We were a team, we were a pack, there were no lies between us, no secrets, or so I thought. It had been more than two months since we were able to take down those who had set us up and betrayed us, two months before I realized that my supposed teammates, my supposed pack mates were alive and back with the Special Forces, their names cleared for everything that had happened. I was hurt and crushed but I was more pissed off then anything. They had abandoned me, forsaken me for that bitch. Everything had been a lie, one big lie that they had planned since meeting her…I wasn't included in the plan, I was disposable to them, after everything we had all been through they had tossed me aside, I was no longer part of the pack. At first I wanted to confront them, then I wanted to destroy them but then I realized I would gain no satisfaction, hurting them or destroying their new lives wouldn't make things any better. So I moved on and made a whole new life for me, a life without lies and betrayals, a life were everything were shades of grey, there was no black and white anymore. I thought I had erased everything of my past, I thought I was untraceable…I was wrong.