I have no reason to live anymore. Papa is dead. He had refused to give the thief his money, and the thief shot him. Papa didn't even have any money with him! The police are searching for the man who killed papa, but they probably won't find any leads to follow. Because my mama died when I was born, I don't have any other family to go to.

They are going to take me to the Children's Home, and that is a place where dreams do not come true. I would rather die than got there, but I am afraid to. That is only because I do not know if I can dream when I am dead. Cold and unfeeling hands show me the little room I am to call home, and then shut the door behind me.

I cry. I cry for papa, for mama, even for the man who did the unspeakable deed. And lastly, I cry for myself. I hate pity, but at a time like this, I can't help it.

Why now papa? You promised you would never leave me. Where is he? You promised me he would come and take me away from this uncaring place. Now you are gone, and I am all alone.

Author's Note:

Well, what do you think? It's my first, so it might be bit rough (not an excuse). Special thanks to all those who have ever posted anything on FanFiction. b/c of you, I decided to join. If you feel like it, review… I can take it…

Also, credit to Dream A Little Dream: A Tale of Myth And Moonshine by Piers Anthony and Julie Brady (the whole "can you dream while you are dead" idea is theirs) Love for all and forever, Adriatic Rose