This was supposed to be a crossover between twilight and h2o but fan fiction wasn't letting me post the story on there! Well, I decided to post it on : Ariana moves away from the the beautiful gold coast to stay with her step brother in Forks, Wa. Can she keep her secret safe when it rains almost every day? How will the mermaid trio back home deal with the fourth mermaid being gone? This was inspired by an AMAZING story by summer-echo-11 and it's called Full Moon so check it out! But this is gonna have a totally different outcome!

Chapter One:

118 Inches

Chapter Song: Tyrant by OneRepublic

Of all places to move Forks, Washington wasn't on my top list. In fact, it would be way down at the bottom, right under Siberia or Antarctica. It wasn't the fact that I hated moving so much; it was just the fact that Forks had the rainiest weather in America. 118 inches a year, that's a little much, don't you think? Normal people would say, oh its just rain, why would you care, but I'm not normal. I'm a mermaid, complete with a tail and the whole nine yards, how crazy was that? Here I was, moving once again. Packing up my belongings back in Australia was one of the hardest things I've ever done, I cried my eyes out for hours—and surprisingly didn't grow a tail in the process. Living on the Gold Coast, aka Queensland, was the best thing that ever happened to me. The short background story of everything would be that I grew close to three girls: Cleo, Emma, and Rikki. They were the best friends any girl could ever ask for. Did I mention that they were mermaids too? We all turned together inside a pool in a volcano on an island called Mako Island. It was around sixty miles offshore and it was uninhabited, minus the several creatures scientists have yet to discover. The girls and I all had powers. Cleo could manipulate water and Emma could freeze things. Then there was Rikki and I, who could both boil things. Truthfully, I thought Rikki and my power was the more helpful out of the three since we could dry ourselves off easily. I grew close with three guys named Lewis, Ash, and Zane. No, they weren't mermen. Lewis and Zane knew our secret, Ash was left out of this. None of this mattered anymore, my Australian friends were gone—I was gone. And it was my mom's fault. She worked for the navy, and it continually caused us to move around. She was working at one of the ports and in a training camp or something like that—I don't know, I stopped listening. But because of a switch in her positions, she was working out at sea for a year and a half. All three girls, even Zane invited me into their homes with open arms so I didn't have to move to yet another country but my mom declined the offers for me. For this year and a half, I was staying with my second stepbrother, Sam Uley. He was my dad's son from one of his marriages. I got close to Sam after my dad died; we convened at his funeral and kept in touch. Though I hadn't seen him in years, we kept in touch occasionally. Last time I heard from him, which was about four months ago, he had just gotten engaged to a girl named Emily Young that he hadn't been dating for a while, but I heard many good things about her. Whether or not they were married now was out of my knowledge, but I knew one thing for sure—I wasn't looking forward to meeting her. I wasn't looking forward to meeting anyone. The evergreen trees were blurring past us as we sped along the wet roads of Forks, Washington. It had rained recently. The sky was a dreary shade of grey and there was to much greenery. Where was the shiny sun? The fluffy white clouds hanging in the bright b My headphones were deeply implanted in my ears, blasting my music to drown out the world. The car ride from the airport had been quiet, way to quiet. The awkward one-liners from my mom weren't something I was planning on answering to. I was resentful, upset—beyond pissed off at this new job. Staring out the window, I searched for deer hiding in the bushes, but there was nothing but leaves and bark, blurring together.

"You can't ignore me forever." My mom piped up. Please stop talking, I thought to myself. I wouldn't dare to say that to her face, I'd never be able to go back to Australia with that kind of mouth.

"I can try for the next hour." I mumbled into my jacket sleeve, punching up the volume with my thumb. The town was small, smaller than I could ever believe. We passed one beat up run of the mill diner; that looked like the only place to eat. It was funny that I expected different, there was no reason in my right mind I should have anticipated there'd be a shopping mall, a new JuiceNet Café, or several places to get take out when I was to lazy to cook myself food. Of course not, you had to do everything yourself in the crappy dilapidated town of Forks, population less than 3,120—make that 3,121.

"Look, we're here!" My mothers voice was but a whisper over my music. She cancelled the GPS on the car as we pulled into the dirt driveway of a small two story home.

"Someone kill me now." My words came out under my breath. My eyes rolled. The car was placed into park, and the engine was cut off. Eagerly, my mom got out of the car.

"Come on, put a smile on that pretty face!" She urged. She hurried to the front door. I looked up to the grey sky, it looked as if it could rain at any second. Then I rushed myself out of the car and up to the porch along side my mother.

"Well someone's eager to see Sam." She chuckled.

"Yeah, sure, that's it." I lied, rolling my eyes again. God I thought I'd freeze to death out here. Apparently dawning ripped denim shorts, an oversized black jacket, and black slouch boots wasn't appropriate for Washington. My body was shaking as light damp wind brushed against my bare skin. My mother took a step in front of me and enthusiastically knocked on the front door. I could hear the locks of the door switch their places and the door opened, revealing a very tall man in his early to mid twenties. He had cropped black hair and soft brown eyes that matched his copper skin. His short-sleeved shirt revealed the traces of what looked like a tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. He didn't have that the last time we saw each other. But that was Sam alright, he hadn't changed a bit—minus the fifty extra pounds in muscle he gained.

"Molly." Sam flashed a smile.

"Samuel," my mom returned it. Oh god why was she using his full name? "How have you been?" She wondered, engulfing him in a hug. She looked like a ghost compared to his tanned skin. Hell, so did I. For all the years I knew him, he always looked like that; he could thank his Indian descent for that trait.

"Great, just good. So glad you're here." He broke the hug and my mother finally stepped out of the way, revealing me with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Oh," he purposely bopped himself in the head, "I forgot I have a step sister living with me." My eyes squinted at him with hatred, not wanting to be anywhere near him, the house, or the state of Washington. I kept my mouth shut, though Sam expected a warm welcome from me. Nope! Not today, Sam. He opened his arms to hug me, but I bumped right past him and into the Uley home. My arms dropped to my side.

"I'll be in my room." I muttered, with the roll of my eyes. Sam frowned at the sight. I turned on my heel, "which is where exactly?"

"Ariana!" Mom scolded, her face hot with anger. Another eye roll. My arms re-crossed over my chest, she was trying to defeat my attitude, which happened to be on a roll the past few days.

"Let's try that again." She demanded through a fake grin. Sam looked down to the floor and silently chuckled.

"Ari." He looked back up, smirking at me.

"Sam." I smiled smugly. He grabbed me in a bear hug to the point I could barely breath.

"Sam, can't breathe." I chocked and he left me down.

"Ari, be a dear and go get your stuff from the car while me and your brother catch up?" Good ole' mom, leaving me to do the dirty work. I looked at her for a second with a 'you've-got-to-be-kidding-me' kind of look. My eyes rolled and I shook my head in negativity, sliding off my leather cross body bag and tossing it to the floor. The two watched me walk outside and began to speak to each other again.

"I'm being such a bad host, Emily usually corrects me on this. Coffee? Tea?" he offered.

"No thank you. But speaking of Emily, where is the lucky girl? I want to meet my baby's fiancé." She chuckled. Grow up, mom. I began piling my suitcases, four in total, and rolled them up two by two to the front door, occasionally mumbling something about how no one helped me. But all my mom would do was laugh, and talk about her stupid job. As I rolled up one of my next suitcases, I could hear my mom talking to Sam about me, so I stopped in my place—just so the two couldn't see me eaves dropping.

"I'm sorry for how she's acting." My mom sighed.

"Hey, we'll warm up to each other." Sam didn't care at all.

"She's been so resentful of me ever since I told her. I hurt her; she's barely talking to me anymore. I try to get her to open up, but it's useless. This new job, I thought she'd be happy I got a promotion, but it's torn us apart." A tear dripped down her face, she quickly wiped it away with the sleeve of her jacket.

"She'll be okay, give her some time. It's hard."

"She hates me now, Sam. I feel bad for her. Ever since we moved to Australia, she seemed happier. She seemed like she was keeping a lot from me, but she seemed happy with her new friends. She was rarely home; she spent every second of her day at their houses. And I tore her away from that." Yeah, you did mom.

"Don't blame yourself, this job is going to be good for you." No Sam, she should blame herself for getting me into this. She was damn right at how resentful I was, this was the worst thing that happened to me. And it turned me into some sort of malicious bitch, but she deserved it. God, I was mean. There was a split second I felt bad about making my mom cry, but then I remembered where I was and why I was here. A quiet rumbled of thunder rolled overhead. I looked up to the grey, cloudy sky and decided that it was time to go back inside. Moving forward, I walked back into the house and placed my suitcase next to the door.

I sat on the arm of the couch for twenty more minutes as I bitterly listened to my mother and Sam talk on and on. Big deal they haven't seen each other in a few years, I'm sure they could catch up another time.

"When do you think the weddings going to be?" Mom asked, fidgeting with her watch.

"Not quite yet, but believe me, you'll be one of the first to know." Finally mom's eyes fell down to the Swiss watch strapped on her wrist.

"Shoot," she muttered looking at the time, "my plane leaves soon, I better get to the airport before it takes off without me." She sighed, her eyes now falling on me.

"Care to say goodbye? We won't be seeing each other for a while." Tears welled in her eyes. They were probably fake.

"Bye." I coldly said. Sam shot me a fatherly look, demanding me to get up to give her a hug goodbye. I rolled my eyes for the tenth time since I've entered this house and got up from my seat, going over to mom to let her hug me.

"I'll miss you so much." She kissed my forehead.

"Miss you too." Though I didn't mean it, I figured it couldn't hurt to say something to make her feel better. Whatever.

"Don't ever hesitate to call me. I left you a list of information in your duffle about the boat I'll be working on and the island too. We won't have service a lot, but I'll call when I do. And I'll call a few weeks before I get my vacations. Oh, and one more thing. I know how much you wanted to go live with your friends—"

"So you're letting me go with them?" Happiness crossed my face for a split second. Sam's smile fell. He knew how much I didn't want to be here.

"No, I'll send you money for plane tickets during Spring Break or summer." All my hopes fell into the ground. Spring break? I could swim there before then, though it'd be really hard and straining on my body. In fact, it was most likely impossible since we were sixteen thousand or so miles away.

"Whatever." I mumbled, falling back into my depressed-rebel state.

"Take care of my baby, Sam!" She gave Sam and I one last hug before departing out the door. Then it was just Sam and I standing in the silence of his living room. We exchanged glances.

"I'll be in my room." I harshly announced, picking up one of my smaller duffels and slinging it over my shoulder.

"Listen, Ariana. I know how much you don't want to be here but there's no way out of it. You're here and that's final."

"Well I don't want to be here, I had the option of staying with my friends back in my real home but my mom was stupid enough to decline the offer for me. So thanks for trying to make this my new home Sam, but I'll be back where I want to be in no time." My lips formed a line and I stormed up the stairs, stopping midway. Great, I already set this relationship off to a rocky start.

"Need help finding your room?" He smirked.

"No." I barked, continuing up the stairs and into the hallway. There were to many doors that were closed that could be the option to my room. So I chose the one in front of me. As my hand touched the doorknob, Sam yelled up.

"Bathroom, try again!" You've got to be kidding me. I turned to the right and walked down the hallway and opened another door. The open door revealed a room with pale blue walls and wood floors. A few empty black picture frames were mounted on the walls, waiting for pictures to fill them. An antique white desk matched the night table and lamp beside my bed, which was made up for me with many decorative pillows. The comforter was white while the light blue top sheet was folded over the top of it. My window, which gave me a view of the front yard, had white eyelet drapes surrounding it. A small vase of pink roses sat beside my bed with a card beside it. I dropped my duffle beside the door and walked over and picked up the piece of stationary. In a neat, script, handwriting the card read 'Just a little something to make you feel at home – Emily and Sam'.

"I see you found your room." Sam put down the three suitcases he'd been hauling. I turned around from him with the card sealed in my hand.

"Thank you." I awkwardly said, being nice to him for the first time today.

"Don't thank me, thank Emily. She wanted you to feel welcome in your new, well apparently temporary, home." He smiled. My lips pursed, not knowing what to say next. Sam and Emily had bent over backwards to make me feel as comfortable as can be, and I was being a major bitch. Way to go, Ariana.

"Drop the rebel act, Ari. It's not you." His smile was creepy, but it was evident with hope. I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes again.

"Fine, let's start over."

"That's what I thought," he giggled, "how've you been? We haven't talked in a while." He stated.

"School kept me busy." I lied, keeping up with mermaid issues kept me really busy. Whether it was protecting our secret from Denman or Charlotte, we were always on the job to stay as secretive and safe as possible.

"Oh high school, I remember the days." He reminisced.

"Yeah, yeah, lucky you," I scoffed, "looks like someone's been at the gym. I'm almost positive those don't grow overnight."

He laughed. "Thanks, uh, I've been working on it."

"How many are you benching?"

"Two hundred, two fifty."

"Damn, no wonder you took everything up easily." I eyed my suitcases. Sam walked over and sat on my bed.

"So, you know you're going to Forks High school, right?"

"My mom gave me the whole talk already. No need to repeat it."

"Good. Do you want to take my car or what?"

"Ha, that's funny, you think I can drive." I laughed sarcastically.

"But, you're sixteen?"

"Australia allows you to get your permit at sixteen, seventeen's the license."

"Right," he clasped his hands together, "okay, well, Emily or I will drive you. Or, you know, I can just make you walk." He joked.

"Watch it tough guy. You don't want me getting wet now, do you?" Shoot…Ari, shut your mouth.

"A little water never hurt anyone." He laughed, and I pretended to laugh as well. Yeah, as far as you know it hasn't.

"So where's Emily?" I figured it was better to meet her while my semi-good mood was sticking around.

"She's out getting groceries, she wanted to be here when you arrived but you guys were a little early."

"Yeah, our plane did come in early," I mused, "so, what are you doing the rest of the day?"

"Spending time with my little sister, catching up on the past years I missed. Tell me about Australia."

"It's physically impossible to sum up Australia in a few words. It was the best place I've ever been. I got really close to these three girls and two guys; we all shared something special with each other. We were the best of friends and that made everything better. But besides that, the beaches were gorgeous, the coral reefs were stunning, and the weather was to die for."

"And then you came here."

"And then I came here." I huffed.

"You didn't even grow an accent while you were there, for how many years would that be?"

"Three. I wish I did though. Cleo, Emma, Rikki, Lewis, Zane, and Ash's accents were so amazing. They actually thought I had a cool accent, which was funny since I'm so boring." I spoke like a normal American, which was boring for me after being surrounded by Australian's for three years.

"So where were you before Australia if you don't mind me asking?"

"South Carolina."

"Right, just jogging the memory."

"It's all right, I try to forget about it anyways." I shrugged, sitting down on my bed. All of the sudden, Sam stiffened as if he was hearing a noise. He was silent, and then he came out of his daze by looking at the clock.

"Damn it, I've got to go do an errand but I'll be back in twenty minutes. Tell Emily I say hello." After I agreed, he hopped off my bed and rushed out of my room and downstairs. I heard him shuffling for something in the living room and then the front door shut. What happened to him not having anything to do? Whatever. I walked over to the window to not see Sam anywhere in sight, but what I did hear was a howl faded off into the distance. Howling? There were wolves here?

I spent my free time alone in the house unpacking my multiple suitcases. One of the first things I did was fill the pictures in the empty frames. One was of Cleo, Emma, Rikki, and I in on the beach, of course not in our mermaid form. Another was a photo of Rikki, Zane, and I; another was filled with all the boys and us four girls at the JuiceNet Café, and the last one was a picture of the girls and me at Mako beside the Moon Pool. I remembered the day like it was yesterday, we had all just dried off from a long swim and Lewis was there with his new fancy camera his parents bought him for his birthday. We sat there for hours just playing around with it and taking pictures, pretending we were models. Downstairs, I could hear a door creaking open that took me out of my daydream.

"Sam, I'm home!" A woman's voice called. That must be Emily. I hung the picture frames back up and walked down stairs to find a beautiful woman with dark hair putting four boxes of pizzas down on the counter near the sink.

"Something smells good." I smiled and leaned against the doorway. She turned around, revealing a few scars on her face; I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking at them.

"You must be Ariana!" She squealed.

"The one and only." I smirked. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug.

"I've heard so much about you. I'm Emily."

"I know, Sam's told me a lot about you too."

"Speaking of the devil, where is Sam?"

"He had to run an errand or something. He told me to tell you."

She rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Only Sam."

"So how have you been sweetheart?"

"I'd say fine, but I'd be lying."

"I'm sorry, Sam told me you guys moved around a lot. I bet you don't want to be here."

"If I had a choice I wouldn't, but I'm here so there's nothing I can do at the moment," I paused wanting to get off of the subject, "hey Emily, is there a beach anywhere near here?" She looked at me strangely for a second before nodding it off.

"Just down the road, probably less than a mile. Why?"

"I was hoping to see the beaches here."

"Oh, well go right ahead. Once you get out of the driveway turn right and walk straight and you'll hit it eventually. But don't get your hopes up, these beaches are in no comparison to Australia."

"I figured." I sighed, rushing upstairs to put on my bathing suit top on. I was in dire need for a swim.

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My boots sunk into the cold sand while my heart sank into my stomach. Emily was right; the beaches here really are nothing. It was like some abandoned wasteland. The ocean was a dark grey color instead of the beautiful aquamarine I was used to. There were tons of rocks on the beach and in the water. The sand looked more like dirt than actual sand. There were huge pieces of driftwood spread out across the beach. This was terrible, how could a beach look like this? My unzipped black jacket revealed my black bikini top and the same pair of ripped shorts I was wearing earlier. A cold wind slapped against my bare stomach and a chill was sent down my spine. It was freezing out here! Okay, maybe it wasn't my best idea to wear shorts, boots, an open jacket, and a bikini as a shirt. Okay, it was one of my worst. I watched the angry waves slap against the shore. Though the ocean was choppy, one swim couldn't hurt. As I took a step forward to move towards the ocean, I could hear giggling off in the distance. My head turned to the left to find a group of three teens—a blonde girl, and a brunette boy and girl— walking together, bundled up in jackets, boots, and scarves. I could see them looking at me from the distance. What a freak, the blonde one said loudly enough for me to hear.

"Bitch." I muttered under my breath, turning on my heel and walking back to Sam's house feeling defeated.

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Sam's house felt like a heater when I walked back inside. I slammed the door behind me harder than I was supposed to. Whoops. I slid off my jacket and draped it over my arm.

"Sam, Emily, whoever's here, I'm back." I called. I could hear voices talking over me, but they were unfamiliar so I assumed it was the television. I lurked my way over to the kitchen and stopped short when there were five shirtless guys circling the kitchen table. My eyes widened at the sight. Everyone stopped talking, noticing I was in the room. What was I supposed to say? Who were these shirtless, muscular, tanned men and why were they standing in my new kitchen? Then I noticed I was in my bikini top; the blood proceeded to rush to my cheeks. Their stares were intense, and no one seemed to be breaking the ice.

"Ari, you're home," dear God Emily I was liking you already, "have a slice of pizza before they eat it all." She warmly smiled, then we fell back into a silence until Sam spoke up.

"Right," he awkwardly started, rubbing the back of his neck, "guys, this is Ariana, my step sister." He announced.