Hey guys! Well I have always been a fan of fan fiction and now I have a great idea for a story, which I came up with sitting on the bus listening to my iPod. I hope you enjoy and please review. 3

Character Profile

The Group 3

Sophie- Want's to be a hairdresser. Very loud and speaks her mind but she is a beautiful person 3

Ava- Blonde curly hair and a cute bubbly personality. You can tell anything to this girl and if it's good news she will make it better, if it's bad news she will come up with ways to make it good. She plays left wing on the soccer team an Illyria.

Claire- Very secretive. Has a very strict dad who doesn't let her out very much besides to netball and school. She is very kind and considerate.

Mya- Funniest girl you will ever meet! No matter what mood your in, this girl will make you laugh! She is the fairest person and I look up to her so much like she is my big sister

Zoe- The clumsy one in the group. She is my very best friend and I love her dearly. She does not care what people think of her and she thinks of everyone besides herself. She will be shaving her hair off to raise money for cancer next year. I love her.

Cole- Hangs with the group but him and me don't get along very well.

Me (Viola)- I am the energetic one. I pretty much go way over the top all the time and I dislike awkward silence. I play Centre forward on Illyria's soccer team and I have a talent in singing.

Not the group.

Kia- I look up to her. She isn't part of the gang but I love her just as much. She will marry Cole someday. She is a very good friend.

Duke- Captain of the soccer team and best player in Illyria, Popular and extremely attractive and nice.

Andrew- Duke's best friend, Popular, Illyria's Soccer Goalie and very good personality.

Paige- All I am going to say is stuck up and conceited. You will learn more about her throughout the story.

This story is completely different from she's the man the movie which I do not own; I am just using some of the characters and the school.