A/N: I was reading something, and one of the characters said "I'm just a normal guy. I put my pants on one leg at a time, like everybody else." This one-shot was created on that idea alone XD

It's short, but I hope you enjoy!


They watched from the sidelines and their captain beat the shit out of their enemy. Luffy stretched, and jumped, and attacked with the force of an army. Buildings collapsed and trees were uprooted with the force and power that he emitted with every punch and kick. Without a doubt, the straw-hat wearing pirate was –

"Amazing!" Chopper said in awe. "Sometimes I find it hard to believe he's human."

"You're one to speak," Zoro murmured.

"You shouldn't speak either!" Nami shouted, referring to the swordsman's ability to recover from nearly anything.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"She thinks you're an alien, Marimo," Sanji said, lighting a cigarette.

"If anyone's an alien it's you, ero-cook," Zoro gritted his teeth.

"Stop!" Nami hit the both of them over the head. "We all know Luffy's scarily amazing."

"Yohoho," Brooke laughed. "He does some eye-popping things, indeed. That is, if I had eyes to pop out of my head! Yohoho!"

"He's a normal guy," Robin interjected.

"Except for his abnormal appetite," Usopp muttered.

"And his ability to stand up no matter how many times someone pushes him down," Franky said. "He's super!"

"You're right," Nami sighed. She smirked a little, "But in the morning, he puts his pants on like everyone else –one leg at a time."

~The next morning~

Luffy stretched as he woke up from his sleep. He was the last one to wake up this morning –everyone else was gone already. He could smell food coming from the kitchen. He grinned, grabbing a new pair of shorts. He discarded the ones he had worn to bed and held the clean shorts wide open.

He jumped into the air, and landed on the ground wearing the shorts, both legs having gone on at the same time.

"Shishishi," He laughed as he did up the button. He stood proudly for a moment, then turned and rushed out the door, "SANJI! FOOD!"