Doctor Jekyll, respected pillar of the community, slammed his head on the kitchen counter, sobbing hilariously hysterically. "No, no, no!" He cried over and over. "Dear Lord, why do you do this to me?" Emma rushed in with the daintiest little rustle of petticoats. Jekyll, coming out of the drool-inducing state caused by slamming his head on the counter five too many times, grinned briefly at Emma's adorably fruitless attempts to become a ninja.

"Jekyll my love, what ever is wrong?"

"Look… the shelf," Jekyll gasped.


"My giant cookie… It's not there…" Jekyll resumed sobbing so pathetically that he heard a tiny, smexy voice in his head go aw, poor Jekky…

"I put them on the top shelf, dear. To help with your-" She looked around


"But it's so good…"

"That's what she said…" Emma murmured.

"What? What was that?"

"Nothing sir, nothing. May we proceed?"

"Naw. You're not that hot… Ah. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, WHAT CAN I DOOOOO?"

"Pfft. You could just climb up on the counter," Emma suggested.

"How undignified! I would never!"

"How 'bout using a stool, then?"

"I'm not four years old, woman!"

"I can tell…" Emma muttered sarcastically.

"Pleasepleaseplease just get me my cookie? I'll share."

"Oh, all right. Jeez." Emma pried the saran-wrapped cookie off the shelf. It was gleefully received by a deliriously smiling Dr. Jekyll. Then he went from "Christmas" to "funeral" when he was unsuccessful in opening the package and began grappling with the cookie.

"Augh- it appears to be- coated in some sort of- futuristic and ungodly substance-" He began to gnaw at the saran wrap. Emma sighed, taking the cookie, unwrapping it, and handing it back to the most idiotic scientist ever to graduate top of his class.

"Holy hippos of heck! Houston, I have a cookie!" Jekyll cried, scurrying off into the far corner of the living room.

"Um… okay…" Emma murmured, wondering who or what Houston was and why they would care about some guy's cookie. She followed Jekyll into the living room, where he was making endearing/ disgusting omnomnom noises.

"Jekyll, you said you would share!" Jekyll turned to the light of his life, eyes wide and mouth full.

"But I am sharing!" He insisted.