyoko, it's cute that you are so overprotective of him, but there are limits to being jealous."

"Jealous?" The girl gasped. "Auntie what are you talking about? I just want to keep Tsukie safe that's all!"

Her aunt sent her a knowing smile.


"Why are you wearing a dress and stockings?"

Kyoko's mouth snapped shut and she stood there looking about as if hoping to spot an answer somewhere. She had always been tomboyish and had dressed in either pants or shorts, only putting on dresses or kimonos on formal occasions. Today though she had come over in a pink and white sun dress with white stockings.

"No special reason," Kyoko said sounding unusually defensive. "I just felt like it is all."

"Suspicious," her aunt said with a laugh.


"You know dear, you're not nearly as good at hiding your feelings as you might like to think."

"I don't know what you mean."

"I know you care a lot about my son, you always have. You have watched out for him since you were both children. Maybe though your feelings have changed while his have not."

"My feelings have always been the same," Kyoko announced defiantly. "I love Tsukie and just want what's best for him!"

"You don't think a girl like Moka is good for him? From what I can tell she is as lovely a person on the inside as she is on the outside. I think Tsukune is very blessed to have a girl like that care for him."

"That's just it though! Why would a girl like that care for someone like Tsukie? It makes no sense! It's suspicious I tell you! Suspicious! Suspicious! Suspicious! He goes off to that weird school no one can find and it burns down. Then he shows up here with this shy innocent princess. It's all too suspicious to believe!" She paused a moment. "Maybe Moka burned the school down to convince Tsukune to invite her. Do you really want him to be involved with an arsonist?"


The doorbell chimed.

"Did they forget something?" Tsukune's mother wondered.

She opened the door expecting to find her son and Moka standing there. What she found instead was a beautiful stranger. A gorgeous woman who looked to be in her early twenties with a choker about her neck and a silver rosario similar to Moka's except for a blue centerpiece. Her eyes were dark brown and she had thick luxuriant coal black hair cascading past her shoulders. She was wearing a formal dress of silver and black that covered her from her choker to her wrists to her ankles. It fit so snugly about her hips and chest though as to show off her voluptuous full figure.

The stranger stood there before her regal and calm, like a high born lady granting an audience. Her dark eyes took her in and Tsukune's mother felt an unaccountable nervousness. Rather as if she if she were a mouse that had drawn the attention of a hawk.

"Can… can I help you?" She finally spoke after and uncomfortably long pause.

The woman nodded her head ever so slightly; a gesture of acknowledgment that might have been polite yet came off as condescending. "Oh me, oh my but I hope so. My name is Sekitan Ria and I am Akashiya Moka's half-sister."

"You're Moka's sister?" Tsukune's mother said startled. She quickly stepped aside and motioned for her to enter. "Won't you please come in?"

"Thank you for your hospitality." She glided past the threshold and entered the Aono's home.

Ria soon found herself in the living room seated on the same couch Moka and Tsukune had been using not ten minutes ago. Tsukune's father and a young girl Ria knew to be his cousin were in seats across from her. Separating them was a small mahogany coffee table. His mother was in the kitchen busy heating up some tea for them.

Ria's eyes casually surveyed the contents of the room. The large screen TV, the rugs on the floor, the lamps and little souvenirs and knick knacks that cluttered every open space. The photographs on the walls that commemorated significant events like marriages and birthdays and family vacations. The place reeked of human sentimentality. These people were mired in their pointless little lives and didn't even realize it.

If Ria were ever trapped in a situation like this one she would fill a tub with water and jump in.

She shifted her attention to the two people keeping her company as they waited. The man's eyes were locked on her chest. He was trying not to be too blatant, but she could read his intentions with ease. One of those common sort whose appetite's always exceeded their means.

She gave him a demure smile and let the fingers of a single hand drift across one of her breasts. It was a subtle gesture that drew his eyes like a flame drew a moth. With just that she had his full measure and mentally dismissed him. Unlike his son this man was nothing special. Without an effort she could think of a dozen ways to manipulate him with ease.

Ria focused on the girl.

Her feelings were all too obvious. The hostility and open distrust were there for anyone to see. The girl could use a few lessons in concealment; it was always a mistake to make what you felt so blatant.

She would be easy to deal with as well. Suspicious minds were always open to influence. The trick was merely to point the suspicion in the right direction.

"Are you a secret agent?" The girl suddenly blurted out.

"I beg your pardon?" Ria replied amused.

"Kyoko behave yourself and don't be rude to our guest!" The man said sharply.

"Yes uncle," the girl slumped back into her seat with a discontented look.

The man bowed in his seat. "Please forgive her rudeness. Kyoko is Tsukune's cousin and a little overprotective."

"That's quite all right Aono-san. I know what it's like to want to protect your family from harm."

"Please just call me Koji, Sekitan-san."

"Oh me, oh my then you must call me Ria." She deliberately had one finger caress the bottom of her breasts. "Or perhaps Ria-chan, I hope we will be very close."

"I… I would like that too." Koji's eyes were transfixed and his mouth hung open.

"Uncle you're drooling."

"What?" He snapped out of it and sent a guilty look in the direction of the kitchen.

A few minutes later Tsukune's mother exited the kitchen with a tray holding tea and a plate of cookies. She set the tray down before their guest and took a seat beside her husband.

"Since my husband wants you to call him by his name dear you can also call me Kasumi."

"I thank you Kasumi, you and your husband are both very gracious. I can see where Tsukune gets his good manners from." Ria filled a cup with steaming hot tea and a couple spoonfulls of sugar before slowly stirring it.

"So you've met my son?" Kasumi asked.

"Oh me, oh my yes. Moka invited him to our family home to meet our father. Your son made quite an impression on us."

"Well that's a relief," Kasumi said. "We all really like Moka as well."

"Some of us more than others," Kyoko muttered under her breath.

"Moka hasn't told us very much about herself or her family." Koji said. "Until now we didn't even realize she had a sister or that Tsukune had already met his family. Moka is a very shy girl isn't she?"

"Shy? Hmmm, yes I suppose she is. Of course she also has a great many secrets." Ria sipped her tea and noted their reactions. As she expected Koji and Kasumi appeared alert and a touch concerned. Kyoko sat forward eager to hear more. "Excellent tea," Ria put her cup back down on its saucer.

"What sort of secrets?" Kyoko asked directly. "Are they shocking?"

"Oh yes, I do assure you if you knew what my sister was you would hardly believe it."

"We shouldn't discuss private matters while Moka and Tsukune are not here." Kasumi said.

"But auntie…"

"I am sorry that you just missed them," Kasumi said ignoring her niece's plea. "They may not be back for some time."

"Oh that's quite all right, actually my business with Tsukune's family; with all of you."

Kasumi looked nervous. Unlike with Moka something about her sister did not sit right. "What can we help you with dear?"

Ria tilted her head to the side and smiled serenely. "I have come to offer all of you a gift."

"A gift?" Kasumi asked. "What sort of gift?"

Ria placed a hand over her rosario. "Life eternal."

With a soft plink she pulled her rosario free.