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AU. Wincest. An uneasy peace exists between the human camps and the supernatural beings they share the world with. Hunters are the keepers of the peace but most don't care, they want to find Sanctuary. The only place were the species are said to truly live in pease and many hunters are willing to do anything to find it.

Chapter 1

Sam watched the older man as they slapped each other on the back and laughed while he felt sick. He'd seen the body dragged through the halls minutes earlier, he thought it was humanoid but with all the blood and bruising it was hard to tell. He hated his life, hated the way the world went but what else could he do? He had no family, nowhere else to go. He could go to one of the camps but he'd be the loner there, expected to protect them which wasn't really any better than his life at the moment. At least with other hunters he didn't have to worry about accidentally hurting someone because they startled him.

"Hey Winchester! You coming or not?" Alex yelled at him and Sam shook his head, he had no desire to drink that swill they called alcohol, all it did was make him feel sick and give him a migraine, much to the others amusement. They laughed and headed towards the mess area.

Sam waited until they were gone and then crept into the cells, standing in front of the one where the latest capture had been dumped. The being was out cold but had already been collared to contain what ever powers it had. Since it was naked Sam could tell it was male, or had taken on a male form. Taking a shaky breath Sam opened the cell and slipped inside after grabbing the nearby bucket and some cloths. They all knew he did this and he got some looks for it but no one ever said anything or stopped him. He sat down and began to gently clean the creature up. He was nearly down when a loan moan sounded and the being twitched, obviously in pain. Sam froze, unsure what to do, none of them had ever woken up before while Sam was cleaning them up. He was still frozen with indecision when agonised green eyes fluttered open.

"Nnn…..please…no….." The creature pleaded brokenly and Sam felt a flash of sympathy, deeper than he usually felt for these things.

"Shh, I'm not going to hurt you." Sam whispered, not wanting anyone to hear him. He'd never spoken to one of them before, he never took part in the interrogations or anything and he wished it had stayed that way. Talking to this one made him feel even worse about what was being done. A weak, trembling hand brushed his arm and Sam gasped.

"Wa….wat…..plea….." Sam frowned and then realised he was begging for water. Biting his lip Sam nodded and rewet the cloth, wringing it out over the monsters lips. A pink tongue emerged, licking the pale lips to get every drop.

"Stay quiet and don't try to move, you're hurt pretty badly." Sam warned and got a lethargic nod in response. Sam finished cleaning him up and then gave him some more water.
"Do….do you have a name?" Sam asked as he gathered his supplies.


"I'm sorry Dean, I can't do anything else. If you tell them what they want to know your death will be quicker and less painful." Sam advised before leaving and heading back to his bunk. He ignored Michael as he crawled under his blankets, kicking his boot off to curl up and try to sleep, ignoring the continuing party sounds coming from the mess area.

Sam ate his lunch quickly and quietly, keeping his head down. He'd heard Dean screaming again earlier and had fought the need to go and check on him. He didn't know what it was about Dean that made him want him not to hurt, maybe the fact that he'd woken up? He knew it couldn't be anything supernatural, Dean's collar prevented that.

"Hey Winchester!" He looked up at Mark who smirked.
"Gear up, we're heading out." Sam nodded, finishing a last mouthful before heading back to his shared room to grab his supplies and weapons. He managed to keep his face blank as they paced the cells and Dean's screams reached them. There was nothing he could do for him, except maybe kill him gently but that would risk getting kicked out and the nearest camp was a long hike away, too long for even a hunter alone to want to risk.

With the new inmate for the cells Sam had a reason to go back in. he cleaned the vampire up and then left its cell, pausing outside Dean's to peer inside. Pained green eyes met his and then dropped. Dean was propped up in the left back corner of the cell, one leg obviously broken from the way it lay out in front of him, his naked body covered in burns, cuts and bruises. Sam hesitated and then opened the door, making Dean curl up further and tense.

"Dean." Sam whispered and Dean's head shot up. Sam moved slowly closer and then held out the wet cloth. Dean whimpered but didn't move.
"It's okay Dean, take it. I'm not going to hurt you. Remember?" Sam called and Dean frowned, staring at him fearfully before slowly reaching out. Sam stayed still, letting Dean take the wet cloth from him. Dean stared at it, not sure what he should do with it and then he raised it to his mouth, sucking the water from it. Once it was dry he hesitantly reached out with it to Sam, snatching his hand back once Sam took it. Sam re-wet it and held it out again, this time Dean was a little quicker to take it and used it to wipe at the blood on his face.
"Will you let me Dean?" Dean stared at him and then nodded warily and Sam moved closer, placing the bucket of water down beside them. He gently began cleaning the blood and other fluids from Dean's broken body, taking extra care with his wounds and leaving the cloth on the burns for as long as it would stay cool. Dean whimpered and tensed when the wounds were touched but he relaxed as Sam's touch remained gentle.
"I'm sorry." Sam whispered as he finished and then froze as Dean's hand touched his, looking up to meet inquisitive green eyes.

"Why?" Dean croaked out and Sam automatically gave him more water, looking down at what he was doing, searching for an answer.

"I don't know. I…..what are you?" Sam asked and Dean tensed, pushing himself back against the cold stone wall.
"Hey, no Dean, I won't hurt you. I juts…..guess I'm curious." Sam shrugged, figuring he sounded like an idiot but Dean stared at him before finally calming again.

"Inc…." Dean coughed, his throat torn and raw from his screams.

"Incubus?" Sam asked and Dean nodded, looking down after opening his mouth enough to show the tiny little fangs incubus had to deliver their venom.
"But….." Sam trailed off, why was Dean here? His kind were usually left alone since they weren't really dangerous unless they went rogue and started killing people by draining their life essence completely. The rogues were completely nuts and Dean seemed sane to him.
"Why did they grab you?" Sam asked gently and one of Dean's shoulders lifted slightly in an awkward shrug.
"You must be starving." Sam whispered in horror and Dean nodded listlessly.
"Can you even feed in that collar?" Sam asked nervously and Dean nodded again.
"Okay." Sam whispered, looking around to make sure they were still alone. Dean just blinked at him, confused until Sam lowered his lips to his. Sam kissed him awkwardly, not really knowing what he was doing and Dean stayed utterly still, scared to feed form the hunter, not sure if it was a trap of some sort. Sam pulled back, cheeks red but he frowned at Dean.
"It's okay Dean, do it. You need to feed or you won't heal." Sam told him and then kissed him again.

This time Dean couldn't help feeding as his survival instincts kicked in. his lips moved against Sam's and then he gently teased Sam's with his tongue, asking for entrance. Sam's lips parted hesitantly and Dean gently mapped his mouth, earning a muffled moan of pleasure from Sam. Sam wished he could really abandon himself to the kiss, being his first and all, but he had to keep himself from leaning on Dean and aggravating his injuries as well as keeping his sense tuned for signs that someone was coming. It would not be good to get caught helping Dean. The kiss was warm and a little awkward but not bad for his first, even though he could feel Dean feeding through it, the energy flowing out of Sam and into Dean. Sam kept the kiss going as long as he could but he did need to be able to walk straight when he left so he reluctantly pulled back, gently restraining Dean when he tried to follow, earning a whimper.

"Sorry, but I need to be able to pass as normal when I leave." Sam said and Dean blinked before nodding, eyes more alert than they had been and his skin had regained some colour. Sam smiled at him, noticing the bruising on the broken leg looked several days older and on the way to healing.

"Why?" Even Dean's voice sounded better.

"You're not a rogue Dean, you don't belong here." Sam told him, hesitantly shifting around and pulling Dean into his arms, the incubus instantly melting against him, soaking the pain free touch up. Sam knew that any intimate touch could be used to help Dean and the last time Sam had held someone like this…a little girl had been attacked by vampires. His dad had taken them on and Sam had held her as she died, offering what comfort he could.

Dean stared up at the hunting who was holding him, confused and wary. Why would a hunter be acting so kind unless he wanted something? The man was right, Dean wasn't rogue and would never go rogue, he had plenty of people back home willing to let him feed in exchange for the mind blowing sex, why would he ever kill any of them? But a lot of hunters didn't care about that if they caught an incubus or succubus. He knew what they wanted with him but he'd die before giving it up. So what was this one's role in things? The sympathetic human, willing to help him so he'd spill or even lead him there? Yeah, not happening. Did they think he was dumb or something? He'd take the kindness for as long as it lasted though. And being held by the hunter was at least warming him up some, how long had it been since he'd been warm? He shivered and the hunter tightened his grip, moving so that he could rub Dean's cold skin to try and warm it up.

"Sorry, I'd bring you a blanket but…do you need normal food too? I could try and sneak some of that." He offered and Dean shook his head, it tasted okay sure but he didn't get any nourishment from it so no point.
"I…..I hear you screaming so much. I don't know why they're doing it; I've never heard someone interrogated for so long." The hunter admitted. He expected Dean to believe he never had a hand in interrogations? And yet….he was the only one Dean had ever seen come to clean them up or show any sort of kindness.
"I wish I could help you but there's nothing I can do." The hunter admitted and Dean thought it over, there was one way he could help. He couldn't commit suicide but there were ways to kill his kind. One way could only be used by someone that had been fed off and he had just fed off the hunter.

"Wh…." Dean coughed.
"What's your name?" He asked and the hunters eyes widened, cheeks going red again.

"Sam, sorry didn't realise I hadn't told you." Sam answered and Dean nodded, reaching over to take Sam's hand and then place it over his left arm, moving Sam's finger's into position. Sam frowned and then his eyes went wide in shock.
"No. Dean please don't ask me to do that." Sam pleaded, his skin almost as pale as Dean's. Dean just looked up at him, eyes silently beseeching Sam to free him. Sam's fingers shook beneath his even as Sam stared at him with wide eyes, shaking his head silently.
"I can't…..I'm sorry, so sorry." Sam whispered and then tensed as he heard something. He gently lay Dean down and gathered his things before leaving the cell, looking back at Dean just once.
"I'll come back." He promised and then vanished out into the hall. Dean closed his eyes, faking sleep as he heard others coming into the room. He figured it'd be better if they didn't know he'd fed since he wasn't totally sure what Sam was doing was part of their plan. He thought he might be able to convince Sam to kill him so getting the kid in trouble wouldn't help any. Dean was very thankful when they bypassed his cell and went to the vampire that had been brought in earlier.

"What's up with the one we keep hearing scream? We've never kept anything around this long." Sam asked Michael who shrugged.

"Whatever it is, is hush hush, no rumours or anything man." The older man answered and Sam held in his disgust as his bunkmate smoked.
"Almost feel sorry for it, things like that should just be put down, makes us almost as bad as them." Michael commented, mellowed by the drugs and Sam nodded.
"Bet you feel worse. Don't know why you bother with them."

"Everyone or thing deserves a last act of kindness before death. I know he's an incubus and not rogue which means keeping him around is dangerous. Others learn and it could be all out war, whatever they want better be good." Sam told him and even through his drugged haze Michael's eyes went wide.

"Well shit, that ain't good. Though being sexed to death…..what a way to go." He lay back down on his bunk and Sam shook his head. Michael wasn't too bad and he was the closest to Sam in age, although still five years Sam's senior. But he had told Michael for a reason, Michael was a gossip, he'd spread around Dean was being tortured against the loose rules of war that held and that would make a lot of hunters nervous, nervous enough to kill him at least and end his pain since Sam couldn't bring himself to do it. It was too much to hope they'd let him go, not with what he could tell others of his kind.