Do No Harm

Chapter 3 What Happens Now

"Welcome back you two. Cookie?"

Rooted where they stood, Tsukune and Moka held their breath in confused disbelief, literally too stunned for words.

On Ria's lap was Tsukune's mother, with a hole in her that could have fit a pole through. A pale, mushy looking organ draped over his mother's apron.

The other side of the room was his cousin Kyoko, twitching upon the wall where her body was pinned by her wrists. Where her head had rubbed against the wall was a paintbrush like smear of blood where her hair should have been. Just a foot over Kyoko's head, a wet 'wig' stuck against the wall in with a wide patch of skin still attached.

Only Tsukune's father seemed to have fared better than the women had.

"What?" Ria raised the tray, nibbling one in her other hand. "They're good."

"You," Tsukune's voice rose to an incredible volume, "killed my family!"

He lunged, but not before Moka, awoken by the unadulterated rage in her beloved, reached for him protectively, holding him in place.

"NO, Tsukune! You don't understand what she can do!"

"Let me GO!" Tsukune scrambled to break her grip, but Moka, despite her empathic heartbreak at his obvious loss, kept him in place.

Ria sighed, completely unconcerned with Tsukune's failed assault. The tray was replaced as she daintily wiped her lips with a napkin. "Don't be silly, brother dear. Did you forget our Lord Father's commanded for me not to harm you or your family?"

"But this? How could you?" Moka's emerald green eyes darted about from Tsukune's shoulder. "Ria, what have you done?"

Ria reached for a cup and sipped some tea, with one hand stroking Tsukune's mother's hair affectionately. "What have I done?" Ria tilted her head slightly to Moka with ruby red vampire eyes. "Why sister dear, I've merely done the same thing you did."

Moka stared, lacking the comprehension with her eldest sister's paralleled meaning.

Then both her hands shot to her mouth as Moka gasped. "You didn't!"

"I did." With a dismissing flick of her hand, Ria rolled Kasumi off her lap like an annoying pet.

Tsukune's mother landed harshly, thumping loudly in an awkward and uncomfortable angle.

Ria took another sip of tea while flicking lint from her dress, showing her distaste to having the Aono matron touching her. Putting her ceramic cup back on the table, she reached for the tray and lifted it politely to her sister and foster brother.

"Are you sure you don't want a cookie?" Ria asked lightly.

The sheer audacity slackened Moka's hold on Tsukune, allowing him to break free to reach his mother at Ria's feet.

Kneeling over his mother Tsukune pressed two fingers against her throat. "There's a pulse! It's weak but it's there!" Tsukune exhaled in relief. Lowering his cheek to her face, there was the slightest push of air against him. "My mother is still breathing!"

"Well of course she is brother dear, they all are."

Tsukune rose from his knees and sent her a furious glare. Despite their previous run ins this was the first time Ria had ever seen him truly angry.

Interesting, Ria thought. He only gets upset for others.

"What are you doing here Ria? Why did you attack my family?" Tsukune demanded.

"Attacked?" Ria placed a hand to her breast feigning shock. "Why, I haven't attacked anyone Tsukune. Why would you ever think that?"

"Don't play games with me!" He put a hand on the Rosario at his wrist, "Either way, you're still going to get what's coming to you."

Ria lifted a single eyebrow, a feline approving grin on her red lips. "You want to play? That's fine brother dear. Oh, remember how passionate you can be...just like those nights we shared. Give it to me rough, big boy."

Moka quickly grabbed his hand to prevent him pulling off the rosario. "Tsukune, she's baiting you!"

"I don't care, Moka! Look what she did!"

"I know Tsukune, I know, but look at her! She's expecting you too!"

Tsukune looked at her incredulously, still trying to still the thrumming of his beating heart about to explode. He wanted to ground that self satisfied smirk of her pretty face one punch at a time.

"You always were a party pooper, little sister." Ria sighed, smoothing the fabric of her dress at her hips. "I say let him stretch his legs, get that manly anger out into the open and do what he can. Talking to someone about winning or losing is hardly a worthy lesson. Experience is a much better teacher than a lecture. Besides, doing so will only wreck what is left of this very boring and very cheap home. Well," Ria glanced about, running her hand on a small speck of dust from a near by table. "We will wreck it more thoroughly. You really did have a lazy house keeper, didn't you? You call this clean?"

Tsukune stood there sickened with the powerless Moka was whispering in his ear. His instinct was to attack Ria for what she'd done but Moka's warning held him back. "Why are you even here? How did you find out where we were staying?"

Ria laughed softly, reaching out to pat his cheek in an accommodating way.

"Silly boy, I had you followed naturally. I am the one who actually runs Fairy Tale for my lord father. We employ hundreds of full time investigators. Finding out where someone lives is not hard, believe me."

Moka and Tsukune shared a troubled look.

Had they really thought they could keep his origins a secret?

Silly children. Ria wanted to laugh out loud at them. Moka, at least, should have understood the lengths she would go to for the sake of her pride.

"Father will punish you for this." Moka called out angrily. "He told you not to do anything to Tsukune or his family. Why did you attack them?"

Ria shook her head. "Attack? Again I don't understand what you're talking about. I would never attack them and go against father's command."

"Then what do you call this?" Tsukune waved furiously at his family who were still lying on the floor.

"I didn't do this to them, Tsukune. You did."


Despite Moka holding his free hand Tsukune yanked off his rosario. Consumed by youkai energy his hair lengthened and turned a dark shade of silver. His fangs extended and his eyes became those of a vampire.

Grinning Ria rose smoothly to her feet, her arms wide and her smile gloriously expectant. "Oh, but I do like you this way."

"Tsukune, please don't." Pink haired Moka begged, reaching for him again, but it was too slow and too late.

For once ignoring her, Tsukune leapt at Ria with his arms extended and naked rage filling his face. Despite his own speed Ria merely sidestepped and slapped his outstretched arms away, neatly planting him face first into the couch's rear cushions.

"See what I mean about being clean? Those cushions are absolutely dusty. Didn't anyone ever teach your mother how to keep a proper home?"

Tsukune shot after her again, this time aiming for her head as she rest herself against a wall.

His fist went through the plaster and wood like paper, but missed her by a mere inch. To his dismay, she had simply dodged his punch by tilting her head.

"Oh my, did that hurt brother dear? You looked good doing it. Now, how about we kiss and make up? Moka can watch."

To spite him some more, she gave him a quick peck on the lips and slipped away from another haymaker that he was sure would take off her head.

Tsukune leapt back up to his feet and began swinging wildly at her. Ria took a couple steps back easily avoiding the punches. As she did so she glanced at her sister. "You haven't trained him very well have you?"

Hands folded into literal knots, Moka winced as Tsukune took out one piece of household furniture or wall after another. Ria was toying with him, mocking them both with her agility and superior reflexes.

It wasn't till Tsukune was sure he had Ria cornered when the dark haired eldest sister did something unexpected...

...she picked up Kasumi and began to dance around the room with the limp comatose body.

"What are you doing?" Tsukune roared, trying to find an opening where he could get to Ria and not hurt his mother any more than what she was.

"She really is like you, Tsukune. Did you know that in your family, the women are stronger than the men? Your father didn't even fight. If anything, I think he would have traded your sweet, loving, boring mother for an hour with me if I gave him the chance. By the way, is it wrong for me to say that I can tell you got your skill as a lover from your mother as opposed to your father? I'm sure she's great in the sack."

"Leave her alone!"

Tsukune lunged again, but this time fell short when Ria purposely put his mom in the direct path of his fist. Stopped just inches from a completed hit, Ria mocked him with a smile.

"You lack commitment, Tsukune. Don't hold back. It's only going to make you weaker."

Try as he might, Ria covered herself well behind Kasumi so Tsukune couldn't get to her without punishing his mother in the mean time.

"~Oh, Tsukune~." Ria sang to him pleasantly. "~Catch!~"

Throwing his mother at him, Tsukune did what he could to catch her without hurting her...

"You really have no clue how to fight, do you?"

Just as he was caught off guard for a moment, he looked up in time to see Ria lift her skirt up enough to deliver a vicious kick to him.

Ria spun around and slammed one leg into his torso with enough pressure to hear a satisfying crack of ribs.. Tsukune was sent flying into the wall and through it to land in the kitchen. "Know your place!"


Moka hurriedly removed her own rosario. Fortunately, she'd had Ria alter the seal on it to allow her to remove the thing herself. She transformed into her true silver haired self.

Ria calmly nodded towards her, flexing her fingers eagerly. "Good, fighting both of you at once might almost make this interesting."

Tsukune got up again and slowly climbed through the hole in the kitchen wall he had just made. He was moving a bit more slowly and one hand clutched at his side. It was obvious though that he was not ready to stop. Moka hurriedly came to stand between them while facing Ria.

"Enough of this," Moka commanded, glaring glaives at her sister.

"You're talking to the wrong person, sister dear, I haven't started anything."

"That's a lie," Tsukune said angrily. "You attacked my family. Don't act like you're innocent."

Ria gave an exasperated sigh. "You are still not getting it, brother dear. I have not attacked anyone."

"Then what do you call what you did to my parents and my cousin?"

Ria hesitated, not from fear but from a wish to draw the moment out. "Why I call it… a favor."

Tsukune wanted to lunge at her again but Moka deliberately stood in his way. "Stop teasing him and explain what you've done Ria."

"Oh very well." Ria said smoothing out her dress, picking out a piece of plaster that had stuck to her long hair. "To put it simply, Tsukune, I've done to your family just what Moka did to you."

"What are you talking about?"

She grinned. His confusion and pain were simply delicious. "I made them vampires." Ria clarified.

Tsukune's mouth fell open and he staggered. His eyes went excitedly to his family. "You… you made them vampires? Is that what they wanted?"

"Your father did, your mother and cousin, not so much. As you can see," she waved an arm about. "I had a little trouble making them behave but I managed."

"So in other words you forced them to become vampires?"

"Obviously," Ria said happily.

"How could you do that?" He howled. "How could you change them like that against their will?"

"Oh stop being childish. It was for their own good and, more importantly, for the betterment of our family. If you have a child that is afraid to get a shot do you let them have their way or do you force them since you know better?"

"My parents weren't children and you had no right to do this against their will!"

"Now that's where you're wrong, brother dear. The moment my father approved of you as a son I had every right to do whatever was in the best interest of our family." She shook her head mockingly. "Honestly now, did you think you could join the Akashiya clan without any consequences at all? Those who do not know their place and reach too high will always suffer for it."

Tsukune let out a low growl but Moka placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. "I didn't choose to change Tsukune. I gave him my blood to save his life."

Ria shrugged. "I don't care why you turned him. If you wanted to make him a vampire so he could be a proper lover no one would object to that. However you chose to introduce him to father and ask he approve of Tsukune as a mate. You had to know there would be consequences. You couldn't have been that naïve."

"I brought Tsukune to meet father because I love him." Moka said with great dignity.

Ria brought her hands together and clapped. "Good for you."

Moka's eyes narrowed and her lips turned into a dangerous sneer. "Do not mock me, Ria."

"Then don't bring up such idiocy. You love him. So what? What does love have to do with choosing a mate? If you love him then keep him as your lover by all means. I have had dozens of lovers, little Moka, but I have never invited any of them to the castle or introduced hem to father. None of the sisters have. That is because we knew none of them were worthy of joining our clan no matter how much they amused us. Has all your time with humans deluded you into thinking you are one?" Ria looked at her sister with contempt. "Humans can marry and divorce as they please. When you are a member of a vampire clan; choosing a mate is much more serious. He needs not only to be worthy of you but worthy of the entire family as well. Did you believe you could bring a former human to father's notice and not have there be any consequences?"

"If you had a problem with me being with Moka you should have dealt with me and left them out of it." Tsukune said.

"Oh, I tried to, brother dear, I really did. Unfortunately you proved up to the task when you retrieved my father's sword from Fafnir. You earned his respect. Not an easy thing to do, trust me. When he acknowledged you as a son and approved of your mating with my sister it was no longer in my hands. Father ordered me not to harm you and his commands are absolute."

"He didn't just tell you not to hurt me he also told you to leave my family alone."

"No," Ria corrected. "He ordered me not to do any harm to your family and I have not."

"How can you say that when you almost killed them?"

"That was necessary to safely turn them. Moka can confirm that if you think I'm lying."

"It's true Tsukune," Moka admitted.

"That still doesn't explain why you did this." Tsukune said.

Ria glanced at Moka. "You really haven't taught him anything about our ways and traditions have you?"

"I never wanted him to see this side of us," Moka whispered vehemently.

"I see," Ria turned her focus back to Tsukune. "You are not joining just any group of vampires, brother dear. The Akashiya clan is among the oldest, wealthiest, and most influential of all the elder vampire families. My lord father is not only a vampire elder but is one of the three Hades Lords. Everything that touches his family reflects on him. You are not merely becoming Moka's mate. You are joining the Akashiya clan and who you are will either add or take from my family's glory."

She suddenly rounded on Moka. Ria's fists were clenched and she was letting her anger show through.

"How dare you bring a group of dirty humans into our noble house! Have you no shame? You would let our lord father be connected to these monkeys just so long as you got to be with your precious love? How selfish! How arrogant! Don't you care about anyone but yourself?"

Moka gawked at her sister. She was taken completely off guard by this line of argument. The last thing she ever expected was for Ria to try and claim the moral high ground. "Tsukune is the only man I will ever love and the only one I want to be with...always. I brought him before father so that he could be my mate and we could be together properly."

"How very noble," Ria answered dryly. "Since you were being so very open and honest why didn't you tell him the whole truth? That he is not just a second born vampire but a former human."

Moka glanced back at Tsukune uncomfortably.

"What's wrong Moka?" Tsukune asked.

"Tsukune, it doesn't matter to me that you were human. I love you, and now that we are both vampires, both immortal, there is no reason why we cannot be together."

"I can think of one." Ria said with malicious pleasure.

"Moka what is she talking about?" Tsukune asked.

When Moka hesitated to answer Ria spoke up.

"What I am talking about, brother dear, is that you would never have been permitted to be Moka's mate if father had known the truth. Frankly, even being a second born would normally have disqualified you. You were only given a slight chance because my lord father has always indulged Moka. Had he not cared so much about her happiness you would have been ripped apart for even presuming you were worthy of her. No matter how indulgent he might be though he would never have tolerated having a former human join his family. Never mind having actual humans become blood relatives. That is a disgrace and not something my father would tolerate."

"So is that why you did all this? Just to protect your father's reputation?" Tsukune asked in disbelief.

"Don't speak of it as though it were a small thing," Ria hissed. "To protect my father's name and that of my clan there is nothing I would not do."

"If this was about me being human why didn't you just tell your father the truth? Why do this? I still don't understand."

"Oh do you think that would have been better?" Ria asked him. "My father is a man of his word and he has already acknowledged you as his son. Even knowing the truth now I doubt he would ever go back on his word. However he only instructed me not to harm your family. If my father knew the truth he might feel obliged to come and kill them himself."

"How could he do that and still consider me a son?"

Ria let loose a long laugh. "Oh you really have no idea! Moka really needs to give you some lessons in how we vampires live. Really brother dear, ignorance is nothing to be proud of."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Why don't you tell him sister dear? He might actually believe it if it comes from you."

"Tsukune," Moka began uncomfortably. "Our family is nothing like yours or like families you're used to."

"Trust me Moka, I've already noticed that."

"No, what I mean is in my family killing is accepted, even killing other family members. What matters is that the clan is strong. The individual members don't matter. Growing up my father would regularly force us to fight each other, 'to the death.' He always stopped us before we struck any fatal wounds but we understood we had to fight seriously and as hard as we could. If we held back or were too weak we understood he would let us be killed. For vampires pride comes before everything Tsukune, even the lives of family members."

Tsukune gave her a look of shock and open disgust. "Wait, so you knew if I became your fiancé my family would be in danger?"

"I… I thought we could keep them safe. I honestly thought no one would find out and they could remain ignorant about our being vampires."

"Naïve," Ria muttered.

"Moka how could you not have told me this? I was willing to go with you even though I knew it was dangerous because I love you and am willing to put myself in danger if it means I can be with you. I never imagined though that it would put my family in danger too. Why didn't you tell me?"

It was rare for Inner Moka to be at a loss for words. She flustered and looked unsure of herself. "There were so many other things to worry about. I didn't think it would matter so long as father approved of you. I hoped in time he would see how amazing you are and not care about your origins."

"Oh me oh my, wasn't that selfish of you?" Ria asked sweetly. "Were you afraid of scaring him off?"

Tsukune was clearly troubled by this new development but still sent a harsh look towards Ria. "You still had no right to do this Ria."

"Don't blame me for fixing the mess you and Moka both created. Frankly, Tsukune, you should be thanking me."

"Thanking you?" He said incredulously.

"That's right; this was never going to remain a secret. Your parents and cousin were never going to be allowed to become my relatives or my lord father's relatives. That was always impossible. At least this way not only do they get to live they get to climb up the food chain and enjoy the wonders of a new existence. Really now, what was awful? This was clearly the best option."

"No it's not! You could have just left them alone!"

Ria gave an indifferent shrug. "You could have left my family alone. Remember it was never my suggestion you come to Castle Akashiya and overstep your bounds. Blame Moka for creating the situation in the first place. Not me for solving it. Had you both been satisfied with just being lovers none of this would have been necessary."

"You didn't have to have me followed! You didn't have to find out about my family!"

"You didn't have to join mine." Ria rebutted heatedly. "Stop blaming me for learning your secrets. If you didn't have anything to hide in the first place none of this would be necessary."

"I always knew Tsukune was human. He didn't hide it from me." Moka answered.

"This isn't about you anymore, Moka. This is about our father and our family. Having humans connected to us by marriage was always unacceptable and you knew that. All I did was fix the problem you both created."

Tsukune looked at his parents and his cousin. Even if he could tear Ria apart what good would it do now? He understood that there was no going back once you became a vampire. "What happens now?"

"Now," Ria said. "We let them sleep for three days. Then you can introduce them to their wonderful new life."