Sam's POV

I barged into the Shay aparment, with my trusty ice cream spoon. "Hey people, what goes on?"

"I'm just checking out our old iCarly episodes," Carly replied. "We're running out of ideas lately 'cause some people just refuse to contribute."

I looked at the monitor, obviously not affected by her comments. "I'm gonna get the vanilla ice cream out of the fridge."

"We finished it yesterday," she stated.

"What? But you said you bought the ice cream for me."

"But that was yesterday," she sounded mad at me. "If you had come for the brainstorming session yesterday, you would have had some ice cream."

Clearly, she didn't like my behavior. I thought she was fine with it.

"Hey Carly," Spencer came out from his room. "Did you see my screwdriver?"

"No," Carly looked at him doubtfully. "Why?"

"Oh, I had it in my hand earlier on and now it's gone..." Spencer replied.

Carly put on a weird look on her face. "Okay... Good luck..."

"Thanks," he went back into his room.

I smiled. "He's building a sculpture?"

"Yep, he said that there was a girl down the street who-"

I interrupted her. "I don't wanna know..."

So, we spent a few minutes in silence after that while I enjoyed my creamed corn and she continued reviewing past episodes.

"Ugh..." she groaned.

"What's up?" I asked.

"We haven't come up with any ideas for iCarly yet and our next show is tomorrow night!" she exclaimed. "There's a test tomorrow and I haven't studied for it yet."

I rolled my eyes. "Must you always study for a test?"

She glared at me. The only thing more powerful than a glare from Sam Puckett is a glare from Carly Shay, the super 'glare-diator'.

"Why not you hire another intern?" I asked.

"Because we fired our last one, remember?" she stated.

"But we've still got Brad, don't we?"

She hesitated, "Didn't you give him a reply after we hired Cort?"

I found a packet of creamed corn that was left in the fridge after Nevel left the other night. I proceeded to put my trusty ice cream spoon into my pocket and pulled out my creamed corn spoon. "This thing tastes heavenly."

"Hello?" she waved her hands in front of my face. "I was talking to you."

"Yeah, yeah," I replied. "I couldn't bear to reply him."

She raised her eyebrow. "Why?"

"No good reason," I continued spooning out the delicious goodness and savouring every bit of it, totally ignoring her question.

"Hmm..." she looked at me like she knew something I didn't.

"What?" I grew tired of the I-know-your-little-secret look on her face.

She grinned. "Nothing..."

I frowned.

"Oh hey!" she signalled for me to come over. "Come see this!"

"What?" I walked around the counter to her side.

It was a message sent by a fan of iCarly. It read:

Dear iCarlys,

I really hope you guys are reading this. Well, to start off, I would like to say that you guys are awesome on your webshows. It's become a habit of mine to switch on my laptop every Wednesday to catch iCarly. You guys rock! Hey Carly, I really hope you can give me a chance to be your boyfriend. Please reply.


Follemente innamorato

"Follemente innamorato?" Carly read. "What does that mean?"

"It means 'Madly in love' in Italian," I replied. "This dude is really head over heels for you."

She smiled. "Aww... It sounds like somebody is jealous..."

I scoffed. "Yeah right. I would never fall for somebody like that."

"Then what's your type?" she asked.

"Hmm..." I thought about it for a while. "I never really thought about it."

"Oh come on, Sam, you must have thought about it in some point of your life," she said.

I looked at the iCarly website shown on the monitor. It had a picture of the four of us – Carly, Spencer, Fredly and me. We took that picture when we first set up . Frednerd said that we had to look 'professional' if we were to succeed.

"Well..." she prompted me to continue.

"Hmm..." I hesitated. "I kinda like guys who are funny."

She grinned. "And?"

"And he must be a good cook to satisfy momma," I stated, trying to tone down the awkward atmosphere. "And he must be tech-saavy too. Oh, and the most important thing is that he must be hot."

"Well," Carly thought about it. "You... really put a lot of thought into it."

I blushed. "But don't you even think about setting me a blind date or something. Sam Puckett never does blind dates."

"Don't worry," she assured me. "It's just good to know that you have a goal and not just a floppy hobo."

"Don't compare me with Spencer," I joked.

"Hey! I heard that!"